Listen to N.B.G from the 313…

Two artists, Da Hooligan and A.G. the Ryda, form the N.B.G label.
A warm violin and drum beats background, depth and warmth in their voices, a good flow delivery, an enthusiastic spirit that is totally dedicated to the music: follow them Rydaz for a journey through the 313. Heartbeat alike subtle guitar notes will lead you into the emotional dimension of the Rydaz song.
Music industry soldiers usually ride by team. They are united by a common past background shaped by the place they grew up in. Let Them boys chant Fenkell Ave for your ear’s greatest pleasure on a various instrumental background.
The keyboard sounds, the rhythmic drums in the background will enhance the Mind Of A Hooligan. The NBG duo knows how to carry a passionate spirit and to communicate it to the crowd. With they sharp voices, both artists will make you hungry for more music.
You are going to like the freestyles that pour out of their hip hop loving hearts.
Home Of Tha Musik is a huge explosion of love for the dirty D, precisely the 313 area. N.B.G beautifully pay tribute to Detroit’s greatest like Jay Dee, Proof, Blade Icewood, Slum Village, Da Goon Sqwad but they won’t forget about Motown legends Marvin Gaye and music producer Berry Gordy who gave birth to the greatest Motown stars. The whole track has a beautiful reggae flavor.
Don’t sleep on that song if you love Detroit music.
Discover N.B.G and share their passion for Motown here.
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Dipset&Byrdgang invades Detroit, a DJ Butter and DJ King David mixtape

Rating of the product: 4 stars
One who is really familiar with the Detroit scene cannot think of hip hop mixtapes without having a thought for Detroit hip hop pioneer DJ Butter.
With his undisputed mastery, DJ Butter decided to ally his talent to DJ King David’s, another veteran of the Detroit underground rap scene.
Both former Eminem collaborators have built up a serious reputation on their local scene and have a bunch of valuable mixtapes at their active.
The Cd is also rich of Dipset and Byrdgang’s collaborations. It pays tribute to Blade Icewood and other fallen soldiers.
The CD astutely combines Eastcoast, Dirty South and Midwest styles. Hood as hell, rhythmic, offensively lyrical, surgical when needed, DJ Butter’s mixtape should definitely raise your interest.
Slowly introduced by some soft drum beats, siren sounds, DJ Butter introduces the main participants of the show.
Soft flute sounds, Indian instrumentals, here comes Dipset, armed with a good flow delivery, a good lyrical content and some big amounts of white powder. Dipset describes crime with an amazing verbal dexterity.
Hugging The Block: big ups to the female rapper who leads the whole track. She has the strength of thousand soldiers, she is repping the 313 with pride and a happy grand hustle spirit. Blowing like the roughest wind, she will erase her enemies like the worst Tsunami disaster.
Hugging The Block has a remarkable Streetlordz flavor that goes with a mob music spirit. You guessed it: the gifted female emcee is part of the crew. RIP Iceblood is mentioned in the track.
Beat Without Bass combines soft and gritty elements. The emcee has a raspy voice, the instrumentals envelope the listener like a dark smoke, involving a dramatic ambiance. A female emcee beautifully enhances the harsh sounding song.
Lettin The Gunz Go is built on a monotonous, rhythmic guitar sound. A sarcastic gun talk is going on while Royce da 5.9 and his fellows put some overheated flow and lyrics on the track. You gotta love the song’s well thought structure that is lyrically witty, violence on purpose. This truly an introduction to death. Welcome to the hood.
Hater What You Looking At will allow the listener to fully appreciate Dipset’s talent. Built on a Dirty South instrumental background, the rhythmic song is offensive on purpose. Creepy crews are taking over. Hater, what you looking at: your battle is lost in advance. Be prepared for your demise.
In conclusion, DJ Butter and DJ King David’s mixtape offers a great variety of instrumentals and musical styles. It symbolizes Detroit hip hop’s opening towards different hip hop styles. It remains verbally sharp, it carries a hustling mentality and features some gifted females emcees with strong personalities.
The Dipset Invades Detroit CD s different elements should catch your ears attention.
The great think about it is that DJ Butter offers a free download of his CD on his my space account.
Feel free to check it out any time. You won’t be disappointed.
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"The" Poetic Menace is right here, in Detroit!

Most hip hop lovers understood it well: the real war is a lyrical hustle. Here he comes with his bag full of rhyming words and his good sense of rhythm, like a dark cloud in the sky, announcing an upcoming devastating tornado.
They call him Poetic Menace. Inspired by the godfathers of rap, Marc Blackshear aka Poetic Menace won’t let them wordsmiths breathe. With a clear intent of reformating the art of hip hop, Poetic Menace manages to give his words their full meaning.
Violin notes and helicopter sounds introduce Rules Of Engagement. After a decimal countdown, Poetic Menace takes over by lyrical assault. The nicely built musical background based on saxophone notes and rhythmic drum beats might remind many of you of KRS-One. Drown yourself into his world of lost syllables and let the music invade your space.
Poetic Menace knows how to do it and fully masters his art.
Alias is a storm of dancing vowels. With his powerful voice, Poetic Menace matches them words together. The track has some beautiful reggae accents.
Come Feel This is full of the passionate spirit of an emcee who keeps the legacy of hip hop alive. Feel the powerful call that comes out of the track. Poetic Menace immerse you into the true hip hop spirit, baptize you with his positive vibe and engage you into his fight to keep real hip hop alive.
Cliché keeps that burning fire alive. On a very catchy melody, an echoed reggae vocal background, Poetic Menace will fuel the fire to a very much alive passion.
Gigted, armed with an incredible lyrical strenth, Poetic Menace has already conquerred the world of wordplays and metaphors.
Here is a powerful artist who will probably convince hip hop dedicated hearts.
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A-Butta: some true gansta rap outta Louisiana

With an offensive style of his own, some invading, swinging, noisy and powerful drum beats, A Butter comes up against his enemies in Why They, a track that is definitely Dirty South flavored. A-Butter shows his claws against his detractors. He is gritty, fearless and will erase you from the face of the earth if you resist.
Provoke Me: A-Butter’s best strength probably lies in his powerful resonating instrumentals that recall an army at war marching on to conquer their territory.
You Make My Day is based on dark, monotonous piano notes. The track is dedicated to a sweetheart. The beautiful, scentful words totally contrast with the darkness of the melody, offering the listener a breath of fresh air made of poetry and true feelings.
But be prepared to return to the warzone. You Declared War is built on massive gunshot and some provocativelyrics from A-Butta’s moth. Be sure of it: he’s a busta. If yu declared war, you will have to assume the consequences of a lyrical word war.
A-Butta hits you worst than an after Hiroshima. Feel the atomic mushroom of his escalated speech annihilate his enemies.
Discover A-Butta here.
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Exclusive Edga Tha Messiah Kayci interview!

Edga Tha Messiah truly impressed me with his innovative sound techniques and his creativity. You will be able to know more about the brilliant artist by reading this interview. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did:)
1. How did you get started in the rap game?
A: I started writing poety first and then learned how to match it to beats later. My man Piankhi and I used to perform in rhyme battles in high school.
2. How did you come up with the nickname Edga Tha Messiah Kayci?
A: Edgar Cayci is the best known sleeping prophet known to 21st century mankind. The Messiah simply means “The Anointed One.” I read alot of fiction and Mystical material which translates to my music. My man One 9 from Black Entertainment Television gave me the name when we were chilling at his house while talking about great prophets.
3. What is your recipe for such a subtle voice and sound technique emerging from your CD?
A: I wanted a sound that would stand out above all the other Rappers CD’s that are out now. The “AMI” LP is basically a throw back CD which was intended to remind many that Hip Hop is not dead only lying dormant for Tha Messiah to wake the world up.
4. What is the biggest challenge you had to face since you started rapping?
A: Remaining Original has been the biggest challenge to date.
5. Can you define Amerikkka’s Most Illest within a few words?
A: The Next Major Music Movement
6. Which artists have you collaborated with already?
1. Bruce Gardner R&B Vocalist
2. L.N.S. Last Nigga Standing
7. According to you, what makes you appear as unique in the rap game?
A. Simply no other Hip -Hop artist since Tupac or Biggie can create the persona that I can give the world. Major artists come through the universe once every ten to twenty years and they change the game completely. The time is now for the Messiah to reign and bring order out of chaos.
8. Which artist(s) (old school or new school-mainstream or underground) have owned your respect, and why? Tupac ,Biggie,Big Pun,Lil Wayne,Snoop and Big L
They all were original and remained true the game.
A: In general I respect all Hip -Hop artists for the love of the Hip -Hop game.
I particularlly like Snoop Dogg for staying true to the game and enduring all the changes of the music business
9. Who would you envision a collaboration with in a close future?
A:Rakim Allah
10. What is your personal opinion about the current state of hip hop?
Dirty South is on it’s way out and the next major music to dominate the music industry is Go-Go /Hip-Hop/Funk Fusions. Basically ,music will be a combination of actual instruments along with beat programming.
11. Besides hip hop, what kind of music do you listen to?
1. Jazz
2. Funk 70’s
3. R&B
4. Classical
12. Who are your biggest musical influences?
1. R Kelly
2. Rakim
3. Run DMC
4. Prince
5. Michael Jackson
6. Coltrain
7. Common
8. Earth Wind and Fire
9. Joe Sample
10.James Brown
Thanks for all the luv and support. Peace out to D-Town(Detroit ,Michigan where I was born and raised) I moved to Washington DC when I was 14 years old and have remained here in Washington DC ever since.
Edga Kayci

Discover Edga’s my space account.
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Eminem recording a new CD (Anti Music Com)

Looks like it is official! Em seems to be ready for a new album release, several sources have confirmed it: Eminem called Hot 97 to confirm the news…
Read the original Anti Music article here.
(antiMusic) While 50 Cent is heading into a promised retirement after Kanye West outsells him this week, it looks like Eminem is coming out of his rumored retirement. And Eminem made the announcement during a Fiddy radio interview. How’s that for upstaging? Of course, Half a Buck is now backtracking on his promise.
New York radio station Hot 97 DJ Angie Martinez had quite the show on Wednesday as Fiddy trashed his record label and Eminem made a surprise call in to the station during the interview to announce he is working on a new CD.
“It feels good right now, the energy of the label. For a while, I didn’t want to go back to the studio,” Eminem said. “I went through some personal things. I’m coming out of those personal things.”
Meanwhile, Fiddy blames his record label for his inability to outsell Kanye West and broke his retirement pledge in the next breath. “To be honest the process of selling this record hasn’t been fun. I’m happy with the performance, but I’m not happy with the set up. We had conference calls and after we created this plan, nobody actually had a plan,” He said according to Contact Music. “It was the label. They’re dropping the ball all over the place. I’ll release my next album and then I’m a free agent.”
In very very rare occurrence we will back up 50 Cent’s claim. At least a little bit. We can attest to the label partially failing to promote the CD since they ignored our request for a review copy of the disc. However, Kanye’s publicist ignored our request too, but did send a press release over about a month ago about his CD. Feel free to forward this story to both publicists. We would but we deleted them from our address book.

Edga Da Messiah/ Amerikkka's Most Illest CD review

Global rating of the product: 4.75 stars

With his dark colored vocal chords, the original concepts the man carries in his music, the choice and astute combination of his instrumentals, his witty rhymes, Edga Da Messiah is truly the new raising hip hop star fallen from the sky.
His innovative sound technique, made of a dark bass lines and a raspy, almighty voice echoed from the universe will allow you to discover an outstanding talent.
His gritty voice might remind some of you of rap genius Ice T. However, Edga’s original style resembles nothing else you ever heard yet.
Birth Of God is the genesis of the CD: based on dark piano sounds, synthesizers and interrupted scratches sounds, a short vocal introduction of the artist will generate his creative big bang.
Catchy drum beats symbolize the universe at work. We Gotz It is started by Edga who leads the scene with a confident empire builder spirit.
Electric guitars will create a specific atmosphere in which Edga is taking over with ease and word cleverness.
Pillage is constructed on dark instrumental tones, leaving the listener in a icy-chilly atmosphere during which edga has some insightful comments to offer about the commercial crap some artists are trying to sell. Hip hop purist with a good sense of humor, an evident knowledge of a right use of his words, Edga is telling the truth with no remorse.
Even his filthy songs do carry a scary element. Edga gets as dark as he can get during a nasty strip tease show, making the listener feel the tension on a rhythmic drum beats base.
Angel is a complex song built on various instrumentals, combining light and serious elements. The soft vocals chant love, while Edga s lyrics praise the woman of his life. However, the song also contains some creepy elements that are suggested by intermittent flute notes: you can feel the anguish and the confusion despite the true feelings coming from Edga’s heart.
In Godfather’s, Edga elevates his public on the highest level.
The mic explodes in front of the powerful bombs Edga drops one after the other, in total harmony with a rhythmic drum beat play.
Elevate your mind and catch the words from a wordsmith’s mouth.
Dark Night In Hell is a journey into a nightmarish world. Welcome into a twisted mind’s creepy thoughts. Edga’s voice seems duplicated, coming from nowhere. It resonates in the darkness of humanity’s night.
Shotz is truly a masterpiece. With the same mysterious spirit, a well mastered sound technique, a beautiful instrumental background, a great sense of rhythm, Edga dominates the scene.
Edga Da Messiah Kayci is hip hop’s new revelation. Amerikka’s Most Illest is a CD that is definitely worth your interest.
More info about Edga Da Messiah can be found here.
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I am currently working…

on two CD reviews…Edga Da Messiah and Jay Eff Kay just sent me their respective work…so expect a review of Edga Da Messiah’s Amerikkka’s Most Illest Cd and another of Jay Eff Kay’s America Suicide Notes Volume 1 very soon…stay tuned:)