Listen to N.B.G from the 313…

Two artists, Da Hooligan and A.G. the Ryda, form the N.B.G label.
A warm violin and drum beats background, depth and warmth in their voices, a good flow delivery, an enthusiastic spirit that is totally dedicated to the music: follow them Rydaz for a journey through the 313. Heartbeat alike subtle guitar notes will lead you into the emotional dimension of the Rydaz song.
Music industry soldiers usually ride by team. They are united by a common past background shaped by the place they grew up in. Let Them boys chant Fenkell Ave for your ear’s greatest pleasure on a various instrumental background.
The keyboard sounds, the rhythmic drums in the background will enhance the Mind Of A Hooligan. The NBG duo knows how to carry a passionate spirit and to communicate it to the crowd. With they sharp voices, both artists will make you hungry for more music.
You are going to like the freestyles that pour out of their hip hop loving hearts.
Home Of Tha Musik is a huge explosion of love for the dirty D, precisely the 313 area. N.B.G beautifully pay tribute to Detroit’s greatest like Jay Dee, Proof, Blade Icewood, Slum Village, Da Goon Sqwad but they won’t forget about Motown legends Marvin Gaye and music producer Berry Gordy who gave birth to the greatest Motown stars. The whole track has a beautiful reggae flavor.
Don’t sleep on that song if you love Detroit music.
Discover N.B.G and share their passion for Motown here.
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