Remembering D12's Proof

April, the 11th, 2006, the day that tragically changed the face of Detroit hip hop
I can’t help it, as we are heading towards April, to think about the tragic day that left a whole community orphan:(
Deshaun Holton was a brilliant artist, yet he remained humble and down to earth. He was one of the most dedicated emcees on the Detroit hip hop scene.
His very prolific work on the Detroit scene testifies his love for his hometown and his sincere dedication towards hip hop.
It’s been 2 years, already and it seems as if it was yesterday.
As time goes by, I would like to join all the people who shared and still share the same passion for his music and honor Big Proof’s memory.

Because of a stupid argument, a talented emcee had to lose his life…I still believe that Deshaun Holton died for nothing. It is quite obvious that a lot of envy and jealousy were involved in the tragic event.
However, even if the man has left us for a better place, his music is meant to say with us all for ever.
A few weeks ago, I have talked to Proof’s former promotions director, also known as Rude of IF.
I asked him about the release date of the Time A Tell CD.
As far as he knows, there is no precise release date available for the moment.
DJ Jewels, who is responsible of the Time A Tell project, would like to work hard on it before he announces any release date, in order to honor Proof’s last work as it really deserves it.
As soon as I will know, you will be the firsts to know about it, that’s my promise.
Proof’s spirit will live on with us, so let’s rejoice and keep honoring our hip hop brother’s memory, as his music floods into our ears.
Gone, but never forgotten! Big Proof For Ever!
To keep up the spirit, I added a rare and funny Proof pic to this article…enjoy:)

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Bobby Creekwater talks upcoming LP, Shady & Eminem (Hip Hop Dx. Com)

Credit to Donna for the news:)
Read the original article here.
After appearing on several tracks on Shady Records’ mixtape/album The Re-Up over a year ago, Bobby Creek has been seldom heard from. Recently, the Atlanta native with HipHopDX at the A3C festival to discuss his current situation at Shady Records:
“Everything’s beautiful, man. Em’s working on his next project, and everybody’s getting’ geared up for that. So everything’s beautiful.” Creek continued, “I’ll say this…everybody over at that label takes music seriously. They’re perfectionists, and they understand that first impressions are everything. If our projects take a little longer than people would like, just know that we’re making impactful [sic] music so we can make the impression we need to make. The music is going to be worth it for the fans – the wait will be worth it.”
The rapper spoke on his upcoming projects as well. “I’m working on A Brilliant Mistake, Em is working on his LP, and we’re having talks about possibly doing a ‘Re-Up 2.’ My mixtape series Anthem 2 Da Streetz…volume 3 [is] coming out soon, sooner than everything else. Shady Records, we got a lot comin’. I can’t speak on everything because I don’t want to spoil the movie for ya’ll – this is a motion picture. There’s a lot to look forward to. D12, they’re working. Obie [Trice], he’s working. We’re all working.” As for a release date for his album, Creek offered only that the label is “pushing for a…fall release.”
Finally, Bobby Creek addressed rumors about label head Eminem’s supposed massive weight gain. “[There] must be two [Eminems], because the Em I just saw is in perfectly good shape. [I] saw him recently playing a pickup basketball game, so I don’t know much about the 250-pound Em; I missed that, I didn’t see that guy. No truth to those rumors whatsoever.”
“He’s focused, basically,” said Creek of Eminem. “He understands he’s been away for a while, and that he’s got to come back that much harder. He’s focused – 110 percent. Y’all should expect that; he’s been away for a while, and he’s got a statement to make.”

A few, original beauty tips by me

I am quite happy with myself and often get compliments about my skin and shape. So I decided to share a few beauty secrets with you today:)
A 21st century anorexic, celebrity driven society tends to promote a cosmetic surgery trend that often minimizes the risks taken by people who are tempted to use it as often as needed.
In a world in which Botox injections and plastic surgery have become automatic, I have pretty good news for you!
Drop your expensive creams in the trash, and definitely forget about cosmetic surgery. There are other (and safer ways) to keep beautiful and in shape. The very good news is that it will cost less to your purses, ladies, so rejoice with me!
Some of you might not believe me, but you actually don’t need chemically composed creams, nor big modifications to your nose or breasts to look great and feel great.
Think twice: did the former generations need artificial products to look good? But even in ancient times, as far as the Antiquity, very good looking women were found and even portrayed as an eternal witness of their times.
Centuries after centuries, some good informed people have been using the benefits of a hollistic life style, thanks to familial secrets or well known traditions.
Let me tell you: Mother Nature possesses the most amazing (and cheapest gifts you could dream about).
While I do consider that one could barely look really look beautiful and balanced without cultivating a part of inside beauty, I also consider that you have to take care of your body and shape.
Taking care of yourself (without falling into the narcissic category of despicable and vain people) is one of the most important things. If you want other people to like you, you have to like yourself first, which doesn’t take place without a little bit of self- attention.
Mens sana in corpore sano
My first advice, before offering my beauty tips is to follow Roman’s wisdom that consists of a good balance between physical exercise and intellectual training. If you want to be good looking, you will have to move your body.
No matter what kind of sport you prefer, just pratice whatever you like.
Enough sleep
Don’t forget (any model will confirm you that) to sleep at least 8 hours a night. No matter how old you are ( age ain’t nothing but a number anyway), if you sleep enough, your skin will look perfect when you wake up.
Exfoliate regularly, use a good dose of hydrating products to clean your skin, nourish it sufficiently
The lists of products I will name are accessible to the lowest budgets, so keep smiling.
Unlike chemical creams and other chemically composed crap with parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate, they are a 100% natural. You will find most of them in your cupboard!
To exfoliate my skin, I simply use water and sugar that I scrub for a few seconds on my face. As strange as it might sound to you, I never ever used any cream; all I apply on my face before applying a make up foundation is argan or olive oil.
Sometimes, I alternate with lemon, depending on my skin’s aspect ( you are able to see if it needs an astrigent or not).
To clean it, I like using rose essence. First of all it smells very good and secondly, it has a very high hydrating power. In short it is VERY GOOD and RECOMMENDED for your skin.
The face masks I use most are either honey masks I apply for around 15 minutes or muds of Massada ( I highly recommend it to you, it is rich in minerals, so VERY GOOD AND NOURISHING).
Take care of your hair
I know not everybody will agree with me, but try to avoid chemical hairdyes. Those are very dangerous and increase the risk of cancer bladder after a few years of use.
The best way to take care of your hair is henna. 100% pure organic henna is inoffensive and very good for your hair. Unlike a common opinion, henna is not only for people who intend to dye their hair red or black. A lot of shades do exist, that are even available via the internet.
You can even create shades of your own composition.
Also, I’d strongly advice anybody to use organic shampoos instead of chemical shampoos. This will give your hair more shine and make it look far better.
I sincerely hope that those few advices will be helpful to most of you readers.
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Trick Trick/ Let's Work/ Video review

Christian Mathis aka Trick Trick is a hard working emcee with strong working ethics. His characteristic dark, gritty voice and inventive, rough musical background that is so typical to the Goon Sqwad crew make the man unique in the world of hip hop.
Although he became more notorious thanks to his Welcome To Detroit video featuring Eminem, Trick Trick’s talent is not limited to his Eminem collaboration. Trick Trick’s hip hop underground work goes back to the early 90’s.
To those who barely heard about the brilliant Detroit emcee, I’d highly recommend to check The People Vs, a remarkable CD that totally enlightens Christian Mathis’ craft.
Based on a raw musical background made of violins and dark bells, Trick Trick’s hard worked on video features his crew and a bunch of gifted dancers. Follow the certified Detroit gangsta in his ardent recommendations to his folks: if you want to get paid, you gotta sweat for it.
During the whole video, you will appreciate Trick Trick’s charisma. The true Detroit representative perfectly knows how to captivate your attention.
I like the authentic enthusiasm of the dedicated emcee who remains true to his City and to hip hop.
Watch Let’s Work here.
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Mind Hashous Clay's swinging musical blows…

With their raw, ‘stomp em out’ spirit straight outta Detroit City, the powerful I Dash ( formerly known to most listeners as I-Mac) trio composed of Hash aka Hashous Clay, Zohezie and Reag totally increased their musical power. Already known for their powerful punchlines, their crazy flow and their raw, hardcore instrumentals with a slight metal influence, Hashous Clay and their crew are ready to totally knock you out.
Some enhanced instrumentals are ready to produce hammering sounds while introducing you to The Shining, a powerful, brand new track. Raspy, grittty voices produce a contrast effect with the loud musical background. Slowly the trio’s dark voices will advance like dark clouds in the sky, break out like a deluge, eventually pouring down your ears like a tempest of words, going straight to the target of overwhelming victory.
You will probably like the rhythmic of the song and the conquerror spirit of our trio as well.
We N2 Buildin is a song of character that expresses unity. Built on a dark musical background, the song offers some interesting perspectives about the trio’s musical performances. Hash unleashes some good lyrical power. His partners in crime totally match into the song. I loved it!
Keyboard sounds introduce Real Superstar while Hash sends his powerful vocal ‘S’ uppercut. Dark and light work together in terms of instrumentals, letting the strength of the artist’s power take over, opening on a luminous stage picture of almightyness.
Welcome to the D…Hashous Clay and his crew are representing their city with pride.
Let It Bump can be seen as a continuation to the wonderfully powerful Ruthless Aggression mixtape. The trio is vocally powerful. The violin background combined with the keyboards offers an offensive and dirty D atmosphere as well.
Check them I Dash crew out. They are really worth it!
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