Dr Dre's son found dead( Live News Dot Com)

ERRATUM: I posted a topic about Hood Surgeon yesterday. I received some mail from a reader mentioning that Hood Surgeon is alive. Looks like I misread the news and made a confusion between Andre Jr and Curtis Young.
Curtis Young aka Hood Surgeon is alive and doing well.
My apologies to my readers.

(credit to Rahul for the picture)
RIP Andre Young Jr. My sympathy goes out to Dr Dre and his family.
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The son of legendary rap producer Dr Dre has been found dead at his home in Woodland Hills on Saturday morning.
Andre Young Jr., 20, was unresponsive when his mother went to check on him around 10 A.M., calling 911 to alert paramedics.
Young’s cause of death is pending completion of a toxicology report.
His father, Andre Young Sr, is better known to the world as “Dr. Dre”, an award winning producer who shot to fame as a pioneer of the influential gangsta rap group NWA, and becoming co-owner of West Coast record label Death Row records.
Later, he became popular for his discovery and production for white rap artist Eminem.

The return of Edga " Tha Messiah" Kayci: the prophet unveils his omen to the world

Global rating of the product: 4.5 stars
Edga Tha Messiah is back with a few killa tracks straight out his brand new CD: God’s Infection.
Constantly instrumentally innovating, Edga Tha Messiah magically trnasports his audience’s minds into a highly lyrically creative, rhythmically shaken world.
In his CD, he offers several versions of Cold World, a song with a jazzy- soul feel spiced up with a touch of salsa. While the trumpet and electronic instruments reveal a dark metropolis anguish, the drumbeats will open up on a prolongated instrumental ballad. An icy world dran by Edga, warmed up by vocalist Shannon Valdiviez, denounce the vicious effects of a money driven society.
This is indeed a song anybody can relate to. We live in a material world, but what can we do to bring love instead of coldness?
” I want to change this”, utters Edga ” but who am I?” in an incessant identical quest. You can’t stop the unstoppable.
Phudasouf unleashes some lyrical creativity in which powerful drums play the role of an annunciator, insisting, hammering Edga’s powerful anthem.
Again, Edga will offer his listeners several versions of the track.
The Revolution Has Begun starts in a symphonic mode: the high volume of violins combined with Edga’s mastery of other instrumentals actually reflects an artistic revolution in the making. Edga dares to be different. He dares to combine sounds and lyrics other emcees would probably be too shy to match.
Globally speaking Edga’s new CD is simply worth your interest.
Sharpen your ear and listen carefully to Edga’s original, instrumental compositions: enjoy his lyrical mastery, the darkness of his vocals.
Edga is truly a gem in the world of underground hip hop.
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Arno Geiger/ Es geht uns gut ( We are doing fine)/ book review

1968 Austrian born author Arno Geiger is one of those fine writers, who allows his readers to discover three generations within an Austrian family. His descriptive and sharpened pen brought me back to my own German speaking world, the universe of my childhood.
The German language indeed favors precise descriptions, which is a permanent element of the book.
Swallowed resentment, a bitter sweet sense of humor, the evolution of three different generations, life and death are closely mixed up in Arno Geiger’s masterpiece that takes place in Vienna, Austria.
The book is puzzled into numerous parts, that go from 1938, tragic date of Hitler’s Anschluss to 2001. It all begins when Philipp Erlach inherits his grandparents’ house. Suddenly, as he decides to renovate his house and to get rid of some of its furniture, Philipp suddenly realizes that we live with the dead…some ghosts of the past seem to haunt his past and some closet skeletons seem to escape from his mind. The beauty of the book is that you will wander through the time- there seems to be no borders between present, past and future. You will meet sensitive and rough characters. The grandparents’ generations face a difficult political time… you’ll be invited to share some parts of Richard and Alma daily life…you’ll go through their life dramas, the loss of their kids, Otto and Ingrid. While Richard is opposed to nazism, Peter ( Ingrid’s future husband) was in the Hitlerjugend .
Richard never really granted Ingrid to date Peter, who didn’t seem to be able to stand on his own feet with his business…however, Ingrid’s stubborn character always rebelled against her father’s opposition and married Richard.
Despite the fact Richard never liked his step son, the couple’s kids, Sissy and Philipp will remain a bridge between the generations.
I like the way Arno Geiger described the frustration between couples, including the aldulterous relationship between Philipp and Johanna. His writing talent is also revealed in the sad revelation of Richard’s dementia that seems close to Alzeimer’s illness.
Philipp’s description of the workers he employs to renovate the house is quite funny.
If you’re fluent in German or a skilled German reader ( a good level of German is required), I’d strongly advice you to read this book. It is really worth it.
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Discover Detroit's Dirtyilla, an emcee with a straight up personality…

Like a thunderstorm during a hot Summer time, Dirtyilla’s good noise will take you by total surprise: his loud instrumentals will spread like lightning forks in the dark night, illuminating our vision. His rough and raspy voice takes over the scene with pride. He’s nasty and filthy on purpose. You gotta love the way he does it, though.
Birthday is built on keyboards and light instrumentals in which Dirtyilla excels in his vocal performance. The song is rhythmic, instrumentally researched. I liked it.
Hot Ready lets the listener penetrate into a darker dimension of dirtyness. Hot Ready dirty cutie pies are ready to get eaten by some hungry males. No need to get offended by the great dose of filthiness…just enjoy Dirtyilla’s original and raw style made in Detroit. Instrumentally, the cadenced drum beats work together with the keyboards in order to create darkness and anguish.
They Luv Me is written in a conquerror style in which Dirtyilla exposes a very cocky attitude. Despite its common theme, the artist shows some real creativity. The light bells contrast with the heavy drums and other instrumentals. A married man talks about his double life.
Gorillaz has some obvious Dirty South influences. Dirtyilla is showing some teeth, his tone is menacing. The emcee is ready to tear the place of with some surgical words.
Want to know more about Detroit’s Dirtyilla? Check him out here.
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Food for your soul: vibe with Detroit soul singer Q Harper

His voice has the depth of Marvin Gaye’s, it allows you to relax and to travel through a refreshing universe made of tenderness. In fact, Q Harper’s music is ideal for Summer time while sitting on the beach and letting your thoughts wander through a landscape of delight.
Like light rain drops, Quiet Time takes you by surprise. The softness of a slight piano and guitar duo will introduce the listener into a couple’s dialogue. Feel the warmth of Q Harper’s voice, feel the dedication towards the woman he loves…get submersed into a wonderful ocean of love while listening to the delightful song.
Hey You begs to differ from the preceding song. Built on a rhythmic instrumental background, the song opens up on Q Harper’s vocal performance that summarizes a reminescence of the good times.
Shout Dance allows the listener to discover the diversity of Q Harper’s vocals. His voice goes from raspy to soft. The listener will certainly appreciate the flexibility of his vocal chords.
Again, Must Be My Wife lets soft and darker elements work together in total harmony.
Q Harper deserves to be discovered in depth. The artist has the full potential to move his listeners with his rich and heartfelt vocal performances. True to the spirit of Motown, Q Harper allows his listeners to relax while enjoying some good quality music.
Get some good Q Harper vibes from his my space account.
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Carrying Harlem's rough spirit, Jim Jones hustles and flows in the gangsta mode…

I recently came accross Jim Jones’ profile and I’d like to invite you readers through a ride through the Harlem artist’s world.
Definitely gangsta, a well mastered flow, a various and inventive instrumental craft, a powerful voice, Jim Jones carries the spirit of the hood. You could barely stay indifferent in front of his natural gift for the music he makes.
Splash features Byrdgang. Built on dark background instrumentals, rhythmic drum beats, trumpet sounds, the song truly unleashes Jim Jones’ powerful verbal whirlwind. You gotta like the well mixed dose of filthiness and hustle. Jim Jones takes over with a confident and merciless spirit while astutely jungling with syllables.
Emotionless totally reflects a tough OG spirit. Light piano sounds totally contrast with electric guitar and keyboard sounds. Welcome to the world of the killers. Walk through the mind of criminal in which tears are forbidden. The ” Ride Or Die” motto is law in the depressing universe the song describes. Emotionless is definitely worth your attention.
Joyful flute sounds allow the listener to walk through Jim Jone’s colorful world. Follow him to a party, get blind of weed smoke, drink a cup of Champaign, dance along with him on a cadenced melody.
The originality of Jim Jones is probably is unique way of mixing instrumentals, maybe it reflects his intertwined Puerto Rican and African American musical influences.
Discover the artist of exception here.
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