Eminem working on new album ( Rap Basement)

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Bishop Lamont, Dr. Dre’s protege who often posts videos and songs online, is speaking up about Eminem. He recently talked to Entertainment Weekly where he said “Em is excited,” continuing “He’s been quiet too long, and he’s got a lot to get off his chest.” Eminem has been through a lot, like the death of his partner Proof of D12, as Bishop Lamont said “He went through what he had to go through, and now he’s been able to take all the pain and stress and put it out in his music.”
It’s been four years since Eminem dropped his last album, Encore, although we did have Curtain Call in 2005, which was simply a greatest hits collection. No release date has been announced for Eminem’s next album but his label says he’s currently at work in the studio. Bishop Lamont went on to say he’s heard “some amazing stuff” from Slim shady in recent recording sessions.

Dr Dre finally ready to release Detox ( Starpulse Dot Com)

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Legendary hip-hop icon Dr. Dre is finally satisfied with the quality of his long-awaited Detox album – and is aiming to release it by the end of the year.
The LP is the rap mogul’s first album in nine years, following the 1999 release of his disc 2001.
And the perfectionist is now happy for fans to hear the CD in its entirety.
He tells newspaper USA Today, “I’m just now – over the last couple of months – starting to feel that it’s going to be right and it’s something I can be proud of, and everybody is going to love it.
“In a perfect world, I’m shooting for a November or December release.” Dre, real name Andre Young, admits the long hiatus in between albums is unintentional – although he has no plans as yet for a fourth solo release after Detox.
He says, “I’ve never set out to do that (release albums years apart). I just make the music feel the way I want it to feel and I don’t put it out until I’m totally happy with it. Then it does what it does.”
He adds, “I’m going to put this record out, promote it, tour and then become a hermit. I’m going to stay in the studio and produce.”

Californian emcee Daz Dillinger knows how to keep it gangsta

With his blue bandana, his penetrating glance, his raspy voice, Daz Dillinger got his mind on the hustle. Meal Ticket is built on soft chords and light guitar notes. His repetitive lyrics are intented to represent the grand hustle of his hood.
DipDropStopDip is a is an offensive club song. Rhythmic, enhanced with soft female vocal, totrally contrasted with Daz’ harsch voice and undestructible flow, the song reflects the artist’s inventivity.
I like the fluidity of Daz’ flow that will drop down and wet your thirsty minds with his refreshing instrumental composition.
Only On The Leftside, is a crip gang dedicated song. Offensive on purpose, a good dose of agressivity, a filthy spirit, the song is the mirror of the crips’ way of life. ( The blue bandana represents the crips, for those who don’t know).
Creep with them bad gangsta killers. They have connections everywhere. I loved the scary dimension of the song that shines through various instrumental mixtures.
Regreats is a soft song based on a piano background in which Daz Dillinger has some self criticsm to offer. The symphonic song has ‘a little bit of Tupac’ in it.
Drums will hammer like a heavy attack, introducing Daz Dillinger entry to the party song entitled Thiz Weekend again. The ” Shake That” song’s filthiness enlightens Daz’ lusty spirit.
Curious to know more about Daz Dillinger? Check him out here.
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Nas hits the nail on corporate journalism's head in a powerful, lyrical assault…

Nas is truly one of those hip hop giants who will allow us hip hop heads to keep our heads up with total confidence. Nasir Jones, deserves respect as a mainstream hip hop artist, because he never failed in his huge task. True to his African American roots, the talented artist has been more than a mentor to the whole hip hop community. Depicting the streets with veracity, outstanding lyricist, Nas is one artist I will keep having faith in.
Like Immortal Technique, Saul Williams and many contemporary engaged hip hop poets, Nas wants to react against corporate media in America. Sly Fox is aimed at Fox Channel in particular.
Distorted news, manipulative journalists that follow a corporate white America’s rules are put into a new light thanks to Nas’ brand new video. The electric guitar background is a powerful outlet for the emcee’s rage.
Nas’ fight is also aimed at all those narrow minded people who have a very limited understanding of hip hop and who will draw a very conceited image of it, voluntarily speaking in black folks’ names…when will people realize that so many places are owned by the government’s sheeps who betray hip hop’s REAL message?
No, hip hop is not about big cars, jewels and hoes. Only commercial hip hop is about such kind of crap. Real hip hop is an art: it is verbal mastery that allows the emcee to raise some real social and political issues. Real hip hop carries rebellion against conformist ways of thinking.
Real hip hop is lead by real emcees who raise their powerful voices each time it is necessary.
It looks like Nas is definitely digging Fox’ grave. I loved the video. It is powerful, insightful, creative.
Real talk. Real music for real listeners.
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New rough Detroit styled reps from Malaki The Most Hi

Sleeper Cell Records signee is back with a new CD entitled The Uprise. Malaki will take you by surprise with his loud, sharp minded instrumentals and his rough lyrics. Close Proof collaborator, Malaki The Most Hi carries a lot of raw energy in his songs.
His unique, instrumentally inventive, lyrically creative tracks will probably enchant hip hop lovers.
This Is It will take you by surprise. The bitter-soft saxophone notes are astutely combined with keyboard sounds. Malaki’s raspy voice introduces the track. Ready to listen what a hip hop dedicated heart has to say? Open up your ears and let the Detroit emcee take you for a ride…i like the way he expresses himself, smashing commercial rappers! He’s truly killing it in this track!
Bigges Losa is based on dark and rhythmic instrumentals. Listen to Malaki take over Motor City by loud musical force. Malaki’s stormy flow delivery needs to be underlined too. The track is a powerful outlet for ghetto rage and hip hop passionate people. You are gonna like it.
Starting on a soft flute musical background, suddenly interrupted by some noisy drums Murder Me will take you by surprise. The Sleeper Cell track, that is dedicated to Proof will allow you to discover Malaki’s lyrical ability combined to an explosive scratches apparition.
Soft guitar and vocals introduce the listener to Boombox Platinum. The blues influenced vocals totally match with Malaki’s complaint.
Discover more about the outstanding Detroit underground emcee here.
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Discover Joseph Zobel's Carribbean world: "La Rue Cases Negres"

Joseph Zobel is a writer from Martinique. In his book entitled La Rue Cases Negres, Joseph Zobel invites you to live out ,through his personal memories, black folks’ struggle in the Martinique of the 30’s. Published in the 50’s, his book will allow the reader to acknowledge, thanks to his accurate and sharp descriptions, a young boy’s harsh conditions of living at his grandmother Tine’s hut. Granny Tine works pretty much like a slave at a sugar cane plantation, while Jose, her grandson feels free to hang around with other boys. Despite granny Tine’s caring love ( she is always trying to preserve the kid from hunger, by preparing and reserving half of her lunch for him), Jose experiences hunger during his grandmother’s absence- which he is trying to compensate by stealing food around.
Although his life is real hard, the young boy takes pleasure in some true friendship, like this extraordinary exchange between him and Monsieur Melouze, an old plantation worker he visits every evening. The old man keeps telling him about Guinea, his country of origin, a place where people struggle less, according to him.
Jose lives far away from his mom, who works as a domestic employee in Fort de France, which allows her to send a little bit money for her son.
Thanks to his vivacious intelligence, Jose will win a difficult contest that will allow him to go to school and to get some education. Circumstances change and the young boy will soon leave ” Rue Cases Negres” for a more comfortable quarter, Cour Fusil.
Due to the distance from his home, the young boy will experience exploitation by a dishonest woman during midday. Hunger will take place again too…The birth of brand new friendships will allow the young boy to enter a new universe, in which he’ll feel pretty much comfortable.
He will also discover his friend’s pain and misery.
Third step: Jose wins a scolarship that allows him to attend high school at Fort de France. New hopes to help his family get out of misery are now permitted. Maybe he’ll be able to take some office job if he succeeds well at school. But it is difficult to adapt there. Kids are distant. Jose doesn’t work as well as expected…until his mom breaks down in tears.
He suddenly gets noticed for his outstanding work.
Soon, he’ll get familiar with author works. Another factor then comes to destabilize him: his mom will be employed elsewhere…it is quite far away from their home.
Jose is maybe ,like many writers, a dreamer. He soon will skip school to take some big walks through different Fort de France quarters and sit in his bedroom while reading French literature.
The book tragically ends with Jose’s grandmother’s death. The young man is unfortunate, because only his mom will be the witness of his granny’s last moments.
Joseph Zobel’s descriptions of Carribbean food, the way he puts his granny’s face, clothes and body under the microscope, his interesting way of telling Martinican tales and superstitions, his description of the three classes ( bekes, white people; bi racial people and black people) that shape Martinican society, the veracity of his feelings make an outstanding writer of him.
If you intend to read this book in French, you will need to have an above average level, because the language is chosen and subtle.
I think that this book addresses people of any background, not only black people. If you ever wondered why there is so much resentment from black people towards white people in the Carribbeans, Joseph Zobel’s book will enlighten it for you.
Regarding its numerous narrative aspects and figures of style, this book is truly a gem. I suggest you all have a look at this Carribbean masterpiece.
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Man's lawsuit claims Eminem punched him ( Detnews)

Royal Oak plaintiff says he was hit after he and a friend greeted the rapper in a strip club bathroom.
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Mike Martindale / The Detroit News
PONTIAC — A Royal Oak man filed an assault and battery lawsuit Thursday against popular recording artist Eminem, claiming he was sucker-punched by the rapper two years ago while standing at a urinal at an Eight Mile strip club in Detroit.
Miad Jarbou filed a lawsuit in Oakland Circuit Court claiming the assault occurred July 13, 2006, at Cheetah’s. He said he noticed Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers III, enter the restroom with a large man he took to be a bodyguard.
Jarbou said a friend he was with said: “Hey Eminem, what’s up man?” and the bodyguard standing near the door told him to “Shut the (expletive) up, man! Don’t say another word.”
Jarbou then responded: “Hey, man, my friend ain’t starting trouble. It’s just cool to see Eminem.”
Mathers allegedly stepped back from a urinal and “without warning or provocation … drove his fist in a violent punching manner” into Jarbou’s face, knocking him to the ground. Mathers and his bodyguard then left the men’s room, according to the complaint.
Neither Jarbou nor Mathers could be reached for comment Thursday. Mathers’ attorney did not return telephone calls, and Jarbou’s attorney, Leon Weiss, declined comment beyond the allegations contained within the lawsuit.
Jarbou said he has “undergone physical pain and suffering, emotional distress, ongoing serious injuries requiring medical treatment” and “embarrassment, humiliation, medical expenses, wage loss and other economic and non-economic” damages. The complaint, assigned to Judge Michael Warren, seeks in excess of $25,000 in damages.
In 2002, a Macomb County man sued Eminem, two years after the Grammy-award winning artist allegedly pistol-whipped him outside a Warren bar. Eminem was reportedly angry at the man for kissing Eminem’s then-wife, Kim Mathers, in public.
Eminem pleaded guilty to charges of carrying a concealed weapon and was sentenced to two years’ probation.
You can reach Mike Martindale at (248) 647-7226 or mmartindale@detnews.com.

Journalist 103: listen to the Detroit emcee's lyrical and instrumental craft

Pandamonium reflects a man’s passion for the world of hip hop. Lyrical soldier, Journalist 103 combines a classical musical background with some well thought, inventive rhymes. True to his influences, Jay Dee and Big Proof, the astute former Proof collaborator embrases the fire of his musical passion and dedication.
Listen has some rough accents. The challenging track will lead the listener into the world of rap battles. Diverse instrumentals that sound like birds-a combination of slight flute notes, violins and scratches sounds- will lead you into the ghetto jungle. It resembles nothing other I have heard yet. You will feel the struggle against the enemies and the bloody spaces.
Choices is built on an Eminem’s No Apologies sample. Journalist 103 carries the spirit of ghetto soldiers who fight against discrimination. I loved the hardcore atmopshere and the outpouring rage that came from the emcee’s chest. Listen carefully and realize the song’s critical analysis of our contemporary society.
Writer’s Bock strongly invites you into the literary world of engaged writers- composers. Discover the incredible power of a pen and a mic. I love the way Journalist 103 spits his rhymes. He fights with the force of a Myke Tyson, he courageously opposes his point of views for the sake of the truth.
Journalist 103 is the kind of emcees who encourage me to keep my passion for writing and for hip hop alive. As long as there will be emcees of his kind, hip hop will keep breathing and enlightening the crowd of listeners.
Discover Journalist 103 here.
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