A-Butta: some true gansta rap outta Louisiana

With an offensive style of his own, some invading, swinging, noisy and powerful drum beats, A Butter comes up against his enemies in Why They, a track that is definitely Dirty South flavored. A-Butter shows his claws against his detractors. He is gritty, fearless and will erase you from the face of the earth if you resist.
Provoke Me: A-Butter’s best strength probably lies in his powerful resonating instrumentals that recall an army at war marching on to conquer their territory.
You Make My Day is based on dark, monotonous piano notes. The track is dedicated to a sweetheart. The beautiful, scentful words totally contrast with the darkness of the melody, offering the listener a breath of fresh air made of poetry and true feelings.
But be prepared to return to the warzone. You Declared War is built on massive gunshot and some provocativelyrics from A-Butta’s moth. Be sure of it: he’s a busta. If yu declared war, you will have to assume the consequences of a lyrical word war.
A-Butta hits you worst than an after Hiroshima. Feel the atomic mushroom of his escalated speech annihilate his enemies.
Discover A-Butta here.
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  1. I personaly feel he has alot of young talent and that with the right positive enforcment, he can make it to the top.

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