The invaluable lessons I learnt from 2009

Dear readers,
First of all, I’d like to wish you all a very Happy and fruitful New Year 2010.
A year has gone, a new one has come. Each year gives us the fantastic opportunity to put last year’s events into an objective perspective, enlightening its weaknesses and strong points. Most importantly are the events that taught us something. Sometimes we are very open minded about receiving life’s teachings in full acceptance and sometimes we might neglect some important aspects of it.
Even when you are a focused person with some precise goals, you got to pay attention to detail.
When, for instance, some events become recurrent in your life and you don’t like them, you have to question what exactly makes them happen. Year after year, I think that I was carrying the burden of my past, and by refusing the simple act of forgiveness I kept myself the prisoner of many events. Let me remind you that when you hate somebody, you literally become the prisoner of your object of hatred. This year I decided to apply FULL FORGIVENESS in my life and I saw great changes happenning.
I feel liberated. I am no longer the prisoner of my enemies. I simply let go the past and gave love instead of resentment.
Besides the act of forgiveness, I also decided to be responsible for my thoughts and actions: in short I decided to get rid of limitations and negative thoughts. You might object: how am I supposed to react when events don’t really match my deepest desires? You always have the choice to respond in a positive way. In those “unpleasant” happenings, there might be a hidden blessing.
Acceptance and permanent positive thinking will create positive outcomes in your life…all you have to do is to BELIEVE.
I am very grateful for 2009’s teachings…I am now ready to welcome 2010 with open heart and open arms. Let’s all make the best of it!
Peace and blessings to all of you:)
Copyright by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved
P.S : hopefully I will be back soon for some more reviews and interviews. I apologize to you for my long absence, as I am very busy at the moment.