Yes, Erin Bria Wright is Eazy E s daughter…

I discovered her in November 2006, while reviewing the Ruthless mixtape We Want Eazy, celebrating Eric Wright’s anniversary.
She wrote a moving song entitled Dear Daddy that is based on a Tupac s Dear Mama sample. The song expresses a daughter s utmost respect and unconditional love towards her daddy.
If some of you heard about Lil Eazy E, you better check this young lady too!
Here is her my space.

Hip hop's Porter puts beats up for sale on web (Det News)

Adam Graham / The Detroit News
Denaun Porter produced the distinctive beat for 50 Cent’s single “P.I.M.P.”
He’s worked’ with the biggest names in rap, from Eminem and 50 Cent to Busta Rhymes and the Game. And now, hip-hop heavyweight Denaun Porter is crafting beats for you? Your neighbor? Joe Blow up the street?
Producer/rapper Porter, a member of the currently stagnant D12 (more on that later) and a celebrated producer in his own right, launched mrporterbeats .com earlier this week.
It’s a Web site where he sells beats to budding rappers for $25-$150 a pop, far less than what it would cost to log studio time with Porter, whose credits include 50 Cent’s steel drum-enhanced “P.I.M.P.” and G-Unit’s glossy “Stunt 101.”
“I felt like I wanted to shake things up a bit,” says Porter, who also goes by Kon Artis, on the phone earlier this week. “I’m giving artists (something) they can take a chance with.”
Beats are sold for use on demo or mix tapes. If an artist wants to purchase a beat to be used on an album, he can broker a deal with the third party that handles the day-to-day management for the site, and Porter says those rights might run between $1,000 and $1,500.
“Some of the stuff is two to three days old, some of the stuff is two to three months old, and some of it is even older,” says Porter, who says he crafts up to 15 beats a day. “I’m making it easy and accessible for these people to have top-quality production.”
Hip-hop producer Rockwilder (Jay-Z, Christina Aguilera’s “Dirrty”) has a similar beats-for-sale Web site, and Erik Parker, director of content at hip-hop news site, says more sites such as these will pop up as technology continues to advance.
“It’s another step in helping the Internet spread music,” he says.
Parker says mrporterbeats .com will help keep Porter’s music alive and relevant, as well as create another revenue stream for him. The downside, he says, is the beats aren’t the unique property of the users.
“You can’t get the hottest exclusive Denaun Porter beat, and people will pretty much catch on that you’re rapping over a beat that’s not exclusive,” he says. “But it beats having records laying around that no one’s using, and I think that’s what Denaun is going after, saying if no one’s going to use this, at least let it be available to the public.” Meanwhile Porter, 27, says he’s still gaining clarity after what he calls the worst year of his life, 2006, when his friends Proof and J Dilla died. “I’m just now coming out of that whole hurt,” he says.
D12 is’ currently “on hold,” he says. Their forthcoming third album is 70 percent done, by his estimation, but so far boasts no input or content from Eminem, whom Porter says he hasn’t spoken with in some time.
“The last time I talked to him? I don’t even remember. It’s been a couple of months,” he says.
The D12 album will be finished after Eminem’s next album – rumored to be awaiting a holiday release – is finished. In the interim, Porter worked on Pharaohe Monch’s upcoming album, as well as projects by Detroit rapper Guilty Simpson and Detroit/New Jersey duo Nu World Hustle.
But Porter also is keeping his eye on the ‘Net, and plans to unveil a Web site similar to next month, this time with the goal of helping budding producers.
“It’s a new age of music and it’s a new age of technology,” says Porter, who also was at the cutting edge of the ringtone craze, creating exclusive works for Blingtones. “I believe this is going to be the way of the future, and this is my way of staying a step ahead. I’m not afraid of change.”
You can reach Adam Graham at (313) 222-2284 or

The Villain And The Ego/ The Prequel mixtape/ CD review

Global rating of the product: 4.5 stars
When dope Mr Hashish of I-Mac and witty-devilish Marvwon of the Fatt Killaz decide to work together and to combine their efforts on a Cd, be sure that you will get something dark, raw and full of deep expressions of musical talent that is so much Detroit alike. Like the cold murder Capital and city of cement both artists come from, the darkness of their themes is like the diamond in the rough: it reveals some incredible musical talents that are yet to be discovered by people who are less familiar with the Detroit hip hop scene.
Like an upcoming menace built on a noisy violin and piano background combined with some catchy beats, Mr Hash and Marvwon open the curtain to a dark shadowed sky made of obscure thoughts.
Gunshots, laughter, rhythmic rhymes, xylophone notes contrasting with the gritty voices, two artists offering a real nice flow delivery, each element arrives in the right place in order to create a disharmonic disorder. Welcome to Detroit City, the place where eye contact can get you killed in no time. That’s what’s up. Enjoy the Straight Drop freestyle. You gotta love that one!
Produced by Young Viz, Don’t Step Up will lead the listener into the club.
A little bit of a chill out atmosphere, time to smoke a joint and to spend some good time with a girl. Detroit Shit introduces you into a typical, filthy Detroit atmosphere.
On Yo Ass featuring X Factor brings back some heat. A great dose of offensiveness is ready to get rid of jealousy and of any opponent that crosses their way. Better watch your back and be aware of the sharp lyrical weapons that are ready to cut your neck off with no mercy.
Piano, keyboards, violins will proudly enhance Marwon’s lyrical pride. Keep hating, haters. What could you do against obvious talent?
Cannons is another example of a witty word use combined with a good instrumental background. The track features Reag of I-Mac.
U&U is lead by the hand of the talented master producer Mr Porter. Flute sounds and claps slowly lead the listener into a soft atmosphere. The song is dedicated to the sexy girls moving to the music.
Don’t sleep on Shoot 1st featuring Iron Fist arstist Supa Emcee. Again, a combination of instrumental darkness and softness with a hustle and flow spirit will allow the listener to taste this song with delight.
Overall, the mixtape is an example of what two Detroit talents can do if they set aside their differences and work together for the listeners greatest pleasure.
My advice: cop the mixtape! Otherwise you might miss something real great made in Detroit.
Copyright2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved

Detroit 's Instrumentally Sick Production take you in the middle of their storm

Enthusiastic, determined, dedicated, the incredible Detroit artists will communicate their passion to whoever listens to them with an attentive ear.
They Gone feat Tone is based on raw instrumentals made of harsh drum beats, hammering piano sounds, conquerring, murderous keyboard sounds that totally match with the 313 G atmosphere. The artists flow with ease and the whole track is lead with a powerful energy.
My Hood expresses the same scary dimension. Powerful beats and instrumentals open up on a dark lyrical content. The Detroit hood is decribed in its harsh reality. Pondered, rhythmic words sounding like the upcoming menace of an overheated guntalk make the whole beauty of the track. Back is the meaning of raw-and I am loving it.
Dark bass sounds contrast with light bell sounds in a very subtle way. Drum beats in the background will make the listener feel the run. Globally speaking, Get Back is full of offensiveness. Open your ears and listen to the gritty voice of men who are ready to stomp their enemies out. Well done.
Soft repetitive guitar sounds, bass notes in the background, a mad flow delivery, some good lyrics and a definite victorious spirit will conquer any hip hop audience. You gotta love What You’d Say.
Check the talented Instrumentally Sick Production artists here.
Copyright 2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved

The Pre-Up: the anticipation of the Eminem's Re-Up/ CD review

Rating of the product: 4.5 stars
Introduced by Eminem’s new DJ, The Alchemist, on a Shade 45 background, the less known mixtape has nevertheless some interesting perspectives to offer to an attentive listener. Moreover, it enlightens some individual talents of the crew that composes the worldwide known Shady Records crew.
While You Don’t Know is already a classic to many Re-Up lovers, some other more rare songs should definitely catch your ear. Musically speaking, You Don t Know is based on different harmonic bases and sounds more disrupted as the original version.
Still On Top begins on a reprisal of Eminem s Business song handled by Mike Boogie. Dr Dre s freestyle is an interesting demonstration of talent that is beautifully enhanced by some mastered powerful sounding beats.
Stat Quo and Lil Wayne will empower the A Town on a noisy instrumental background. Alchemist and Cashis will take you by surprise on a distorted, jungle alike instrumentals. Flowing faster than the wind, The Alchemist and his accomplice will certainly please their audience.
Probably one of the less talked about Shady Records artist, Bob Creekwater pours his heart out in Truth Be Told on a beautiful and rhythmic piano background. Feel the walk , the determination, the sincerity of a man who is dedicated to his art.
With his typical Iron Fist instrumentals, Proof walks in, with the same love for hip hop purity. His typical raspy voice will take you back to the hip hop shop.
The Gang is a cool gangsta rap flavored song based on some threatening Ruthless sounding instrumentals and gun shots.
There s a lot of tension in Prodigy ‘s Mac 10 Handles song. Rhythmic drum beats combined with a gritty rapping style totally fit into the scary gangsta atmosphere in which gun talks and drug use and abuse will prevail.
This Is America is a remix of Eminem s former We As American that provoked some high suspicion from the Bush government who totally misinterpreted the meaning of slang word « Dead Presidents ». Have a look at what The Alchemist, Prodegy and Un Pacino can do.
Hip heads, don’t miss the Classic Beatbox Freestyle brought to you by a brilliant and inspired Eminem.
You will be able to enjoy the rhyming master in a real good performance.
Those of you who ever doubted Kuniva s rhyming ability should definitely check his hot Robbery song. The talented emcee excels in rhyming and flow. Flute notes, soft vocals, trumpet sounds enhance the dark atmosphere of the song. Robbery is definitzly a banger.
D12 is in the house. Bizarre brings back his scary hilarious style that is so typical to the artist. People who are familiar with the weirdo of the D12 group s sick-hilarious style will certainly enjoy Roman Noodle Soup. Sirens and drum beats will enhance the insane dimension of the song while Bizzy will put his creativity in action, mixing up incompatible words, assembling them like a colorful puzzle. Insanity, a warped sense of humor, Bizzy s specific touch will allow the listener to eat his Roman Noodle Soup with delight.
Worked on with Mick Boogie s collaboration, the Pre Up is an interesting Shady Records collaboration. If you haven t heard about it yet, you should pay it as much attention as you did for the more publicized Re Up version: you can cop the mixtape with no hesitation.
Copyright 2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved

Mariah Carey vs Eminem(

Part fifty of the Mariah Carey versus Eminem row has emerged, and it’s getting nasty.
OK! Magazine has reported that Eminem’s new album will go into intricate detail about his fling with Mariah Carey.
The magazine spoke to an insider who revealed “There’s more then one track that goes into really specific, intimate detail about what went on between Em and Mariah”.
The magazine reports that Mariah has asked the head of her record label to intervene, and plans to sue Eminem for slander.
Good luck with that Mariah, I think the queue starts over there.

Celebrated Music Producer, Denaun "Mr. Porter" Porter Gives Back, Launches Website MrPorterBeats.Com(Hip Hop Press)

Detroit, MI – June 1, 2007– At a time when most chart toppers are focused on the fruits of fame, Detroit based rapper and producer Denaun Porter is strategizing on ways to help burgeoning artists break into the music business. On June 15, 2007, the multi-platinum selling artist will launch a website with the intent of providing a platform for rising stars to gain a competitive edge in today’s music industry.
His site,, is a portal for independent artists, songwriters, deejays and labels to gain access to top notch, original beats at affordable prices from one of the most respected music producers in the industry. These professional beats will be licensed for rates starting as low as $50. Whether for demo, mixtape or album purposes, users are provided a variety of options depending on intent of usage. Membership to the website is free and users are offered the opportunity to browse an “Exclusive Beats” section where they can purchase full ownership of Mr. Porter’s productions complete with pro-tools sessions.
According to Porter, “I’m always getting demos from people who want to work with me or just want feedback. Unfortunately a lot of their work is not good because the music lacks quality. I can’t work with everyone but this site provides opportunities for them to have a direct link to my production. This is a way for me to assist artists efficiently.”
Having produced chart toppers for several industry heavyweights ranging from 50 Cent to Snoop Dogg from Shakira to Burt Bacharach, Mr. Porter has been instrumental in selling millions of records world wide. He hopes this website will help open the door for a new wave of artists.
“If the music industry was driven by more innovative producers and visionaries, I believe there wouldn’t be drastic drops in sales. Many times when artists start out in their careers, they are very creative. A lot of times as they become successful their A&R, managers and/or label executives see dollar signs and don’t see the vision like the artist does. This site is a part of my contribution to the revolution of saving and fighting back for artistic control in a cynical, money driven industry.”
Mr. Porter joins the company of other key producers in sharing the desire to “give back” and provide opportunities for people to grow in their music careers. “I have a ton of beats in my arsenal for artists that want to be creative and don’t want to sound just like everyone else that’s out here,” shares Porter. “One of the biggest problems of the music industry today is that majority of the artists being pushed are carbon copies of each other. There’s no creativity. All the production sounds alike. It’s time for people to step outside the box and go beyond the norm. Many of the tracks on the site are different and creative. I’m looking forward to seeing what people do with them musically and the direction they take them.”
MrPorterBeats.Com is a strong statement proving that Mr. Porter is putting his beats where his heart is!
For more information, contact:
Sabrina Underwood
Earth Tones Enterprises

To my readers and occasional readers, to all of you emailing me…

I really need to address to all of you guys, since I have had a lot of people spamming my mailbox and bothering me with unuseful questions.
First of all, I am very busy at the moment and I will barely have time to answer any regular mail. All over those years, I have always tried to answer people giving me some positive feedback, constructive criticism or who simply had some questions to ask about Em or anything hip hop.
However, I need to remind some of you that I also have a life , two kids and some daily obligations to face with. I am busy with my own life, so please don ‘t waste my time with questions whose answers you could find easily through search engines like google or yahoo…anyway if you do have some specific questions about Em, may I gently remind you that the Eminem blog has an archive that covers several years of research I have done on the artist and his music, so please, before you start emailing me, check out the archive.
I’d also like to point out that I don’t have answers to everything. Moreover, I don’t know Mr Mathers personally and I never claimed to. I don’t have answers for every little detail happening in his life…so please, don’t bother me with Em’s personal life…I have reported about some facts and probably will if the press talks about in some specific articles…but…my whole life doesn’t revolve around Em and his family. Em is somebody I do respect as an artist and as a person, but I have my own life to live.
Talking about my passion for the music, Em is not the only artist I am talking about as a music journalist. I have a huge passion for hip hop, whether it is old school, new school, underground or mainstream. I love hip hop as a WHOLE. Em is just a tiny part of that immense passion that makes me tick.
In conclusion, many elements keep my mind busy. I am fed up with people constantly bothering me, asking me if I know about Kesia Alvarez ‘ pregnancy, that they love Em to death, if I am related to Em or if I do have a contact address or a phone number to reach Mr Mathers. You guys are such a bore. Get a life!
As long as I will have some free time, I will always try to respond to my readers email. But I will definitely classify the mails mentioned above as spam.
To whom it may concern: please take my words into account, because I will simply put you on a block list.
Thank you for reading.
Cpoyright©2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved

It is not all about the curse, it is much more about the gift and the rhymes…

Unlike an opinion that is so common to many comfortable middle class people, emceeing is not all about cursing. Little did you know if you wanted to summarize the art of rap to a few cusswords and angry attitudes. Although it is true you are more likely to find some F and N words that sound shocking to some sensitive ears in rap lyrics, it is a little bit simplistic to think that rap music is only about the cusswords.
The first thing that made me focus on emceeing is the subtle art of rhyme. Believe me, not anybody can rhyme in a rap song. While some mainstream rappers spread a false image of what rap music actually is all about and how it should sound, one should not forget that the real roots of rap music are to be sought in the ghetto, the place of an underground emcee’s every day struggle. The jungle, the rough struggle the dirt are part of many colorful descriptions of an emcee s vocal descriptions and it is actually part of an emcee s realistic lyrics.
While cursing has its part- whether it is due to the context or part of a diss, the main difficulty is to put your words together, make them rhyme and make sense while you rhyme, insert some compound syllables, some incisive punchline, destroy or ridicule your opponent, have a suble sense of rhythm and being capable of mixing some suitable instrumentals.
While some middle class ladies often affect to be shocked by the content of a diss, should I remind my readers that the rules from which rap music originated are the disses?
If you cannot stomach a diss as an emcee, you’d better not rap at all.
Being an emcee involves many qualities, such as being an excellent rhymer, a man or a woman of faith, a good musician and definitely a person who doesn t fear speaking up in front of a supportive or unsupportive audience.
A real emcee will transport you into his universe and communicate his passion to the world. That’s how you will recognize the real emcee from the untalented wannabe.
Copyright 2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved