Apparently, a new hip hop beef is started…

and I am not impressed.
Again, it involves Eminem and his former collaborator and friend Royce da 5.9.
Apparently, Royce called Eminem a “white cracker”. While Eminem doesn’t seem to have reacted (or maybe he is preparing a diss), new Shady Records member Ca$his called Royce out.
I am pretty sure I will make some new enemies by stating this, but Ca$his should stop running his mouth and stay out of this.
Eminem has proven to be a good disser, a battle rapper, an astute wordsmith. If you actually followed the long term beef that opposed Eminem to Benzino since 2003, you would perfectly know that Eminem is big enough as an emcee to handle his own beefs without the intervention of some average emcee, no matter if he is signed to Shady Records or not.
Readers of my blog, you all know that I respect Royce as an emcee, regardless of whatever opposed him to Eminem or D12. Royce is a lyrical master. So is Em.
So let the great handle their own battles of words! Ca$his has not yet managed to prove me that he is an outstanding lyrical genius.
On a side note, I’d like to share the comment from one of my my space readers (Kevin), who happens to be an emcee too:
“It was not a diss!The line was paraphrasing “ask me who the best rapper” “Like askin Slim Shady whos the best cracker…Straighten ya face up that aint a diss” he says it aint a diss.The line apparently went over Ca$his’ head.Im a white Emcee thats a compliment.Its cool I hope it gives Royce some new material he would beast ca$ no problem.Ca$his doesnt have the lyrical arsenal to comeback from anything Royce does.”
Which tends to prove that Ca$his slightly missed the point.
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Discover incredible beat maker Makk straight outta Rhone Alpes, France

The originality of Makk? He’s a French emcee who raps in English. Outstanding beat maker, Makk combines a gritty attitude, an incredible flow delivery and an undisputed gift for making dope ass beats.
Once you’ll step on Makk’s music page, you won’t get enough of his music.
Based on a perfectly pondered and well handled classical piano background, the Bye Bye Pre Mix is introduced by Makk’s dark, gritty voice. While the classical background induces harmony, Makk’s vocal performance produces an effect of permanent struggle and contradiction, and that’s the whole beauty of Makk’s know how. He’s authentic and fully possesses his art. You are going to love it!
Under Pressure is built on a very dark keyboard background. Makk’s very rhythmic flow delivery pours out the whole rage that will remind people of recent riots that devastated our ghettos.
Feel the rush, the rage, the constant struggle for more justice.
As the dramatic background increases, Makk’s voice seems to increase in force like a powerful prayer.
Why U Make Us Enemies: cadenced, instrumentally rich, the song describes the ghetto living conditions. It is a powerful call for more unity among street soldiers.
The atmopshere of the song is overheated, yet it has some soft accents. Lyrically, the song is very well conceived. Globally, it has the complexity of a Coolio song mixed up with Tupac’s fighting, prophetic spirit
Curious to know more about Makk? Discover his my space account.
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Eminem memoir in the works (

Book detailing ‘certain aspects of [Em’s] personal and professional life’ is on the way, but rapper’s camp blasts British publisher for releasing premature information.
By Jayson Rodriguez
Read the original article here.
Eminem will release a book later this year, MTV News has learned, but details surrounding the project were vague at press time.
According to a report in Britain’s New Musical Express published Tuesday, British publisher Orion Books and Em will partner to release the Detroit hip-hop star’s memoirs, titled “Eminem: The Way I Am,” which will include hand-drawn sketches, lyrics and journal notes, along with rare photos of the rapper. A rep for the publisher confirmed an October 16 U.K. release date for the book with the N.M.E.
But the rapper’s reps denied having a solid release date for the book and blasted the publisher for delivering inaccurate information.
“While there is a book in the works from Eminem in which he details certain aspects of his personal and professional life, the book is still in the process of being written and edited,” Eminem’s camp told MTV News via e-mail. “There is no firm release date scheduled, although it is anticipated to arrive in the latter part of this year. The news about the project today came from the U.K. publisher, who is not involved in the day-to-day editing or creation of the book. It’s unfortunate that someone who does not have intimate knowledge of the book felt compelled to jump the gun on announcing it by delivering partial and inaccurate information.”
Eminem has been in the headlines numerous times in recent months; first the rapper was rushed to the hospital over the holidays in late 2007 for complications stemming from pneumonia. His label confirmed his hospital stay but said in a statement that he was released quickly and recovering at his home.
Tabloid reports also claimed that the formerly lanky rapper had ballooned to more than 200 pounds. Doctored photos of Eminem appeared online, and Slim-Fast offered him an endless supply of its dietary drink. Shady Records signee Trick Trick, however, downplayed the rumors.
“Em just picked up some weight, that’s it,” Trick told MTV News in January. “He’s nowhere [near] 250 pounds or anything like that. He picked up a little weight. He ain’t walkin’ around obese or some sh–, though. He can still run two miles if you want him to, and still out-box the majority of them. My man still gets down.”
News also surfaced about two movie roles involving the rapper — in “Jumper” and an aborted “Grand Theft Auto” flick — neither of which came to fruition.

Let Detroit underground emcee ElPadrino s flow of emotions guide you into the true spirit of hip hop

Less known by the mainstream public, Detroit underground emcee ElPadrino belongs to the category of emcee who will prove you that the Detroit hip hop scene is always in full effervescene. If you listener decide to grant this talented artist a chance, you will drink him with delight, like the finest cup of Champaign.
ElPadrino recently released a video entitled Mythology II on You Tube.
Built on a dramatic violin, piano and dark bell background, reminescent of the greatest men who actually made hip hop, ElPadrino leads you into the rough world of hip hop, in which gift, prophecy and a life of sin are often intertwined.
Meet ElPadrino at the studio. The talented emcee pours out the deepest emotions from his chest, speaking his mind, struggling between gift and curse. His vulcanic verses, his magnifiscent flow delivery, the emcee’s personality and passion will invite the listener into the real world of hip hop. Catch the man in the hood, watch him at his concert, capture the flame while he spits his rhymes…and you will understand what makes many of them rappers tick.
A true emcee loves the beauty of the rap game, because he has something deep to offer that originates from his soul: the words that come out of his mouth, the music that is encripted into the depth of his mind are transformed into a world of true emotions.
My advice: don’t sleep on Mythology II. ElPadrino possesses the skills that made the greatest in hip hop history.
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Somebody takes pride in stealing the articles from my personal website!

To the owner of the following website.
To whom it may concern!
I hope that you are aware you stole ORIGINAL articles from my personal website I created years ago (2002 for your info). I never gave you my authorization to publish MY ORIGINAL ARTICLES and to claim them as the product of your work.
I hope that you are also AWARE that since there is a COPYRIGHT attached to each of my articles regarding Eminem, his family and any other music related or not topic., I am THE ONLY ONE TO DECIDE where I want my articles to be on the net!
I think you probably know that you are exposing yourself to a LAWSUIT if I ever find out who you are!
Sincerely yours,
Isabelle Esling , one and only author of the articles you claim to be yours!
Please take note of this as a fair warning. So, either you quote your source…or you remove those articles from your “website”.
Ciao fucker. You ought to know that you REALLY SUCK.
Next time, buy yourself a personality, some intelligence and some originality, because it really sucks to be an unoriginal and uncreative person such as you. I’d rather kill myself than being a plagiarist!!!

Musical magnate Amy Winehouse enchants our ears…

Nearly everybody has heard of the 24 year old British singer. Whether her music gets displayed on each radio, at each cafe, whether you read about her in the media about her bi polar disorder, eating disorders, her legal troubles or drug addiction or her huge musical successes, you could barely escape the phenomenon.
Yes, the young lady is making headlines. But the main reason why the singer should make headlines is her musical endowment.
I admit being really picky regarding the pop scene, particularly the British pop scene, because a lot of untalented, trashy artists are often hailed as geniuses while they are just a bunch of annoying pricks who benefit from a good publicist and manager’s major exposures.
However, Amy Winehouse stands out in my opinion.
First of all, here is a young woman with a rebellious spirit. Her voice has the depth and power of a black woman’s vocal chords, which is very rare among white female artists.
Her remarkable musical and instrumental knowledge, inspired by jazz and soul legends spices up her music. Amy Winehouse has that power to captivate her auditorium, because the listener also gets that impression from her that she doesn’t have to cheat with emotions.
Both of her hits, I’m No Good and Rehab totally convinced me.
She has the greatness of Ella Fitzgerald transposed to our modern times. The darkness of her vocals combined with a massive use of trumpets and saxophones has that incredible power to seduce seduce a crowd of music lovers from very different musical culture and backgrounds.
She might be weak, suicidal, addicted in real life. But when it comes to making music, Amy Winehouse is truly a giant.
Discover more about the incredible artist on her personal website.
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Exclusive Warpath interview!

1. What motivated you to become a rapper?
I started writing poetry at an early age so I had rhyme schemes and the formula on lock from jump. I hooked up with some local cats from the Neighborhood and like clockwork it was on.
2. What is the biggest challenge you had to face since you started rapping?
Being understood and excepted for what I have to say.
3. How did you come up with that powerful “The Catalyst Of Elohim” nickname?
Eloheim is Hebrew for God and if you break the words down further its actual meaning is Water God. I’m an aquarius. Not that I follow the stars are anything like that. It just makes since. The Catalyst is the start or beginning, Eloheim is a group consisting of myself and BME. I started the group!
Hence Warpath the catalyst of Eloheim.
4. Your music is deeply linked with faith and spiritual battles…is it a way to express the closeness between hip hop and faith or simply your vision of the world- or maybe both?
Most definitely Both. I believe many compromise self to be heard yet only the deaf seem to give ear to the most popular rappers in the industry. Meaning its mostly meaningless foolishness on the radio. Then you have the underground full of the most diverse meaningful conscience emcees around. We don’t compromise ourselves to get recognized. Its like Jesus said they will hate you because of me. So it makes perfect since to keep the balance of Faith and Hip Hop within all of my tracks. By no means do I consider myself a christian rapper tho.
5. To what extent did the environment you grew up in shape your artistic creativity?
What I’ve been through has shaped my every thought. I’ve been in situations that I’m not proud of. I moved around a lot, I had very good environments to live in and very poor ones as well. I’ve been homeless with nothing at all but Jehovah and Jesus Christ. My creativity is reality.
6. You are currently working on three different projects…can you tell us about them within a few words?
Personal, positive and ill!
7. Which artists have you collaborated with already?
Detroit City Prospects, Optimist, Sunset the GOD emcee, Graffiti, other locals most wouldn’t know.
8. Which artist(s) -mainstream or underground- have earned your respect on the hip hop scene and why?
I can respect anyone who stays true to self.
9. What are your thoughts about the current state of hip hop?
There’s only few in my opinion that are really keeping it alive. The radio is doing nothing to help push real talent and neither is the industry.
10. Old school or new school…where goes your preference?
Mixed, I’d have to say between like 92- 96 was the best Hip hop coming out consistently. Now its like you have to search far and wide to find the REAL HIP HOP!
11. Which artist(s) (mainstream or underground) you haven’t collaborated with would you envision a collaboration with in a close future?
12. Besides hip hop, what kind of music do you listen to?
R&B, some Rock, I’m pretty eclectic. The state of music as a whole has got to step it back up or rather, the powers that be have to put the artist first.
P.ositive E.nergy A.llows C.onstant E.levation!
Warpath’ my space account
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Warpath' eyes guide you through the world of the Invisible…

Warpath is far from being your average Detroit underground emcee. Nicknamed the Catalyst of Elohim, the incredible artist will guide his listener into a mystical world made of angels and demons, in which the spiritual dimension of the rap battle really matters. You will be guest to the final battle , your eyes will open on a strange theater. Faith is the fundament of Warpath’ music. To fully get his music in its whole, spiritual dimension, you need to be able to share his colorful vision in which, instrumentals, world, invicible faith walk together to the path of victory.
Today I’d like to invite you for the discovery of two new Warpath songs.
Reality’s Nightmare is introduced by flute, violins and piano sounds. As any spiritual man (or woman) would probably know, the world of faith is made of harsh internal combats during which you will probably walk on a few skeletons, meet some scary demons, battle your own anguish and feeling of desperation before you will be able to step to the final victory.
The talented artist will conduct you through his own living nightmare, a scary vision of desolation…welcome to the hood in which money destroys more that it can achieve…face hell’s creatures, view them with Warpath’s eyes, drop scepticism, be ready to fight with the rage of a man who has nothing to lose. Overwhelmed by the dark, Warpath describes a demonic world. The only way out is your own degree of faith.
While travelling through the world of evil, facing the Valley of Pain, Death Avenue, Warpath’ faith and beliefs will keep you alive. Well done.
Rain Drops keeps our senses awake. The song, that is taken out of Warpath’ upcoming Blood Pen project, will amaze you with the astute use of chord instrumental that will intelligently simulate the rain falling down on the face of the earth…special effects will make you feel the wind on your face.
There is a proximity in Hebrew between “Ha Shem” (the Name i.e God’s Name) and geshem (the rain)…this proximity will allow us to make a parallel between Warpath pouring out his pain and rage while the spirit of the Almighty listens to him. The song, that is beautifully written, has the deep resonance of a psalm. Contrary to a common opinion, a prayer doesn’t have to be positive…you have the right to express your feelings to God, no matter how you feel.
No matter from how deep you send your profound cry, God will answer your de profundis clamavi prayer.
Enter into Warpath’ spiritual world here.
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