"The" Poetic Menace is right here, in Detroit!

Most hip hop lovers understood it well: the real war is a lyrical hustle. Here he comes with his bag full of rhyming words and his good sense of rhythm, like a dark cloud in the sky, announcing an upcoming devastating tornado.
They call him Poetic Menace. Inspired by the godfathers of rap, Marc Blackshear aka Poetic Menace won’t let them wordsmiths breathe. With a clear intent of reformating the art of hip hop, Poetic Menace manages to give his words their full meaning.
Violin notes and helicopter sounds introduce Rules Of Engagement. After a decimal countdown, Poetic Menace takes over by lyrical assault. The nicely built musical background based on saxophone notes and rhythmic drum beats might remind many of you of KRS-One. Drown yourself into his world of lost syllables and let the music invade your space.
Poetic Menace knows how to do it and fully masters his art.
Alias is a storm of dancing vowels. With his powerful voice, Poetic Menace matches them words together. The track has some beautiful reggae accents.
Come Feel This is full of the passionate spirit of an emcee who keeps the legacy of hip hop alive. Feel the powerful call that comes out of the track. Poetic Menace immerse you into the true hip hop spirit, baptize you with his positive vibe and engage you into his fight to keep real hip hop alive.
Cliché keeps that burning fire alive. On a very catchy melody, an echoed reggae vocal background, Poetic Menace will fuel the fire to a very much alive passion.
Gigted, armed with an incredible lyrical strenth, Poetic Menace has already conquerred the world of wordplays and metaphors.
Here is a powerful artist who will probably convince hip hop dedicated hearts.
Copyright2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved