Thank God for every person He places on your road…

If it is true that dedicated friends are a balsam to our heart, we nevertheless can learn a lot from our enemies’ behaviors.
Friends are a must in our lives. Friends are an essential support in good times as well as in bad times. They can give us sincere advices and sometimes guide us when we feel lost. I am talking about true friends, of course.
Usually, none of us really likes it when enemies cross our road or when two faced and so called “friends” turn into snakes, fully exposing their fakeness to us.
However, we should bare in mind that everything in life happens for a reason. Enemies are put on our road to perfect our way, because they teach us valuable life lessons.
You feel trapped or betrayed by an enemy? Don’t worry. By observing your enemy in his way of acting, you will learn a lot about him, but also about yourself.
Don’t underestimate your enemy, but don’t give him power on you either.
Just learn the lesson from your encounter with snakes. Avoid being bitten next time.
Also, be cautious about persons with honey voices who always praise you without even disapproving you on anything. They are probably wearing a mask that will be dropped sooner or later when those people won’t need you any more.
I learnt a lot from my haters and today I’d like to express how much grateful I am to have some haters in my life.
You haters have been of precious help to me. You increase my will to improve myself and thanks to you, I actually do.
Like Jesus said it before, one should really love his enemies, because they are maybe your greatest chance to advance.
Praise God for your valuable friends and don’t forget to also praise him for the enemies he places on your road!
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Triple Helix: taking you to the heights of hip hop

Triple Helix is a hip hop group composed of Bamm Tronics, Rexx and R&Y Jones. Dynamic, energetic, bringing a lot of passion into their reps, Triple Helix don’t resemble anything else you heard yet.
City Limits introduces the listeners into an electrifying atmosphere. Keyboards, guitars, rhythmic drum beats in the background are the prelude to an overheated atmosphere. Full of confidence, mastering their flow, Triple Helix perfectly know how to introduce you into the icy coldness of the city.
The Blocks is built on soft female vocals and instrumentals. The gifted rappers show some real good lyrical skills. The flow delivery is nice as well. Hip hop heads will definitely appreciate the well handled track in which you can feel the passion and the mastery of the emcees’ art.
Welcome to the city of Angels, also known as LA.
The Resistance features an incredibly talented female vocalist whose performance is enhanced with scratches, violins, keyboards and Triple Helix’ wonderful performance. Triple Helix spit lyrical bullets. The artists actually take you to the heights of hip hop, where high quality music is required. I particularly recommend you The Resistance.
The three songs are part of Triple Helix’ new album, Building Blocks.
Hungry for more?
You will be able to order the CD and to listen to more Triple Helix songs on CD Baby.
You can also visit Triple Helix’ official website here.
My advice: don’t sleep on those artists, because they are talented and real.
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Other Bryan Stepp pictures

Those who are familiar with the Detroit underground scene will recognize Trick Trick’s fellow Bosalino of the Goon Sqwad group.
Here is Mr Hash of the I-Mac group:

Warning: don’t take those pics, they are property of Bryan Stepp for the Movement Magazine and subject to copyright. Those pics are published on the Eminem blog with the exclusive permission of the author.

Let me introduce you to Bryan Stepp’s artwork…

Bryan Stepp is the co owner of a Detroit hip hop magazine. He is the author of numerous beautiful drawings in which he represents many Detroit artists.
Here is a a beautiful, expressive and deep Eminem pic. You can feel a concentrated Em surrounded by RIP Proof’s presence. Not present physically, Big Proof’s spirit is there, inside and out side of Em.

I will post more Bryan Stepp pictures for all of you to acknowledge this man’s great talent!

When the day of your wedding ends up in a coffin…

The Guardian has published a story today that really saddened me.
I think that this tragedy should raise more concern from people about the African American community in the USA.
He was young, had his whole life in front of him and was about to marry the love of his life, who also happened to be the mom of his two little daughters. In short, Sean Bell, 23, of New York had everything to be the happiest man on earth. But destiny decided it otherwise and would hit his family very hard.
Sean Bell belonged to the black community of the Queens. Saturday the place near a NYC strip club would soon turn into the theater of a tragedy.
The most shocking is that the men-including Sean Bell- who were shot were unarmed.
Why did the police shoot at them? Well, just because they suspected those men to be armed.
So the police has the right to shoot people on a simple presumption of being armed?
Or could it be that this affair simply « stinks » to quote Reverend Al Sharpton, a black civil rights leader, in his own words?
It looks like many racial crimes are freely committed.
When you see that a beautiful fiancee like Nicole Paultre is now deprived of a husband and her two kids of a father, don’t you think that we should all stand up for more justice and less racial discrimination?
Reality sometimes surpasses fiction. Real life dramas like this one could be avoided if the police stopped treating people like criminals simply because of their skin color.
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I am not defending terrorists’ methods, but I understand their motivations…

I wrote this article a while ago…ok this time I am going to talk about politics…some of you might not share my point of view, but well, I really needed to express myself on that controversial subject…I think that too many of us don’t realize that the simple citizen is always going to pay for our politicians’ mistakes…feel free to comment, but please always with respect. Thank you.
PS: my views are anti Bush oriented, but in NO WAY anti American. I have mad love for American folks, so please don’t misquote me.

It is shocking to hear about terrorists plans about blowing up underground stations, busses or planes. I think that there are no words to express how much I hate the thought of hundreds, maybe thousands of innocents dying for nothing and to realize that I could be one of them.
I find suicide bomb attempts horrific in their whole dimension. I find it scary that Al Quaeda employs a lot of young brainwashed people in order to accomplish their despicable « duty ».
Yes, those are huge crimes against humanity and I have always hated injustice.
However, without condoning the terrorist’s plans, I really understand their motivations behind those horrible acts.
When you realize the mess dictators like Bush and Blair cause in Iraq and the way they treat Iraqi citizens, you cannot feel comfortable with that.
People have been raped and killed by US Army soldiers who had been commanded to do so.
Do you find it normal that people were humiliated in their faith while people threw Holy Qurans in the toilets?
How would you react if somebody attacked the fundaments of your faith or spirituality?
From what I understand about all the bloody wars in the Middle East, there is always Bush’s hegemony will over those countries mischievously masked by the word « democracy ».
Bush is a monster. He is nearly as horrible as Hitler. His torture methods are inspired from the Nazis. You don’t believe me? Did you know that hardcore rappers’ music was used at a very high level of sonority in order to make them prisoners talk? That’s exactly what the Nazis did in their concentration camps, using prisoners to play Richard Wagner’s music, while other prisoners were humiliated, forced to work like slaves, and eventually killed.
Now, I’d like to appeal to the terrorists’ conscience. I know you hate Bush and Blair. I perfectly know that. But do you think that it is justified for you to kill thousands of innocent people who are struggling to feed their families of who are simply visiting family members in the USA?
I do think that your actions are in no way justifiable. If I was in your place, I’d target the White House or Buckingham palace, but not average people who are in no way responsible for the stupid politicians’ foreign policies.
I have always respected people from different confessions. I am in no way a Bush nor a Blair supporter…so why should I die in the tube for their stupid foreign policies?
Think twice about your actions…and get a clue!
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Akon/ Konvicted album review

Global rating of the product: 4 stars
Straight from “jail”, Akon presents his convict music to his listeners. Konvicted is Akon’s brand new release. Akon is blessed with a warm, profound voice.
The Senegalese born American resident manages to offer an attentive ear a full range of diverse musical influences. True to his African roots, the gifted singer also enriches the CD with some reggae, rap and R’n’B influences. Open the diary of a convict and be ready for a crazy ride with Akon.
Shake Down beautifully opens the journey that is enlightened with drum, violin, rhythmic claps, trumpet and keyboard sounds. The singer’s vocal performance deserves praise in any case. Swing on the rhythmic song and enjoy.
Soft violins introduce Blown Away while hammering piano notes are mixed with guitar and flute sounds. Akon’s singing talent is combined with Styles P’s well delivered raps.
No need to introduce Smack That featuring Eminem, which is one of the most played and sung contemporary hits.
I Wanna Love You featuring Snoop Dogg is not really my cup of tea, since I am not that much into love songs. The graphic details of the song are not really useful, as far as I am concerned and the lyrics’ quality could be improved.
Feel violin notes drop like pouring rain on the face of earth. Imagine a man screaming and standing in the rain. Feel the drama that is suggested by piano notes combined with soft violin sounds and vocals. It offers the colorful image of a person drowning in his sorrow. Feel his broken soul liberate all the negativity and crash down like a burning plane that is about to explode. I loved The Rain. I recommend this song to all of you, because it is beautifully high on true emotions.
Never Took The Time is a rhythmic track constructed on guitar notes and keyboard sounds. The song is full of nostalgic accents and tells the story of a disappointed boy left by his girlfriend.
Mama Africa is a warm song with a good reggae flavor dedicated to Senegalese people. I really enjoyed that song, because Africa has always had-and still has a great importance in my life. Enjoy the pure blackness of the song reminding listener of the sunny Continent called Africa.
I Can’t Wait is enhanced with a funky flavor. The rhythmic track is full of joy and hopeful feelings.
Gangsta Bop takes you back to the streets. You will probably like the swinging track in which Akon’s vocal talent comes to shine, once again.
Tired Of Running expresses the lassitude of thug life. The gangsta track narrates the story of a man on the run, trying to escape from the police.
Don’t Matter is built on cithara and guitar sounds. Sometimes two people love each other, but their entourage don’t want to see them together and throw obstacles on their way in order to separate the lovers. Sometimes, two people mean the world to each other. Both lovers will fight for their right to love one another. Well made, with a good reggae taste in the background.
Globally, Akon’s album should catch your eyes and ears’ attention. Not only is Akon’s voice exceptional, the whole album offers a various panel of artistic collaboration and musical styles. I liked most of the songs and I think this album is really worth your attention.
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