“6 In The Morning”

‘6 In The Morning’
You could hardly be indifferent to D12’s ‘ 6 In The Morning ‘. The D12 soldiers are ready to fight, more offensive than ever. Eminem introduces the song and he is determined more than ever to puch his assaillants’ face with his powerful words.
He and his crew can spit. His opponents can’t.
Eminem brings you back to the rules of rap music :
‘Maybe I’m old fashioned but my passion
Is to smash anyone rappin without havin a slappin
Believe me I’d much rather pick up a pencil than a pistol but I’m pissed now
But it all depends on just how far it get’s took on the mic
Cause I’m tellin you right now your not gonna like it
Cause if I get pushed over the edge then I’m pullin you with me
You poke a stick at a big boy you get bit B
These words stick to you like crazy glue
When you diss me cause they just bounce off me like bullets do fifty!’

The biggest trick in rapping is to smash people without getting slapped (verbally). You gotta be offensive in the way you spread your words. You enemy has to be weakened and unable to attack you in a powerful way.
The rythm of the whole song sounds like a warning for an upcoming fight.
Eminem can spit. His lyrics are offensive and well written because the talented MC knows the power of the words he uses at the right moment.
It would be really hard to beat the best battle MC.
And when he says: ‘I’m the beautiful-est thing and you gonna miss me when I’m gone’, I do realize how much people would miss him if he decided to quit the rap game.
Some conservative people still consider Eminem as a big threat and haven’t realized yet that his attacks come from a pencil, not from a pistol.
Swifty Mc Veigh targets the media who picture him as a ‘beef starter’. But the common rule in rap is also to separate the truth from the entertainment. So please don’t get mas when Swifty states:
‘Its in the media pitted me of a beef starter
In a party with heat it’s hard to keep me without one
Fuck slugs I’m walkin gloves with a shotgun…’

As soon as D12 gets some praise from the media, the group also gets a lot of negative criticism from intolerant people who picture them as a symbol of society’s decay.
But the D12 crew is well known for speaking its mind. Kuniva claims it: no metaphors to say ‘I don’t like you’:
“No need for metaphores I get yours across when I write
So emotions enough to say “fuck you bitch, and I don’t like you, WHAT!”
I might as well give this up like heavy sales
And just fuck an leave D12 and this blunt
We can’t self destruct
I’ve never felt it this much
Come on fellas, get up
We got to fight like Bugs last night of his life…”

You’d better be careful and watch your mouth, because Kon Artis may shoot you. Lyrically, of course.[Eminem]
Good mornin
Haha, wake your mother fuckin asses up
Yo what is the what?
Well come on then, you know what time it is
Stop sleepin on my roof bitch!
For whatever it’s worth it’s worth me havin my ass whipped
Cause I’ma have the last lift that ever gets ass squished
I just can’t get past these little pissants
That wanna be rauny bad asses so bad
And they so mad they can’t stand it
Cause we can and they can’t spit (Haawk)
And they can’t handle it like a man
And that’s when it just happens
And I snap and it’s a wrap, and it’s a scrap an then it isn’t crap is it?
Hip-Hop isn’t a sport anymore when you got to go and resort back into that shit
Maybe I’m old fashioned but my pashion
Is to smash anyone rappin without havin a slappin
Believe me I’d much rather pick up a pencil than a pistol but I’m pissed now
But it all depends on just how far it get’s took on the mic
Cause I’m tellin you right now your not gonna like it
Cause if I get pushed over the edge then I’m pullin you with me
You poke a stick at a big boy you get bit B
These words stick to you like crazy glue
When you diss me cause they just bounce off me like bullets do fifty!
I’m the beatiful-est thing and your gonna miss me when I’m gone
Like Kieth Murry when he threw a stool and hit a girl acci-dently (argghhh!!)
I do this for Swifty, Kon and Kuniva, Bizzy & Proof are you with me?
[Chorus: Eminem]
Come on an everybody come on an
Kick your shoes off mother fuckers come on an
Cause we get it on an till the break of dawn an
Wake your ass up motherfuckers quit yawnin
Cause we ain’t leavin till 6 in the mornin
So have sing along with the words to the song an
If you don’t know the words an you can’t sing along an
Fake like you know ’em motherfuckin join in
Everybody come on an
Its in the media pitted me of a beef starter
In a party with heat it’s hard to keep me without one
Fuck slugs I’m walkin gloves with a shotgun
Constantly popin slugs they hot son, better not run
The bosses of all bosses a haluocaust to whoever ain’t concious
In a house full of dog shit,
I’ma gothic death project, you stop breathin
You die quicker than mach speed without bleedin
It ain’t about what you readin
When you meet me better speak like a season’s greetins
Either that or we’ll be beefin free when
You niggaz need a ‘E’ just to speak shit!
Your leader is a botique bitch
Keep the heater where you can reach quick
I snipe you with it and we won’t even keep it a secret
Nigga I did it from a mind of a mental patient
When glocks wave you can save that conversation for satan
You brave?
[Chorus: Eminem]
Come on an everybody come on an
Kick your shoes off motherfuckers come on an
Cause we get it on an till the break of dawn an
Wake your ass up motherfuckers quit yawnin
Cause we ain’t leavin till 6 in the mornin
So have sing along with the words to the song an
If you don’t know the words an you can’t sing along an
Fake like you know ’em motherfuckin join in
Everybody come on an
Yo yo I heard you niggas don’t like us
But so what this beef is like
‘What the fuck did he say in his rap Em?’
I can see that he’s just a punk
I mean these niggaz squeeze on me
Please I’m seeing guts
I don’t need no enemies, as my family a couple trucks
Am I empty seein them white I emtpy out them white to fight you
In front of every reporter that I don’t like
No need for metaphores I get yours across when I write
So emotions enough to say “fuck you bitch, and I don’t like you, WHAT!”
I might as well give this up like heavy sales
And just fuck an leave D12 and this blunt
We can’t self destruct
I’ve never felt it this much
Come on fellas, get up
We got to fight like Bugs last night of his life
[Kon Artis]
I walk with a limp, pistol hangin off-a the hip
I’m awkward and quick enough an sick when sparkin a fith
Your carcus is split even the beef is partially thick
We can’t take you serious, you a comedy skit
You probaly wish that you could be out shootin them G’s
But the only thing you shoot is the breeze
I can’t believe you speaking on movin key’s
But every time we hear you kick it
The only thing you sellin is wolf tickets
I look wicked cause niggas will test your nut sack
So when they bust you better bust back
And get your guts clapped outa your stomach
And when they want it (yeah)
I bring a hundred niggas from runave
So get your gun and if you comin
[Chorus: Eminem]
Come on an everybody come on an
Kick your shoes off motherfuckers come on an
Cause we get it on an till the break of dawn an
Wake your ass up mother fuckers quit yawnin
Cause we ain’t leavin till 6 in the mornin
So have sing along with the words to the song an
If you don’t know the words an you can’t sing along an
Fake like you know ’em motherfuckin join in
Everybody come on an

D12 World album review

Guess who’s back ? D12 is back with a brand new album. An album that differs from ‘ Devil’s Night ‘ and that may surprise some D12 fans.
Of course, it is still offensive, thug styled with the well known Detroit underground flavor, but there is less ‘ beef ‘ inside than in the former album.
The most amazing tracks of the album are certainly ‘ Git Up ‘, ‘ 40 Oz ‘, ‘ 6 In The Morning ‘, ‘ American Psycho II ‘ and ‘ Good Die Young ‘.
The album may surprise you, but it won’t disappoint you . ‘ D12 World ‘ is supposed to be the second part of ‘ Devil’s Night ‘.
‘ In D12 World anything can happen at any time, ‘ Kuniva says. ‘ Devil’s Night was just an introduction, now it’s time for us to really go crazy. ‘
‘ My Band ‘, which is the most different track of the album and it has lead to a lot of misunderstanding since the release of the video. How many times have I heard that ‘ D12 has gone pop now ‘ ? How many times have I read on different websites that Eminem’s only wish was to dominate his crew and to appear as the only leader ?
If you actually think like that, you are very far from the truth.
In fact, what Eminem wants to point out the fact that he offen appears in the light of the media that give him total attention to the expense of the 5 other talented MCs of the D12 group. Many people still confuse D12 with a band like the Backstreet Boys.
In fact, the D12 offer an intelligent parody of the boy groups. Within the D12 group, there is no leadership. D12 is a story of friendship and loyalty :
‘ Although Eminem is the most prominent member of the crew, on this album the rest of D12 steps up and displays their skills. On D12 World , you can clearly hear we’re all dope MCs. ‘ (Bizarre)
6 emcees of D12 love and respect each other. Each of them has a unique talent to show to his public and each talent is exposed in the album.
You will be impressed by each of them, because they put a lot of work and energy into the album.
Listeners will enjoy Bizarre’s wicked and ill style, for sure.
If you have appreciated ‘ American Psycho Part I ‘, you will certainly enjoy ‘ American Psycho Part II ‘, featuring B. Real from Cypress Hill, who increases the wicked and scary atmosphere of the song .
Although my preference goes to ‘ Devil’s Night ‘, ‘ D12 World ‘ is really worth listening to.

D12’s New Album Out Tuesday

D12’s New Album Out Tuesday
(LAUNCH, 04/26/2004 3:00 PM)
By LAUNCH Radio Networks
D12 will release their sophomore set, D12 World, Tuesday (April 27). The set features guest appearances from Obie Trice and B-Real and the production of Eminem, Kon Artis, Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Red Spyda, Sicknotes, and Trackboyz.
The group’s 2001 debut Devil’s Night was certified platinum for sales of a million copies. When LAUNCH spoke to group member Proof, he predicted that the group will sell twice as many records this time. He said: “I think we gonna double what we did last time. Not that I want to speak on it or jinx it or nothing like that but we gonna do real well. We didn’t plan on making this album to try to beat the last album. We just went and did what we normally do with the formulas that we got.”
Proof also explained that the new album is very diverse and it covers topics that the group didn’t address on their debut. He said: “It’s a very diverse album and it covers what we did last time and with the growth of it, it’s gonna cover a lot more ground that we didn’t get to cover last time.”
The lead single from D12 World, “My Band,” is currently Number Eight on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

Nathan Mathers has already some psycho fans

A few months ago, I decided to write an article about Eminem’s
brother Nathan. Knowing how much supportive Nathan is towards his
brother and that he is also an aspiring rapper, I wanted to gather
enough info about him for people to know more about him. My
intentions were also to honor him as a supportive family member of
Eminem. I also admire the fact that he wants to rap too. Which means
that he will have to work very hard.
To the person who posted ‘ if ther is one thing i hate is people
kissing ass – Id hate to be living in someones shadow like Nate is,
and being a sponge of my own brother would put me too shame”,
before you post.
Nate is not “living in Marshall’s shadow”. He hasn’t started his
career yet. He hasn’t found any record deal for the moment. He isn’t
in the show business and didn’t have the opportunity to show his
At the time I wrote this article, I never thought I would attract
some real crazy Nathan fans on the Eminem part of Gavinsblog.com.
One of them even dared insulting me and
I had to delete her comment because it was really disrespectful and
Here are some example of some ‘ psycho Nathan Mathers fans ‘ :
” yo ashleymr88 wat u sayin? dat ma nates so cute well e iz aint e?
n iz all mine!!! n by da way nate aint lookin in to christianity ez
happy da way e iz n i love im jus da way e iz.”
“Nate you are so hot!! Then there is Eminem whitch is just as hot!!
if you have any pictures of em or nate dogg send them to…”
“yo, nathan i love! i wanna meet you one day. i like you not your
brother. well, i do like some of his music. if you get this e-mail
me. PLEASE, pretty please!love u much!!!!!”
“hell yeah your right they r the most fuckin’ sexiest guyz on earth!
i want nathan so bad… and i also heard nathan is gonna be rapper
soon so dont worry u will hear some of his songs!

Today, I would like to speak my mind about your comments, little 11
years old girls.
A freelance music journalist is fed up with your shit.
I would really like those freaky comments to stop.
You have the right to love Nathan or Marshall, nobody will forbid
you that. But, please, keep you sexual fantasies at home!You are
Please respect Nathan and Marshall.
Also stop being such fakes, telling everybody you’re in touch with
Nathan. Which I sincerely doubt.
If you really are, good for you.
To all the little girls with no life (I am not talking about people
who have left some insightful comments on the website), please
respect Nathan. Do you think he would like to read such freaky
comments? And above all respect yourselves.
Let me tell you this: Nathan is engaged in a long term relationship
with a girl called Athena. Both love each other. I’m asking you to
respect this. Do you get my point?
I am a huge Eminem fan and I know how much people like to invade
Marshall’s privacy. I am also conscious about how much he suffers
from such situations. A loyal Eminem fan ought to respect Marshall
and his family, including the ones fans often dislike like Debbie or
Please respect the Mathers. They are normal persons who want people
to respect their privacy. I’ll never insist enough on that point.

Poetry I would like to share with you

In my opinion, my friend Timothy Wright from Warren, who is also a huge Eminem fan, is gifted for poetry. I like the texts he has written and I would like to share them with you.
From Within:
A Person can only take so much before they go insane,right? I can feel myself falling over the edge into total craziness. My whole life I have been angry and I can feel my anger getting ready to end in one huge violent explosion. It’s frightening and very liberating at the same time. In a way I cant wait for all the secrets to become front page news so I can unburden myself but I also have the sense to realize that as free as I may feel at the time Ill never survive the consequences. My heart beats faster everytime I think of my options. One, go on in secrecy until I go insane, Two,end my life and never have time to contemplate the consequences,Three,go away from all of this and try to begin again in total honesty,or Four,explode now and cause myself more pain and sorrow than my heart can bear,Obviously number three is the most appealing but Im a coward that can’t even think about the pain it would cause I have to do something But What? My Heart can’t take anymore and the isolation I feel is maddening. I’ve lost grip of myself. My own name means nothing to me. I don’t know or even remember myself. Everything is so distantand way too close. My body has seperated from my soul. I can somehow hear me crying out inside of myself. I ran away from myself slowly inside and now that I’ve turned around to look back the me that used to be is gone. Somehow I need to reinvent him. I can’t find that place where hope used to flood from. As I read back over these words panic quickens my pulse and I feel a sense of everything closing in on me, My soul can’t breathe. My sense of Reality is falling apart. I always feel like asking someone how the hell I got here. Sometimes I wonder if other people feel this way but I know they don’t because everyone views their life differently and I guess it would’nt matter if they did because there’s no togetherness in isolation. Why didnt I notice the strands in my happiness rope coming undone? It seemed to happen so slowly that I didnt see it and now that I look back It seems to have happened all at once. The old saying of there’s nowhere left to go but up seems to come to mind but I have no rope,stairs,or ladder to go up. Im stuck at the bottom crying for help so quietly that nobody can hear me. I’ve asked for help from whatever unseen,all knowing power that I believe exists but I am so hidden within myself that either I can’t be heard or the zombie that I am now has overshadowed my true self. My heart is so open but the only thing I have inside me to feed it is poison. Im dying. Nobody see’s,knows,or cares but Im dying. If I can’t find a way to find myself again the hurt taker that is mostly me will take too much and swallow my small self whole. Death will come to the person I’ve become or the small part that is me Soon.
Alone in the dark:
Alone in the dark, He doesnt know where to begin to try to contain the terrible tragedy within
The walls stare hard, only showing more pain
His soul cold & black will forever be stained A vast array of feelings he can’t reveal and in his mind the truth will always be sealed
Another day passes,the same as the last The eternal quest to forget all his past His body so frail,and his mind is caving in hoping and praying that this is the end.
At times he has thought that he was so close finally escaping the world he fears most that time never comes,his tears all in vain.
Alone in the dark,he bears all the blame Time passes by Year after Year Increasing his hate,never fading his fear his will has been broken,His mind torn and tattered Scraping to remember when anything mattered Convicted for hate,and death for his violence No choice was left he had to be silenced
Strapped to his chair,only moments to go the clocks face mocking,it’s hands move too slow The preacher had spoken “absolve all your sin release all your hate and give your heart to HIM”
“With his undying love, I’ve had my fill”
“Your God may forgive me,but I never will”
Can you feel the pain inside?
Can you hear the screams and cries?
Can you see my heart,so dark and so cold?
Can you show me the way to save my soul?
Untitled poem:
Waiting for life to pass me by,
Watching as loved ones suffer and Die
Screaming aloud with no one to hear
Alone and unwanted hiding the tears
my heart & Soul ripped from my chest
Her memory still haunting,the days move so fast
300 years since Ive been in her eyes
Orphaned By God he refuses my cries
The World ever changing but I stay the same
Forsaken by love hindered by shame
Once I knew Joy, But now only Pain
My Undying love,now all in vain
Selling my soul so she could be free
Denied at the gate,she’s martyred for me
Our marriage our bond in life and in death
While watching her die I felt my last breath
Awoken in horror the deal had been made
We both died together yet I had been saved
No breath in my lungs my skin cold and pale
My eyes are transparent my heartbeat so stale
My wish had been granted,but not how I thought
Damnation just starting my soul had been bought
Repentant and crying no cure for my plight
Another Demon has spawned a child of night
Stalking my victims, on their souls I shall feed
Remorseless and vengeful,never filling my need.
Yearning for Death to return to my love
Unappeasable hatred,from centuries past
Rage and Disgust,How can this last?
Eons have gone,with years wondering why?
With all pain and sorrow,even death has to die.
So now I lay waiting,in my tomb of despair
No will to go on,no soul left to care.
I hope she cant see me,for that I can’t bare
To see all my hatred and the evil I share
To lose her affection for the choice that I made
I’d rather live in my coffin than ever be saved
Without her Im lost and can never be free
She could never expect what I turned out to be
I miss the all warmth and I miss the Blue skies
I cant take all the sorrow Ill end it outside
As Dawn draws closer and dark turns to light
I remember her love and make evrything right

Street Freestyler (freestyle, by me)

Nobody’s iller than this street killa
With his acapella, listen fella
The words he spits ain’t no shit
And if ya ain’t strong enough to battle you’d better quit
He spits fire and his words take you higher and higher,
Don’t hate, you’d better admire
His verses are called ‘ inspire ‘, if you disagree just retire
The words he will throw
Are not just for the show
Bro, you know, he’s authentic from head to toe,
He can make you scream the crow
So man you’d better put it slow
He’s a freestyler since a long time ago
Standing still, grabbing a word to kill
He’ll put you on the highest hill.
You wish you wasn’t a weak attacker
You’re tired, damn, you have tried, cried,
You’d better have died,you have been put on your knee by your enemy,
You’ve found a word hacker, a tracker
You’re left with a horrible wound
You ain’t worth no pound
Street Killa put you on the ground,
Out of your rotten mouth no sound
You’d better close the door
Or his gun will get you lying on the floor
You beg for mercy in vain, no return, no train,
He’ll get rid of you, now you’re feeling blue
Smashing your brain in the pouring rain
Ill Rhymer, street freestyler

In memory of D12’s deceased member Bugz

Karnail Pitts aka Robert Beck aka Bugz was born in 1978 around May.
He was loved and appreciated by all the D12 members for his rapping skills.
His life ended tragically on May the 21st in 1999: he was only 21 when he died.
The circumstances of his death will make us realize the fragility of human life. Bugz died for nearly nothing:

The day of the show, Bugz, a friend, and his friend’s cousin werespending the afternoon at Detroit’s Belle Isle Park. An altercation arose when a man sprayed Bugz’ friend’s cousin with a high-powered water gun and she took offense. A heated argument ensued which escalated into a fistfight, and Bugz intervened on his friend’s behalf. At this point, a friend of the man with the water gun went into a Ford Expedition, drew a rifle, and fired at Bugz, who was looking away at the time. He was hit three times at close range, once in the neck, and once in the chest. The men then ran Bugz over in the Expedition. An ambulance was called, but due to traffic on the bridge to Belle Isle, it took them thirty minutes to get onto the island. Bugz was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he could not be saved. He had just turned 21.
Bugz untimely passing has only strengthened the resolve of Dirty Dozen members. “It just makes you look at life more serious,” Proof says. “”At this point, we’re trying to gather everything he recorded [to] make an LP.” The Dirty Dozen, who’d been working on releasing their debut EP, are now looking to release Bugz’ material in tribute.
On Thursday, June 24, the Federation Records family is holding a Bugz benefit at The Wired Frog in Eastpointe, Mich. featuring fellow Dirty Dozen member Bizarre, as well as Paradime, The Brigade, SUN, and Da Ruckus. The cost is seven dollars, with all proceeds going to the Pitts family. Bugz will also be featured on The Brigade’s upcoming 4-song 12″ due out on Federation Records next month. ‘ Werner’ (Source: Rolling Stone Magazine)

The D12 group was founded by Proof in 1995. It is known that the first three members were Proof, Eminem and Kon Artis who were joined later by an MC named Eye Kyu. Then Bizarre joined the goup. The sixth member was Bugz.
When Eminem was discovered by Dr Dre, he started his solo career with the release of the Slim Shady LP. Eminem was also trying to get D12 a record deal. He was supposed to lead the goup and to make few appearences.
Then Swifty Mc Veigh joined the group. He featured Eminem’s song ‘No One’s Iller’.
When Bugz was tragically killed, Eminem placed himself in the group.
Bugz’ wish was to have Swifty Mc Veigh as a member of the group.
Track 19 and 20 ‘Bugz 97’ (Skit) and ‘Good Die Young’ from the new D12 World album are dedicated to Bugz.
Before each show, the D12 crew prays for Bugz.
For his crew and for true D12 lovers, Bugz will live forever.

Facts about Swifty Mc Veigh

Swifty Mc Veigh
‘Don’t playahate, play along’
Ondre Moore aka Swift aka Swify Mc Veigh was born on May the 16th 1976 in Detroit.
He’s a member of the rap group Da RaBeez and, of course, of the D12 group.
Swifty particpated in 2000 to Blaze Battle and he also appeared on the Funk Master Flex and DJ Butter mixtape ‘Kill the DJ’.
Swifty Mc Veigh is often spelt different was, but the right spelling for his nickname is ‘Mc Veigh’, because the Oklahoma bomber Timothy Mc Veigh, inspired the rapper for his nickname.
About the man who inspired his nickname, Swifty says:
“I’m not saying what he did to Oklahoma was all good,but it’s just like, seeing him on TV, he was so nonchalant about it. Quiet, straight-faced, up-front, didn’t have nothin’ to hide. While pop-psych observations should be taken with a grain of salt, there’s more than a little resonance here with another close-cropped white guy who stared down a nation of critics and accusers and said, simply, “What.”
Who was actually Timothy Mc Veigh? You will learn more about him here:
The huge difference between Swifty Mc Veigh and Timothy Mc Veigh is that Swifty drops his bombs on the mic.If you consider the lyrics of ‘Shit On You’, for instance, you will notice Swifty’s interest for terrorism, which is, of course, not to take at first degree:
‘I remain fatter than gluttony
Tapin’ bombs on the back of record companies (uh huh)
blow ’em up if they ain’t wantin’ me
The national guard- they scared of huntin’ me
I love beef- I got your hoe duckin’ me
A drug thief- Bitch I’ll take your marijuana
These slugs will keep your ass away from my corner
I drown niggaz in hundred degree saunas
You can act if fool if you wanna- BIATCH
It’s this lyrical piranha- strapped with a grenade in a pool with yo’ mama
attack her by the legs and pull her to the bottom
Twit lettin’ up like a condom
Slappin’ if you fuckas got a problem
When I see ’em- you hoes endin’ up in a fuckin’ mausoleum
or hidden in a trunk of a black and gold BM
Pull in a garage while you screamin’
keep the motor on and I’m leavin’

Deceased D12 member Bugz wanted Swifty to be part of the D12 group. You will certainly enjoy Swifty’s rhyming skills in songs like ‘Instigator’ from the Devil’s Night album which gives us a good example of Swifty’s scary psycho style:
‘I don’t give a fuck if we beefing or not
I squeeze first
I’ma heat up your spot
I’m a nigga that breathe dirt
On these streets everyday
Snatching nigga’s lle’
How you bitches needing work?
You can get it from McVeigh
I’m despiteful
I tie a hoe
A maniacal vile animal
Liable to leave you strapped with your Bible
I’m psycho
My bullets won’t fly by you
You wanna kill me?
You got the right to
Ain’t gotta wait till night to snipe you
If I don’t like you
You getting hit in broad day light with a white rifle
In front of your window I’m looking right through
I love when I see a nigga get stuck…’

Keep talking, Miss Alvarez. Nobody cares.

A bored manicurist certainly wants her 15 minutes of attention in the press:
Nobody would really care about Kesia Alvarez if Eminem’s name wasn’t mentionned beside hers in an article from the ‘Mirror’. Her strategy isn’t new nor original, though: Todd Nelson, JR Watkins and Byron Williams have done it long before her.
All of them didn’t mind displaying a huge amount of details about Eminem’s sexual life. Kim’s privacy has, of course, been totally exposed too.
Kesia may have dated Eminem, she might know some intimate details about the talented rapper, but I find her exposure of some details despicable and most of them are probably a bunch of lies too.
Sexual life has to do with privacy and I couldn’t display what happened between me and my former lovers publicly. No matter if they’re famous of not. It is a very intimate sphere and I would be ashamed of myself if I acted like Kesia. Because Eminem is a public person, some people think they are allowed to give any detail about him. I’m sorry, but you have no right to do that: Eminem has the right to have a private life too. There is a part of him that doesn’t belong to his public and true friends would never reveal it.
I frankly doubt some of Kesia’s statements, not because I’m defending Eminem , but simply because they don’t seem to match with reality:
” He didn’t know how to excite a woman.’
Kesia wasn’t the first woman Eminem had dated in 1999. He has grown up with Kim and started dating Kim since he was around 16. He has had a long term relationship with Kim. It is also a known fact that he has dated some other women long before Kesia.
It is just so obvious that Kesia wants some attention. She also claims that she has been in love with Marshall. If her (past) love for him was sincere, she wouldn’t dare talking about ‘his manhood’ and particularly in demeaning terms. The lyrics of ‘Hey Lady’ talk about such behavior:
‘What we do under the covers should stay between the covers
And the two of us and we ain’t gotta be news coverage
On the front page cover of “Buzz’s New Lovers”
And this is when the bitch get to showin’ the true colors
Cuz the truth of it, everything that I do’s public
And you’d love it if you could run and tell all your friends
Guess who you just screwed, assume just me and you’ve done it
And say that you was rubbered and show ’em the proof of it…’

She claims to have loved him, but now she shows her true colors. No wonder Marshall hardly trusts anybody.
Kesia largely overrates her importance in Eminem’s eyes. It is laughable:
“Marshall is a wonderful father and adores Hailie. He told me that she was the only reason he was marrying Kim rather than me.”
Those words are demented by Marshall’s own words about Kim:
”Me and Kim, we been through our dramas and shit, but I’ve been bald-faced lying if I said I don’t love her or I’m with her because of my daughter. I’m with her, ’cause I really wanna be with her. I love that girl, man. I really do.”
If Marshall took the decision to marry Kim in 1999, it was because of the love he felt for her, not because of his daughter. True friends like Proof have confirmed it.
Kesia also suggests Eminem may be gay. Her arguments are just laughable:
“He’s very homophobic but I think he protests too much.
I NOTICED on tour that he was often surrounded by young men who seemed gay to me – particularly when we were in Europe – and he would mysteriously disappear sometimes.”

Besides her rumours about Eminem’s sex life, Kesia’s other ‘revelations’ are no mystery for Eminem’s true fan base. We all know that Eminem used to take drugs, particularly at the beginning at his career. We also know that Eminem doesn’t correspond to Slim Shady’s persona in real life. Other women who have dated him, such as Brittany Murphy have stated that they were treated respectfully by him. Fortunately, those women have more respect for intimacy.
Keep talking, Miss Alvarez, keep spreading your rumours. Nobody cares, except for scandal newspapers. You didn’t manage to make Eminem look bad, because your story looks fabricated for a large part. The only person you managed to make look really bad is you. Try to think about it.

Bizarre, an amazing MC

Rufus Johnson aka Bizarre aka Peter S. Bizarre was born on July the 5 th 1976.
There is a story behind Bizarre’s nickname. He was called ‘Bizarre Kid’ by a teacher because he used to talk to himself and to rap in the class:
‘I was like 10 or so, in the 5th grade…I used to talk to myself and say raps to myself in the classroom and one day my teacher said I was a Bizarre Kid. I was just stuck.’
Bizarre’s character is as ill as his rhymes:
‘I’m the type of guy that talks to bums, I don’t avoid to greet them. I ask them for money, before they can can ask me.’
In 1998, Bizarre released his ‘Attack Of The Weirdos’. To Bizarre, ‘weird’ means out of norm, original:
I don’t mean in the literal sense, I’m tired of the same ol’ bullshit:jiggy this, player that…’weird in the sense that is out of norm, and people are afraid of stuff that’s different.’
KRS-One has been a huge source of inspiration for Bizarre who ‘loved how arrogant he was.’
About his own musical style, Bizarre says:
‘My style is unorthodox and ill- been that way till day one. I always wanted to be different. When I was young, I was battling niggas twice my age.’
Bizarre has collaborated with many artists such as Outsidaz young Zee, Pace Won, Rah Digga. He’s also done concerts with Redman, Alkaholiks and Method Man.
Bizarres rhymes distinguish him among his fellows in the D12 group: they are sick and funny at the same time. His talent and his originality could hardly be denied.
His collaboration with Eminem has brought him into fame. Before they were famous, Proof, Kon Artis Kuniva and Eminem used to hang out and to participate to the rap competion at the Hip Hop shop at 7 Mile Road. Before being famous, the five emcees already had some recognition on the local scene.
Bizarre describes his complementary collaboration with Eminem that way:
‘I would pick a lot of sick shit to my partner, Eminem, and we’d build off each other.’
Bizarre and Eminem combined: a beautiful example is shown through the ‘Amityville song’:
[Chorus: (Eminem)]
Mentally illll from Amityvilllle (ILLLL)
Accidentally killll your family stillll
Thinkin he won’t? God-damnit he willll (HE’SSSS)
Mentally illll from Amityvilllle
{HE’SSSS} – [on repeats only]
I get lifted and spin til I’m half-twisted
Feet planted and stand with a grin full of chapped lipstick [SMACK]
Pen full of ink, think sinful and rap sick shit
Shrink pencil me in for my last visit
Drink gin til my chin’s full of splashed whiskers [whoosh]
Hash whiskey and ash til I slap bitches [smack]
Ask Bizzy, he’s been here the past six years
Mash with me you’ll get in imagine this
[Chorus 2X]
I fucked my cousin in his asshole, slit my mother’s throat
{AHHHHHHHH!} Guess who Slim Shady just signed to Interscope?
My little sister’s birthday, she’ll remember me
For a gift I had ten of my boys take her virginity
{Mmm mm mmm!} And bitches know me as a horny ass freak
Their mother wasn’t raped, I ate her pussy while she was ‘sleep
Pissy-drunk, throwin up in the urinal (YOU FUCKIN HOMO!)
That’s what I said at my dad’s funeral

As the song goes on, the lyrics are getting sicker and sicker. The scary atmosphere that is introduced by Slim Shady (the character) a well known psychopath killer and sexual maniac is darkened by Bizarre’s huge amount of disgusting details about rape and crime. Both MC’s talent combined makes us enjoy the scary tale of ‘Amityville’.
It is less known that Bizarre collects shower caps and tire irons. He also has a passion for pets and loves to kiss them.
Rufus Johnson is a real nice person. I will never forget my short encounter with him at Paris Bercy.