Foursaken Slay Mafia album review

Rating: four stars
Let me introduce you to four cool Detroit rappers: IcekreaM aka Linkz , Mylez Mariucci, Special K, Prophecy. Who are they? They are the members of one of the coolest Detroit groups: Slay Mafia.
After years of hard work, Slay Mafia have released their « Foursaken » album. Their discography is quite impressing:
IcekreaM – Definition of War (1997)
Slay Mafia – Platinum Chrome Figgahz (1999)
IcekreaM – The ICE vol.1 (1999)
Ghetto Child – The Phenonem (1999)
Phillie Raps – The Journey (1999)
Slay Mafia – SM2 (2000)
Slay Mafia – SM3 (2001)
IcekreaM & Special K – Operation D (2001)
Slay Mafia – SM4 (2002)
Slay Mafia – The Perfect Description (2003)
Prophecy – Tip of My Tongue (2003)
Prophecy – Shape Shiftin (2003)
Slay Mafia – Reconstruction (2003)
Mylez Mariucci – Underdevelopment (2004)
IcekreaM – Underpressure (2004)
Prophecy – Lucid Dreams (2004)
Slay Mafia – Foursaken (2005)
Linkz – The Birth of Linkz (2005)
Prophecy – The Jazz Theory (2005)
Influenced by Eminem, D12, Royce da 5.9 and other rappers like Jay-Z and 50 Cent, Slay Mafia come up with an original style of their own. Armed with incisive words, catchy beats and a rapid flow, Slay Mafia introduce you into their world with their first track Sick And Demented. Definitely offensive, determined to punch you with their lyrical bullets, Slay Mafia is taking over with some ill lyrics and sounds. The streets of Detroit are present in The Beginning, a track that will make you understand what underground rappers are going through in their daily lives. Keyboards, chord instrument, violins and a mad flow will make you feel the harsh and nostalgic atmosphere of the song.
Run Out will teach you not to fuck with Slay Mafia. DatWatzUp brings a lighter note to the album. The track is more about chilling with some hoes and drinking a couple beers. Rhythmic and well written, track Nr 4 is one of my favorite songs of the album. Wanna chill out, smoke some weed and drink a couple of beers? Track Nr 4 will be perfect for a total chill-out atmosphere. WelcomeToDaLakes reps Detroit. You gotta love the song!
The themes of the album are various: from typical hood themes to political engagement against Bush that is expressed in The Draft. Being myself engaged as a writer, I fully support Slay Mafia’s political engagement against a man (Bush) who acts the wrong way. Globally, Foursaken is a well written and well handled album from the beginning to the end. I highly recommend my readers to download Slay Mafia’s album on their official website.

More pics of Lil Maxso (the youngest rapper in the world) with Eminem

I bet you have already seen this pic of Lil Maxso, the youngest rapper in the world if you have been to my personal website:

Here are two other pics I received today from Maxso’s dad himself via email:

You gotta discover this little talented young man! A new website is in the making…check out the older one in the meantime.

Never trust any files sharing feature!

I had downloaded Soulseek (a free musical files sharing feature, the equivalent of Morpheus or Emule) a few days ago-for professional reasons. It is always useful to download albums that are not in your library when you’re a music journalist. I was really happy to find some rare musical files and everything seemed to be so perfect.
I want to warn all of my readers, because several days after downloading my so much desired files, my computer started messing in a very strange way. My programs started interrupting in a strange way, showing up an “abnormal interruption” message. Sometimes, my computer refused to read some of my files.
All of a sudden, I noticed that somedody had logged into my yahoo account before me.
My antivirus Norton refused to work too.
I accepted to share one folder on soulseek…and you know what happened? I have been hacked and have caught a bad virus in the “My Documents” folder.
Today i had no other choice but reformating my computer. I have lost my whole data. So think twice before you choose to download a feature like Soulseek or Kaaza or anything similar. I had to learn it the hard way!

Cypress Hill Skulls And Bones review

Rating: Four stars and a half
Cypress Hill’s album was released in 2000. It is Cypress’ fifth album.
Skulls and Bones is a combination of rap and metal. Despite the fact I am not a big fan of metal, I fully enjoyed Cypress Hill’s well made album that is intelligently handled from the beginning to the end.
Another Victory starts in a very rapid rhythm. Lyrically powerful, enhanced with catchy beats and keyboard sounds. You cannot fuck with the Soul Assassins.
I particularly enjoyed the well written lyrics to track Nr2. Enjoy B Real’s lyrical offensiveness:
«… I slay rappers with precision
I got vision like Anakin
You panicin’ I’m leavin you stiffer than a mannequin
My high lyrics constantly brain damagin’
Brandishin’ a fire arm, still managin’
Hurt niggas, bandagin’ who give my lyrics
That play like a mandalin
I hold my mic like my dick, but you handlin’
I kill flows on tracks who abandonin’
I eat you like pussy, then take a sample,
Then spit fire in the places you standin’ in
I take a fool to the Hill
Light a candle then you in the dark stuck part in the scandalin’
Now I see your whole brain’s scramblin’
Don’t like what you hear, change the channel then nigga… »

Rap Superstar featuring Eminem and What U Want From Me raise problems that are so typical to superstardom. Average people often envy superstars, because they only see the fame, wealth and big advantages of being a VIP. But have you ever tried to see stardom from the perspective of a megastar? Have you tried to feel the pressure put on his shoulder? Have you ever thought that an artist has to play it cool and to smile in front of his public even when he is in the mood of crying?
Have you ever thought that an artist has barely true friends and that he constantly questions the reasons why people are approaching him? Face it: it is very lonely at the top!
Chrome Valley is a track obviously mixed up with metal. Heavy electric guitar and drum sounds will make you feel the dark atmosphere of the track.
Cerfified Bomb is another example of B-Real and Sen Dog’s lyrical ability.
B- Real’s style is incisive:
« Call me the serial rhyme killer
Mic-cord strangling, mangling, tangling, you in the web nigga
Your head is dangling off of your shoulders
Cause my mic told me to do it cause you wasn’t a true soldier
Fake bustas get hit with the clusterbomb
You’re a hotdog with no mustard, you’re flusterd, I’m calm
Spit heat like a fucking dragon, bagging you up
Tagging you toe, zipping you up
Clipping you up, mic-cord tripping you up
You’re in the dark with no light
and wishing a nigga had lit you up
So much for wishful thinking, you’re body’s stinking
You’re sinking into the hole and I’m at the top winking at ya… »

Sen Dog’s response is offensive and well written too:
« Call me superior showstopper, your hiphop legacy
Claim us to remember we break you off proper
Oh you got a short memory? You wanna render me?
Harmless and surrender me for the fucking enemy?
I won’t let ya I bet ya I reign supreme
Make your fans forget ya search ya in front of your team
Make a nigga smoke a ounce and bounce over the rhythem
And hit em and get another suck and hit em with venom
Nigga my name is Sen and I’m real while you’re pretending
Suckers with no style I hope you get offended
So I can lock your ass up with my jawclutches
Then my rhymes will catch you cause they’re sharp like Tony Touch’s… »

Globally, the album is an intelligent mixture of different styles and collaborations. Some tracks like Get A Hit are all about the guilty pleasure of weed smoking.
I’d give it four stars and a half.

About Me

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I have a real passion for rap music and foreign languages.
Black music and black culture have influenced me for a large part.
My long term goals are:
-to meet Marshall Mathers and thank him personaly for he has changed my life positively
– getting my book published- possibly with Eminem’s authorization
– emigrating to an English speaking country
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Thanks to all the people who support me.
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Proof: Eminem will never quit

EMINEM’s D12 bandmate PROOF has slammed reports the singer is ditching his rap career – insisting “he’ll never quit”.
Earlier this month (JUL05), reports claimed the WITHOUT ME rapper – real name MARSHALL MATHERS III – was planning to hang up his microphone following his current Anger Management Tour.
But Proof believes the 33-year-old will never stop recording material, hinting Eminem may even make another solo album in the near future.
Proof says, “I keep on telling people, Em will be 50 or 60 years old, and will be about to be an old man still playing with MCs.
“I don’t think he’ll ever quit. He might even drop another solo album. I can’t see him not rapping – he’s too crazy.”

Moby says he has newfound respect for Eminem because he criticized Bush

July 28, 2005, 6:17 AM
HONG KONG (AP) — Electronic musician Moby says he has a newfound respect for Michigan rap star Eminem — who once mocked him in a song — because the rapper criticized President Bush and the war in Iraq in his last album.
“I found myself respecting him for doing that,” Moby told reporters during a promotional stop in Hong Kong for his latest album “Hotel.”
Moby and Eminem have a long-standing feud. Moby has criticized Eminem’s lyrics as misogynistic. Eminem lashed out at Moby and electronic music in “Without Me” and spoofed him in the song’s video. He called Moby a girl at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards.
“Honestly, if he retired, I think the world of music would be a poorer place. He’s a really fascinating public figure,” Moby said.
Moby said he still has qualms about some of Eminem’s lyrics but praised him as talented, saying, “I’d much rather have public figure musicians like Eminem because at least he’s exciting.”
Moby said he welcomed Eminem’s public criticism of him, calling it free publicity.
“To have the most successful musician in the world dress up like you in a video and sing about you in a song — it was honestly some of the best publicity I’ve ever had,” he said.
Eminem bashed Bush and Iraq policy in his song “Mosh,” which said, “Let the president answer on higher anarchy/Strap him with an AK-47, let him go fight his own war.”

Royce da 5.9 Independent’s Day album review

Rating: four stars
The introduction to Royce’s new album sounds like an explosion: it is a mixture of fireworks with gunshots.
Royce comes up with a mad flow. 5.9 is back, determined to show you his high level of skills. Often underrated, Royce is one of the Detroit emcees who represents the D best. In his former Rock City video featuring Eminem, Royce claimed: « If you hate me, you hate the D », which is true when you consider that Royce 5.9 is one of the hottest Detroit underground emcees.
Politics featuring Cee- Lo Green is a well written track from one of the best Detroit lyricists.
Why You Looking At My Dog featuring Yo Gotti is a hot rhythmic track with a typical gangsta flavor made in the 313.
Right Back is another hot « killa » track in collaboration with Juan of the Streetlordz.
Instrumentally and lyrically explosive, rich of many Detroit artists’ contributions like Big Herc, Juan, RIP Blade Icewood, this album has a hot and spicy taste.
Meeting Of The Bosses is another soldier story taken out of the streets of Detroit. Drums, rapid beats, keyboard sounds add to the heavy atmosphere.
If you like Dirty Glove Entertainment, you will probably fully enjoy Royce’s collaboration with Juan and K- Doe’s that will make you feel the typical Streetlordz sound and atmosphere. Enjoy 7 Mile gangstas’ raw and offensive track.
However, two tracks are disappointing as far as I am concerned: Wet My Whistle and Fuck My Brains.
Globally, Royce’s brand new album is great work and definitely worth your attention. Check him out, you won’t be disappointed.

Attack Of The Weirdos EP review

Rating : four stars
I’ve heard so many people express their hatred of D12’s Bizarre, telling me that he was just some useless fat guy with no talent. Maybe if you spent less time criticizing him and more time in having a deeper look at Bizarre’s work, you’d probably discover that he is an ill rhymer. Yes, believe me: Rufus Johnson has some talent. You can see it in his well known work in collaboration with Eminem and D12, but also in his more hidden underground work like his collaborations with DJ Pdog, for instance, or his rare EP, The Attack Of The Weirdos, that was released in 1998.
Bizarre manages to be sick, weird and hilarious at the same time.
Rap Guys is probably one of the most amazing track of the album along with Trife Thieves. Bizarre sends nuclear bombs in terms of words, that’s why he asks the Lord to have mercy on any rapper who shows up to diss him.
Compulsive drinker, weed smoker, crazy killer Bizarre will amaze you and amuse you at the same time. Here is an example of the sick and funny mix up in Bizarre’s lyrics:
« Think about it before you diss me on a track
I hang with niggas that just got out and ready to go back
Bizarre making wack crews fold
Me and Bill Clinton wanna bust in hoes that only 14 years old (shes young)
Doin drive by’s in fuckin pink caddies
Tie you up and beat you worse the L L Cool J’s daddy
This is a crime that even Mc Gruff couldn’t solve… »
The instrumentation on track Nr 1 gives the impression of a constant menace. Rapid beats combined with insisting violin sounds in the background.
What What, the Kuniva/ Kon Artis collaboration is an underground classic that a true D12 fan shouldn’t miss in any case.
Trife Thieves is another example of Eminem’s great story telling talent. Mc Fuzz, a former D12 member, is present on the track. Don’t miss it. It is well written and definitely worth a look.
Over React is an ill track about beefing that is instrumentally well handled. Feel the intensity of the club fights that are intensified by typical D12 bass and guitar sounds wonderfully combined with rapid beats and mad scratching sounds.
Get the Dick -raw mix W/Outsidaz,Young Zee, Pace Won, Aziz, & Ya, an intelligent collaboration with Young Zee and the Outsidaz, is definitely worth a look.

Mu: The Flood album review

Rating: Four stars and a half
If you ask yourselves about who Mu actually is, then you have to watch Eminem’s Like Toy Soldiers video: he is the man rapping with his headphones on. Mu also has a lot of collaborations with Proof at his active.
Mu’s mixtape is rich of many Detroit collaborations like Elzhi of Slum Village, Kuniva, Marv Won of the Fat Killaz and, of course, Big Proof.
Let me introduce you into Mu’s world: his mixtape is offensive, his words flow rapidly and will hit you hard like bullets. Mu will certainly impress you with his rapid flow, try to follow him, he will always be faster than you.
Ass Whoopin is a menace against people who would be tempted to badmouth Mu.
Don’t joke with him, rather fear the consequences of talking behind Mu’s back.
No Casket, a Kuniva, Aziz, Marv Won and Mu collaboration is a track aimed at the haters. The musical background is a remix of Keep Talking.
No mercy for the haters. You’d better believe the hype is real unless you want to fall six feet deep. « Crenature flash to ashes. You don’t need a suit, no wait, no funeral and no casket » . Mu ain’t joking, so don’t get it started. This is Detroit, don’t fuck with its street soldiers.
I recommend No Gimmicks for its original Indian sounding flavor. The listener will probably fully enjoy Raw’s astute instrumentation, made of light and dark chord sounds combined with catchy beats and good lyrics. A typical 313 flavor that won’t leave you indifferent if you like the D.
Don’t miss Trife Niggas that will enlighten Proof’s skills and raw voice. Trife Nigga is a menace aimed at Murder Inc and co.
Globally, The Flood is excellent work. Instrumentally and lyrically, Mu has worked very hard.
The mixtape is a great panel of interesting collaborations like DJ Green Lantern, Dina Rae, Young Zee of the Outsidaz. Many Detroit artists have contributed to the mixtape who fully represents the 313.
My advice: grab the mixtape, it is really worth listening to.