Eminem’s impact on society

Nowadays, kids and adults are in search of authenticity and Eminem gives them what many artists completely lack: a great artistic integrity.
One main reason why Eminem has a great impact on society is the fact that he points out our contemporary society’s hypocrisy and failures. To conservative people who usually live in a too comfortable world to be real, Eminem will always be a big threat. Of course, the rapper’s words will always hammer against them. When you have everything you want, when life has always been easy for you, it is difficult to understand white trash and underground people’s rage. That’s why I particularly love those few lines from ‘Rock Bottom’:

Ah yeah, yo!
This song is dedicated to all the happy people
All the happy people who have real nice lives
And who have no idea whats it like to be broke as fuck’

I fully understand what Eminem means, because I have been through similar dramatic circumstances in my past.
Eminem points out the existence of white trash people in America while the American government would rather hide them as if they were America’s dirt.
Ghetto people have something to say and many of them have found their voice in Marshall Mathers.
To many of his detractors, Marshall Mathers is a menace to the youth. Let me tell you that you are so wrong. I remember one of my fellow fans telling me : ‘ Marshall has helped me to realize that I could succeed despite what I’m going through at home. ‘ Many teenagers find their solace in Eminem’s music and it helps them to move forward despite many difficulties they may go through at home or at school.
To Eminem’s detractors, I would also like to oppose that Eminem has’t invented society’s violence, hatred nor any other subject he is talking about. Eminem offers a clever parody of our society’s violence, misogyny and homophobia. I’m afraid people from the GLAAD (Gay And Lesbian Allliance against Defamation) never understood Eminem’s subtle way of telling it.
I have also heard people make some parallels between Eminem and Richard Wagner (in order to prove their racial and negative beliefs’). Comparing Eminem with Richard Wagner would be a big mistake. Let me tell you why.
Richard Wagner has lived in the 19 th century in a context where antisemitism was commonly admitted. He has been influenced by French writer Gobineau (whose racism is well known). Wagner’s beliefs corresponded to what he expressed in his art. The antisemistism you will find in ‘ Die Meistersinger von N’rnberg ‘, for instance, can also be found in his written works (Gesammelte Schriften und Dichtungen). Wagner clearly expressed his racial and antisemitic points of view.
Eminem doesn’t believe in his ‘ homophobic ‘ or ‘ misogynistic ‘ words. His words are sarcasm.
His art is satyre. Of course, you will need to have a sense for second degree to understand Eminem. Eminem used to live in a multicultural context on the black side of Detroit and has fully proven to be a non racist person, whatever the Source’s owners may want us to believe in order to increase their sales.
People should take time to go deeper into Marshall’s lyrics. This would allow them to discover a talented artist who intelligently handles words and sentences. Eminem has something to say. Have a deeper look at his words before trying to shut him down. His points are valid.
He is not responsible for our society’s decay, he ironically draws its picture to make you understand what’s wrong. Try to understand when Eminem says : ‘ There is a positive message in my music. It’s ‘ fuck you ‘. Try to get the irony of his statements instead of judging him at first sight.
Eminem has a big impact on a society that is in tremendous need of authenticity. His attitude has taught many people not to accept what they’re going through as a fatality. He has given them some hope and a new attitude and has shown them the path to success. The 8 Mile movie contains a great message of hope and encouragement that has reached many people and will certainly keep on encouraging them.

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  1. Nicely said. Very, very nicely said.
    Especially about the part when you said that some teens find their solace in Em’s music.

  2. i have been listening to eminem my whole life and got me through the hardest times in my life and he is my idol and i almost know almost all his songs by heart and only my friend and my family know that

  3. please check my book: ” Eminem and the Detroit Rap Scene-White Kid in a Black Music World”, it is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble…the links are on here:)

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