Facts about Eminem’s early years in Missouri

As most of you probably already know, Marshall Mathers III was born on October the 17th, 1972, in St Joseph, Missouri.
People who are curious to discover more about the town where Eminem was born will find some reliable info here
What do we know about Marshall’s early years?
In fact, very few things that have been written down by Eminem’s grandmother from the paternal side, Rae W. Drowns, and we also know some other facts thanks to great aunt Edna Swartz.
Debbie Mathers is not the person who witnessed Marshall’s early years. After she split with her husband in 1973 and left North Dakota for Marshall’s great aunt Edna’s home, Missouri, Debbie disappeared from her son’s life for several years and suddenly reappeared around 1977.
The person who pretty much raised little Marshall is his great aunt Edna . Edna Swartz happens to be grandma Rae’s sister.
If Marshall Mathers Jr’s statements are true, Edna’s task wasn’t simple at all: Debbie forbid her to tell anybody where her son was actually staying or she would cut all ties with with her and her sister for ever.
Marshall’s « hidden » childhood
Great aunt Edna describes Marshall as a « happy and curious baby » . The first words pronounced by the full mouthed rapper on April the 17th, 1973 were « dada » and « hungry ».
Marshall started walking when he was only 11 months. Eminem’s footprints are kept in an album that was found by Eminem’s dad in 2002 when grandma Rae died from Alzheimer disease.
The same album gives us an idea of Marshall’s favorite taste as a baby: he used to like cherry and vanilla pudding very much. It also gives us some information about Marshall’s favorite song at this time: he used to like « the Ugly Duckling » as a little kid.
Grandma Rae’s album also reveals: « Marshall likes to sleep any time, day or night, and goes to bed between nine and ten. »
Another document reminds us of Eminem’s early years: it is the card that he had written to grandma Rae for Christmas when he was around 5 years old.
Although Marshall seem to be very attached to Detroit, St Joseph may remind him of happy and peaceful early memories. It is also the place where his friendship with Ronnie started.
Aunt Edna is still alive. She never took any money from Marshall when he became famous. She is the real whitness of Marshall’s « hidden » childhood in Missouri.

King Tank: a Detroit underground artist that is really worth discovering

Lawrence Parker aka King Tank (formerly known as Young Tank) was born on September the 24th 2004 in Detroit. He is one of those Detroit underground rappers who will impress you with his creativity and his rhyming skills.
King Tank is a man of many hats: he is not only a rapper, he is also a producer and an engineer in training. King Tank produces most of his tracks.
Besides that, Lawrence Parker has a great passion for poetry. He has written short stories and novels. He also writes gospel and RnB songs.
« I write Hip Hop, R&B, Gospel, Poetry, & movie formats. I also produce all of my own tracks, 95% of which are without samples. I opened up for a lot of major artists & performed on Showtime at the Apollo, where I tore the roof off. I’m hot, at least that’s what the people tell me… » (King Tank)
Lawrence Parker has opened shows for the greatest artists. Among them: Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, D12, Redman…
The talented artist has been featured on local TV channels and also BET’s Teen Summit.
Besides being an amazing artist, producer and writer, King Tank is also a business man. He has his own clothing line.
You will be able to discover two of King Tank’s tracks on the following website:
My preference goes to « Hot 2 Death » that will certainly amaze you and please your ears. Besides the fact that this song is well written, King Tank has a warm voice and real good beats that won’t leave his audience indifferent.

Eminem’s political engagement

Some of you might not like it, some might even doubt it, but Eminem is politically engaged and has offered a lot of criticism against the Bush administration in The Eminem Show. Eminem has also expressed his disgust of Bush in other albums like Obie Trice’s « Cheers ». In the D12 outro of « Cheers », Marshall says:
« I’m a general, I ain’t Bush, I don’t send my soldiers to war
I’m right there in the middle of the shit with ’em… »

He directly expresses his solidarity with young people sent to war.
In DJ Green Lantern « Invasion » tape Part II, Eminem also says:
” Bush has declared the world a fucking war zone
meanwhile we got a war going on of our own at home”

Encore will definitely be Bush bashing:
The United States and the rest of the world are in need of engaged people like Marshall Mathers, because President Bush is the worst president America has ever had in my eyes.
For those who doubt about Bush’s responsibility in the drama of September the 11th, check out this timeline:
The Bush administration is guilty in this sad drama, it is more than obvious. The Bush administration knew about the attacks, but didn’t do anything:
Eminem is very conscious of his power. His music reaches a numerous audience of very different people across America and all around the world.
Nick Mercadante, the station manager of radio WVOF, is so right about it:
« Music is a way to reach millions with your thoughts and words. To deny someone that ability is wrong, but with that said, artists must recognize that they have a powerful instrument for self-expression and expression of views. »
Eminem’s powerful words punched the Bush administration right in the face. By offering such kind of criticism, Marshall manages to open people’s consciences and they start realizing how much the Bush administration is wrong, particularly in its worthless Iraqi war.
Although I am not an American, I really felt offended to see Bush’s campaign with publicity stunts like « I kissed my son goodbye ». I have seen young American soldiers die on TV in order to satisfy Bush’s hegemony wish on Iraq. Don’t tell me that my views are only one sighted: I also feel sorry for the numerous innocent Iraqi victims.
« Square Dance » and « White America » are meaningful songs where Eminem officially takes position against the Bush policy.
Eminem is not the only rapper to protest against the war. Many others have expressed their disgust of the war. The whole hip hop movance wants to fight Bush anyway. « Hip Hop against infinite war » is a movement of young people involved in hip hop activism who are determined to fight dictator Bush.
Eminem deserves credit for his political engagement. He also got a lot of hip hop soldiers behind him to back him if needed.
Encore will be political- and I am definitely happy about it.

Will Marshall and Hailie be guests to Britney Spears’ wedding?

Guess what? It has been rumored that Eminem and his daughter would be guests to Britney Spears’ wedding. Some of you might argue that pop star Britney’s wedding is over since September the 18th.
We even got evidence that her second « marriage » (that is much more a big publicity stunt than anything else) is fake:
So I was very surprised when I discovered the following article at Brachman.com:
It seems like the « real marriage » (I’m not even convinced that this marriage ceremony will ever take place) will happen around November.
According to Brachman.com, Hailie and her daddy will attend to the marriage.
Slim Shady lovers perfectly know Eminem’s disgust of Britney’s music that he expressed several times in his songs (Remember: « Britney’s garbage? »). He also voiced his opinion about her music publicly:
“I’ve met Britney a couple of times but I’m not going to demolish her in public.
“I’m not a fan of her music though, that’s for sure. I think it’s corny as hell, but whatever. I can’t knock her for doing her thing. She sucks and she can’t sing.â€?

Eminem’s daughter seems to like Britney Spears very much and Marshall even buys Hailie her Cds.
Did Britney Spears actually invite daddy and daughter? Rumors? True facts?
I guess we will have to wait until November to know the answer.

“Lost In Translation” mixtape album review

Russian Rap: « Lost In Translation » mixtape album review
The « Lost In Translation » mixtape is available here:
A new talent will impress you with his rapping skills. His name? Eddie aka Russian Rap. His brand-new « Lost In Translation » mixtape is incredibly good.
The introduction is made of nostalgic Russian sounds. It represents Eddie’s arrival in California. Russian music appeals to people’s feelings and Eddie hasn’t forgotten about his roots.
The listener might be surprised by some titles that might strangely remind him of some former Eminem titles. Track Nr2, for instance, is « The Way I Am »: no it is not just another carbon copy of Eminem’s song! It is Eddie expressing his feelings. He defines his offensive style and hip hop lovers will enjoy it?
The following rhymes, that are taken out of Eddie’s « The Way I Am » will give you an idea of his lyrical skills:
« Crazy mofucka and i’m hurr to stay
watch these bitches grab gats i gotta an AK//
i got stacks of cash and my crew got my back
those who come to attack me dotn ever make it back//
to they beds, i pump your ass wit more led
then a mofuckin pencil, alls i do is spit sick shit//
your shit aint felt by me you aint no G
rappers wont come close if they move next to me//
i’m my own army man, if you jump i aim higher
fuck amends, duck and dance when look to fire//
bullet holes in ur pad and ur ride comin right up
eyes wide make your homies hands come up//
so stick wit me, i’m sick wit skills knock you out
hit you on ur way up, so u can calm da fuck down//
bow down, hand me da crown, i’m throw it
my gats like me at a club, we stay loaded// »

You will also enjoy Russian Rap’s hot rhymes in his track « When Da Music Stops »:
« I dont give a flying fuck…. like sex on the plane
the game took me in ……now guess i can’t complain//
like i cant remain da same always gotta change ways
and stay versatile da flow switched so is da style//
spit hottness i’m winnin….. rappers in denial
cuz i got ways to diss wit more flows then the-Nile//
i pray for the day when someone spits like me
decides to fight me, and they end up suckin deez//
you must be, crazy ye… you gotz to be
i bust heat at any one who wants it wit me//
get-me if you can if you a man enough
your the opposite of smart donkey dumb ass//
watch me blast the fuck out of this mofuckin bitches
wich is always good when i’m almost reaching//
the boiling point, so talk shit i get annoyed
and your mothafuckin block getting da fuck destroyed// »

Words are flooding from his chest, you could hardly stop his flow.
Funny fact and strange coincidence: Eddie seems to have a lot in common with his biggest source of inspiration, Marshall Mathers. His former girlfriend was named Kim too.
The song « Kimberley » is an expression of unhappy love. It is a moving song a lot of people can relate to. No matter if you’re a boy or girl, many of you have probably experienced an unfaithful partner. This experience has been part of my life too.
Russian Rap’s diss tracks are pretty good too. Songs like « Rest In Pieces » are really worth listening to.
In conclusion, « Lost In Translation » is a pretty hot mixtape that is worth checking out. Eddie’s flow is really great.
If you consider that this mixtape is his first release, you can forecast that this young and talented rapper is gonna make it big in the future.

Ready for a little taste of Russian Rap?

    Who is Eddie?

Eddie, who happens to be a friend and a fellow Eminem fan, is also a gifted aspiring rapper. Eddie aka Russian Rap aka Double R was born on April the 2nd in Ufa, Russia. He used to live in Yekeratinburg, Russia, until he moved to California when he was 14.
Eddie started focusing a real interest on rap music when he was around 12. He started writing some lyrics in Russian and recording them. Rap became a real passion for him in 1999/2000. He recorded his first mixtape « Lost In Translation » (which is a real bomb) in 2004. His first album is due to realease in late 2004 or early 2005.
Eddie belongs to several groups: Royal Fam, E.n.A, 213, Detachmentz.
What are this young rapper’s major musical influences?
Eminem, Royce 5.9, Master Ace, Tupac, Jay-Z, Nas, DMX, 50 Cent, Canibus and many more.

    What is Eddie all about?

« I’m all about hip hop, i aint sayin i’m da best ever i aint saying my shit is hottes naw mean? I know my limitations but at the same time i know i’m better then half of the garbage thats out right now, and i’m just doing this cuz its something i wanna do something i like doing… if you respect me i’ma respect you, if someone diss me, they better get ready cuz i’m comin for them! hip hop is about supporting eachother, and helpin others elevate so if u need help wit anything holla.. if u wanna work wit me contact me, we can do a song or u can hook me up wit a beat and i’ll spit to it…. listen to my songs they tell where i’m coming from and where i’m going. All the people who help me along the way i wont forget them, and people who looked down on me i wont forget that neither. »
(Eddie aka Russian Rap)

    His music

I have studied Eddie’s mixtape and I was really amazed by his valuable work. « Lost In Translation » is a hot mixtape. You will be able to read its review in one of my next articles. In the meantime, you will be able to check out Eddie’s mixtape on the following website:
New talents like Eddie aka Russian Rap need to be discovered and promoted, because his style is authentic and much more original than many commercial artists on the market. Although most of his musical backgrounds are obviously « Eminem-influenced », Eddie writes some incisive lyrics and manages to give an original dimension to his music.
How could I define his music? If you ask me, I’d say that it is a mixture of Russian culture, Slim Shady and Westcoast sound.
Be so curious and give Eddie his chance, because this young man is really talented.

More Eminem: Encore, Encore, Encore!

Credit to Radio 88.1 FM for most of the useful info on « Encore » )
For all the impatient people (like me), who can’t wait until the release of Eminem’s new « Encore » album, I thought that it would be more than useful to gather the more detailed info about Marshall Mathers’ upcoming album.
Marshall has decided to declare the war to the net’s piracy and he wants to avoid it by finishing the album just a few days before its release.
According to a responsible from Universal Music, the security on this album will be more severe:
« The security on this album has been taken to another level, so much so that it won’t be completed until the week before it comes out. »
Despite the great security measures that have been taken would you believe me, if I told you that I have seen Eminem’s new album under the title « The Return Of Slim Shady » available in torrent files on the Internet?
The tracks titles have already been leaked on the Internet and here is a list of songs whose titles might be modified in the last minute:
1. Curtains Re-Opened(skit)
2. One Call (Produced By Eminem)
3. He’s Here (Produced By Dr. Dre, Mel-Man)
4. Everywhere feat. Mr. Porter (Produced By Mr. Porter)
5. Live For This feat. Dmx, Nate Dogg (Produced By Red Spyda)
6. Crowd (skit)
7. Aint That Funny feat. Obie Trice, Stat Quo (Produced By Eminem)
8. Hear Me (Produced By Kanye West)
9. Hate At First Site feat. Dina Rae (Produced By Eminem)
10. Source (skit)
11. f*ck’em (Produced By Lil John)
12. Under Attack feat. Dr. Dre, 50 Cent (Produced By Dr. Dre)
13. sh*t Hits The Fan Pt.2 feat. Obie Trice, Young Zee (Produced By Dr. Dre)
14. Coming Soon (skit)
15. Third Finger (Produced By Mel-Man, Eminem)
16. Gonna Be What its Gonna Be feat. Ice Cube (Produced By Dr. Dre)
17. This Time Around feat. Tony Yayo (Produced By Eminem)
18. Mad At Me (Produced By Just Blaze)
19. What’s It All For feat. D12 (Produced By Eminem)
20. Motor City(skit)
21. Hardest Mothaf*cka’s In The World feat. Swifty (Produced By Eminem)
22. State of the Game (Produced By Mel-Man)
23. Show’s Over(skit)
It is rumored that the album will include collaborations with Mr. Porter, Kanye West, Lil John, Red Spyda, Mel-Man and Just Blaze.
Most of the tracks will be produced by great producer Dr Dre himself.
Although a lot of secrets about the album are kepts, fan could discover photo shots from Eminem’s new single « Just Lose It » where the rapper appears totally naked. A provocation for narrow minded people, but a great pleasure for an amused and pleased public!
Eminem doesn’t seem to be bothered to strip naked anyway, according to a cameraman who’s been filming the scenes:
« He wasn’t shy in stripping off, despite all the people on set. He even remained naked during the breaks in filming and messed about with us all. And remember, it was freezing.”
Eminem’s apparition on TRL interpreting an exerpt of « Just Lose It » has also been available on the net- for our greatest pleasure. It promises to be a real bomb. The future song has a little bit of the so much funny « Without Me » song and the listeners have been ready already to enjoy Eminem’s rapid flow.
We may ask what will be Eminem’s image in his new album?
It is hard to answer this question before the album release, but a few details reveal us what kind of image Eminem might expose to us.
It is known by now that the track « Mosh » will be aimed at President Bush. We can be sure that Eminem won’t give up his political engagement against the Bush administration. The album promises to be in the continuity of « The Eminem Show » in that way.
A record-store buyer has listened to some tracks. He reveals us:
« The cuts we heard were very political. Eminem’s distaste for the Bush administration is pretty clear. »
We might also find a little bit of the « Marshall Mathers LP » spirit in « Encore ». Eminem’s new victims in the world of pop music will be Madonna and Michael Jackson. On TRL, Eminem impersonated Madonna and it was quite funny to see.
What else? Be prepared for something crazy, because Eminem is determined to a

Ashley Rea’s poem

One of my friends on the net is an aspiring poet. I would like to share her poem with all of you. Enjoy:)

    The Sly Delude

Why am I in this place?
Air that is filled with empty space
Guilty wishes filled with greed
Jealous sneers if they do not succeed
Material used as sense of status
Tricked are those who cannot have it
So I ask once again
When will this feign begin to end?

A few reasons why Eminem often gets misunderstood and misquoted

His listeners can tell: Eminem gets very personal in each of his albums. Eminem invites you into his privacy. He allows you to have a look at his life and describes it the way it actually is. Persons who are part of his life like Debbie, Kim, Hailie or Nathan become part of our universe in no time.
That’s exactly where the danger lies: because Eminem dares saying something about Debbie, for instance, on a record, some of his listeners think they are allowed to hate her like Marshall does in his songs.
First of all, those kind of listeners seem to forget an important detail: it often happens that Marshall writes a song at the very moment he is pissed off.
Second, even if it is not the case, Eminem never allowed you to insult the family members he doesn’t like. That’s called respect.
Matter of fact: we listeners don’t know them personally. We don’t even know the details of the griefs that oppose Marshall to his family members. It is more than obvious that we should take some distance with the artist’s statements.
One of my readers from Gavinsblog, for instance, seemed very surprised to know that Eminem had sent a card to Debbie for Mother’s Day, and also that Marshall was still in touch with his mom.
It is a well known and undeniable fact that Marshall has some serious problems with his mom. Those issues are fully exposed in his music.
But the listener needs to have a sense of reality: deep inside of his heart, Marshall must love his mom, whatever may have happened between the two of them.
He also knows that she is gravely ill and he is probably secretly trying to work out their problems.
Again, the listener has no right to judge something that is-after all- none of his business.
Some people also will never get why Eminem dissed and « killed » Kim in his songs and why he now claims that he can’t live without her. The answer: that’s what we should call a passion.
Even if Eminem has been angry against Kim, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her.
Matter of fact: he has always forgiven her in real life.
Another obvious reason why Eminem often gets misquoted: it happens that the readers of his lyrics have a very superficial view of the artist’s biography and work. Some of them happen to be totally deprived of a sense of humor and often take each of his statements too literally. Lynne Cheney is one of them.
I admit that approaching Eminem’s oeuvre ain’t simple. But the complexity of his work also make its beauty. Take a look at Marshall Mathers’ work without stereotyping it. Also try to understand that if Marshall shares his life with you , he also wants you to show some respect to the family members you don’t know.
You doubt me? Then take it from Marshall’s mouth:
« Just because I talk about my daughter and put her in my songs, or I say something about Kim in my songs, doesn’t give you the right or nobody else to talk about ’em and feel free to do so. »
Never confuse hip hop with real life. Although the details expressed in Eminem’s song refer to real events, remember that you are just a spectator.

Eminem interprets “Just Lose It” on TRL

I had the great chance to see the TRL preview of Eminem’s new song. It is hilarious. No doubt you gonna enjoy it. You can check it out there:
On the video clip from TRL, you can see Eminem performing a great entertaining song that goes like this:
« This is the part where the rap breaks down
Each real intense no one makes a sound
Everything looks like its 8 mile now
(The beat goes really fast)
The beat comes back and everybody loose themselves
Then its back to reality look its B-rabbit and who’s underneath the ? (don’t know what he says sound like paddle)
I’m a grown man now (…)
Fellas WHAT?
Fellas Yeah?
Grab your left one make your right one jealous … »

As usual, Eminem communicates his enthusiasm on stage. His presence creates the specific athmosphere of complicity with the whole audience. Slim Shady takes you into his world where you will be able to enjoy his rapid flow and his great charisma. He will enlighten the moment he shares with the listener.
At the beginning of the TRL video clip, you will see Eminem impersonating a scared Madonna whose breast is on fire. Madonna and Michael Jackson seem to be Marshall’s next targets.
« Just Lose It » ‘s release has been reported to September the 28th. No contest Eminem’s new song promises to be a bomb. It looks like there is a little bit of « Without Me » in « Just Lose It ». Be prepared for a great show for the upcoming video. Marshall Mathers won’t disappoint you.