Eminem's upcoming birthday…

on October the 17th motivated me to write a brand new, detailed article…it will be posted on the Eminem blog soon…stay tuned, folks:)

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  1. hello eminem my name is lori nielsen i live here in omaha nebraska i would love to say to you happy birthday i am 34 years old i would love to tell you how much i love you i have ben a fan for a long time my birthday is feb 23 1973 i really hope you have a good birthday some day i hope to meet you in person love you eminem your fan lori

  2. hi marshall, iam yr fan from india, i love yr music, yr shows. and everything you do.. i have been unfortunate enough for not being able to attend your concerts in person, but i got hold of some in the net and watched them…….. they were off the hook……
    yr surprise entrance in the bet awards 2006 was really surprising and gave me goose bumps………
    i am writing to you for the first time……… to wish you a happy birthday……

  3. hi marshall I think you’re a great rapper and i like your music so much, happy birthday man God bless you take care and peace out!

  4. Wow I can’t believe its this time of the year again eminem’s birthday. I remember when i first started liking you eminem, every year i do the same thing on your birthday. Listen to all your cds, and footage I have of you performing. I’m glad i got to see you in concert, and a few times on TRL on mtv. I’m truly thankful for your gift in music. I learned to cope with life a lot better since i started listening to your music. You truly have a deep effect, on me and the rest of the world. Your the best shady. Love one of your biggest fans. -Kris

  5. Hello Marshall!! I’m writing you just to wish you a happy birthday and the best in the world for you!! You deserve it because you bring so much joy to my life and other people’s lives too. I can’t wait ’til your album comes out, seriously, I been waiting 4 u to come back for so long now. Anyways, I hope you have a great great B-day. Lots of love from Colombia! We love u!

  6. Im a young girl rom Vancouver BC. You are my absolute most favourite person in the wordld 😛 thought id say happy birthday seeing as how its that time 🙂 Hope you birthday is full of all the wishes you’ve planned (L)(L)(L)

  7. Happy birthday eminem i am 18 years old and i am in love with you i am your biggest fan i hope your birthdays great dont get too messed up

  8. you are my most favorite person in the world i wish i could meet you someday you deserve a good birthday everytime i see you on tv or listen to your music i get goose bumps thats because your the best no other rapper has done that when i see you on the tv its like my eyes are glued i cant take my eyes off of you because im afraid i might miss something i think im a lil too obsessed well anyways have a great birthday xoxoxo

  9. Today is 17th October 2007 your BIRTHDAYYY u r 35 now, iluv it , i remember your bday every year cuz i feel like was MINE lol, i tell people that is your bday :),cause u r more than my favorite singer,
    N now you r gonna hav a new album!!
    KING MATHERS yee, after 3 years 🙂
    i hope u to have new concerts around the world, n Europe,maybe spain (like when u were in BARCELONA), but come to europe please..
    i heard england ,right?,see u is my dream from years ago
    I hope u to have a good day today njoy it !
    FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS emm luv ya

  10. Hello!does em really read this stuff?well,I’m from croatia and I used to listen to him but I still like him very much and his music has helped me a lot so….anyways,happy birthday em and I wish u all the best!kiss

  11. HI marsh,happy b-day your are sooo cool, your the best singer ever, i hope you go down to tulsa soon and sing a concert.this is my fav. day every year ,because it’s the day that represents u. your the only real singer left in the world .

  12. Hey Em!! He dude how is it going?
    Hope you have a great birthday dawg….
    Hope to see you soon from Mexico one of your biggest fans…. Eddy..
    P.S. Im making music, hope to see you one day out there dude,,, peace….
    Dont fuck to many bitches tonight Slim haha you might get Aids or something bro haha….

  13. hi,marsh happy b-day,your are so coolyour the best singer ever.this is my fav. day of the year because it’s the day that represents you. you are the only real singer left in the world.my mom hates you and says your discrase,but i love you+your music,i don’t care what my mom says i will listen to your music forever and ever .forget my mom.
    love ,your BIGGEST FAN
    kiss kiss

  14. Hi EMINEM,
    Belated happy birthday, yesterday shady turned 35. Hey Slim what are your new plans? Is there any new album. Oh well leave it I am your biggest fan probably every fan say this. Well again a very very happy belated birthday. I got nothing else to say – I like you very, you are my favourite singer. And there’s really nothing else to say – BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  15. hello marshall =)…my name is yaneth,I from mexico ehmm you like me so much….i don´t knew of this blog and luckily to find it jejeje! congratulations!!!!..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! and I wish you that you’re well ‘n’ will be happy! I like much as you sing and your songs, I think that you are very funny and handsome…this is all dear..

  16. Hey Em this is ur #1 fan Jade. Happy Birthday!!!!! Our birthdays are both on the 17th except 4 mines in November. Love Ya!!!!! Im 13 by the way.

  17. Hello ~~Marshall~~
    Happy birthday!! I’m a girl from China and I’m your biggest fan !
    Your songs always make me deeply moved.Hoping to listen to your new song soon ,I’m waiting for that~~Thanks!!

  18. hi em,
    ur da best i lov more than anybody man.i hav listened to every o ur songs n every song,iknow by-heart.u my god……..happy birthday man….regards to hailie!!

  19. hey shady.!! dis z madhavi frm india one ov ur biggest fans……..love u allot.
    n m very excited coz tomorrow z ur birthday. 😛 wish u a very happy birthday in advance……….enjoy ur party. n i request, wanna meet u hope 2 see u in india soon. :*

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