Sice MJestic: compound rhymes straight outta Stuttgart, Germany

People with a good understanding of German language, who like the narrative and lyrical side of rap music will probably be conquerred by Sice Mjestic. His inventive, creative songs are a delight to your hip hop lovers’ ears. The stories in his songs might remind some listeners of Grimm’s Märchen. The young emcees allies lyrical strength to instrumental inventivity. You are going to like what you hear.
Rap 1- Teufel 0 is built like a captivating narration in which the devil visits the rapper in order to scare him. Despite his clear intentions to tear the emcee off, to rip his skin from his body, Sice Majestic opposes some powerful rhymes to the perverse master of darkness. Bass sounds contrast with lighter keyboard notes, in which light, darkness and a suspensful fight are strictly intertwined.
The spiritual fight is pretty much footballwise built. At the end of the song, the devil is sent back to hell, while Sice Mjestic scores 1.
32 Bars Quer is also a beautiful lyrical construction, in which Sice Mjestic flows like a devastating whirlwind.
In Dramaking 16er Contest, Sice Mjestic welcomes you into the world of my space competion. The young emcee who excels in handling words, begs to be different from all those annoying rappers who all sound the same.
Bring it home is a powerful, rhythmic composition. A euphoric spirit leads the song from the beginning to the end. Let him invade your ears with his ill flow. Mjestic stabs his opponents very astutely using the German language’s explicit imagery. I loved it!
Mjestic is probably one of German hip hop’s future heavyweights. You are going to like his instrumental and lyrical mastery. Enter his universe,find out more about Mjestic
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D12 collabs with Uk female rapper, announces Europe tour dates ( Rap Basement)

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D12 recently announced a collaboration with the UK’s first Asian female rap artist, Hard Kaur. D12 will be featured on “Desi Dance,” one of Hard Kaur’s new singles from her new album set to release later this year. Produced by D Boy, “Desi Dance” combines the sounds of Bollywood, Bhangra and Hip Hop. Exclusive footage from the studio session with D12 will be available on D12’s website,, soon.
In related news, D12 will be touring the world while they prep their third album. Recently they announced some of the tour dates in Europe, click here to view the dates and locations.
D12 Euro Tour Dates
14/12/08 – Manchester – Academy – More Info
15/12/08 – London – Astoria -More Info
16/12/08 – Amsterdam -Melkweg – More Info
17/12/08 – Berlin – Columbia Club – More Info
18/12/08 – Cologne – Live Music Hall – More Info
20/12/08 – Glasgow – ABC – More Info
21/12/08 – Dublin – Tripod – More Info

Elevate your mind with the Illinois Sky Pilots

Ready for a lyrical and instrumental ride with the Sky Pilots? The group, that is composed of Rio G aka Dark Gable, Tribaluv aka Extra Butta and DJ E-Green aka Reese Black will offer you listeners a ticket for an intense ride in the air. With their good sound technique knowledge, the Sky Pilots manage to create some deep and special resonance. The Sky Pilots are spraying their dynamic and elastic sounds that seem to emerge from a universe of darkness that is reinforced by the use of dark vocals.
Like a plane taking off, The Whole Night is imbued with some rough, energetic, keyboard sounds while the powerful emcees will guide you through your adventurous journey. You are going to like the darkness, the inventivity in the use of various sounds combined with rhythmic keyboards. Lose your mind on the Sky Pilots lyrical date. Well done.
Passport accelerates without warning…however you are invited to relax during your trip. The Sky Pilots are hosting your space while invading your ears with their creative skills. I enjoyed the soft, nevertheless rhythmic track that puts a lot of efforts on the group’s vocal performance.
The Rhythm enlightens Jazmine Alison’s vocal talent…again, you are invited to follow them Sky Pilots for a crazy, unplanned ride…don’t take your seat belt off until the plane lands.
The artists’ vocal performances reveal a well mastered sense of rhythm, loads of creativity…get caught into a typhoon of verbal and instrumental dizziness.
Honestly, I don’t think the Sky Pilots could leave you indifferent. Check their page here.
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Eminem Vibe interview 2008 15th Anniversary edition (TR Shady)

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-Where was Marshall 15 years ago?
I was about 19. I was following Proof to a bunch of clubs and trying to get on.
-What was ur original dream?
To be a comic book artist.
-Were u obsessed with Spawn creator Todd McFarlane?
I like McFarlae. But i was more into John Romito Jr. Spider Man was my shit!I use to site around and draw all the covers. Im good at freehandingbut im no good at coming up with drawing out of my imagination.
-Most original person u ever met?
-Proof had immense influence on u. Who were some others?
LL Cool J was probably the first that I really wanted to be like. The Kanglos the Troop everything. I used to emulate him constantly.
-U recently pranked LL on Shade 45
When i heard LL was gonna be on i was like “oh shit I gotta call.” I wanted to do something funny and i wanted to fuck with him and see if he could guess it was me. But if anyone cant tell that i was genuine with thte call the i dont know what to tell them b/c obviously im a fan. Treach did it for me.
-People sleep on his impact right?
Proof put me on Treach. That dude originated a lot of styles. When i heard the third verse to Yoke the Joker i was like i quit rapping. At taht point i realized i could never be the best.
-What was ur original day job?
I was a dishwasher. I used to take the bus all the way out there. It was like ten miles from my house….just terrible.
-It gave u the inceteive to get those skills up huh?
oh yeah definetly. I worked there for a year and was like fuck this. I dropped out of school and wanted to pursue rap but my mom told me to get a job or get out so I had to get out anyway.
-What makes Eminem original?
It’s a lot of craziness. People looked at me like the crazy white boy you know? I didn’t get stuck with that label that was who I was. My weird word play and image hooked people. There were others who before me like Beastie Boys and Third Base but in a sense I blew open the door for a lot of other nationalities to do this.

Malcolm X's impact on African Americans

When I first heard of Malcom X’s ideas, I thought of him as a fanatic and an extremist. Malcom represented the icon of black racism against white community- or so I thought. The movie “Malcolm X”, however, in which Denzel Washington brilliantly interprets Malcolm X’s life story allowed me to completely change my mind.
The only reason why Malcolm’s ideas are misrepresented is because only some of his hateful words against the white community from the past are taken out of context. The public ought to know that Malcolm X’s life took a total different turn during his pilgrimage to the Mecca. The pilgrimage to the Mecca allowed him to envision the beauty of interracial unity within a religious community.
The more I think about the man’s life story, the more I do realize that he did the right thing. His fight within the African American community is as valuable as Dr Martin Luther King’s, and internationally, as Marcus Garvey’s.
Too many African Americans seem to forget where they come from. If you want to be a balanced individual, you cannot forget about your roots. Too many African Americans have claimed, through the centuries, to be Americans, totally forgetting about being the original inhabitants of the African soil.
All of you who act this way are wrong: know who you are, make some research about your culture and history and realize that, before claiming to be Americans, you need to be proud to be Afro– Americans.
Malcolm taught African American folks about history. He underlined 400 years of horrible slavery from white folks.
How could I not understand his resentment towards a majority of white folks, who taught his folks to be ashamed of their color? Malcolm gave his folks a new sense of pride. He also faught for the truth: this goes as far as restituting Jesus into his original context. Yes, he got the right to: any honest person would recognize that knowing where the historical Jesus grew up, people are more likely to have a dark skin color. I’d say there are 99% for Jesus not to have been a white person- if you keep a real sense of objectivity.
I have always taught my kids to be proud of their origins. As a white mom of two wonderful bi racial boys, Malcolm X’ story truly represents a symbol of pride and dignity.
Yes, he used to be a black nationalist. He wanted his folks to stay focused and to be proud of themselves. I think there is a bit of Malcolm in each of us. From pimp to an incessant quest of spirituality, Malcolm eventually found the light.
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