Dipset&Byrdgang invades Detroit, a DJ Butter and DJ King David mixtape

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One who is really familiar with the Detroit scene cannot think of hip hop mixtapes without having a thought for Detroit hip hop pioneer DJ Butter.
With his undisputed mastery, DJ Butter decided to ally his talent to DJ King David’s, another veteran of the Detroit underground rap scene.
Both former Eminem collaborators have built up a serious reputation on their local scene and have a bunch of valuable mixtapes at their active.
The Cd is also rich of Dipset and Byrdgang’s collaborations. It pays tribute to Blade Icewood and other fallen soldiers.
The CD astutely combines Eastcoast, Dirty South and Midwest styles. Hood as hell, rhythmic, offensively lyrical, surgical when needed, DJ Butter’s mixtape should definitely raise your interest.
Slowly introduced by some soft drum beats, siren sounds, DJ Butter introduces the main participants of the show.
Soft flute sounds, Indian instrumentals, here comes Dipset, armed with a good flow delivery, a good lyrical content and some big amounts of white powder. Dipset describes crime with an amazing verbal dexterity.
Hugging The Block: big ups to the female rapper who leads the whole track. She has the strength of thousand soldiers, she is repping the 313 with pride and a happy grand hustle spirit. Blowing like the roughest wind, she will erase her enemies like the worst Tsunami disaster.
Hugging The Block has a remarkable Streetlordz flavor that goes with a mob music spirit. You guessed it: the gifted female emcee is part of the crew. RIP Iceblood is mentioned in the track.
Beat Without Bass combines soft and gritty elements. The emcee has a raspy voice, the instrumentals envelope the listener like a dark smoke, involving a dramatic ambiance. A female emcee beautifully enhances the harsh sounding song.
Lettin The Gunz Go is built on a monotonous, rhythmic guitar sound. A sarcastic gun talk is going on while Royce da 5.9 and his fellows put some overheated flow and lyrics on the track. You gotta love the song’s well thought structure that is lyrically witty, violence on purpose. This truly an introduction to death. Welcome to the hood.
Hater What You Looking At will allow the listener to fully appreciate Dipset’s talent. Built on a Dirty South instrumental background, the rhythmic song is offensive on purpose. Creepy crews are taking over. Hater, what you looking at: your battle is lost in advance. Be prepared for your demise.
In conclusion, DJ Butter and DJ King David’s mixtape offers a great variety of instrumentals and musical styles. It symbolizes Detroit hip hop’s opening towards different hip hop styles. It remains verbally sharp, it carries a hustling mentality and features some gifted females emcees with strong personalities.
The Dipset Invades Detroit CD s different elements should catch your ears attention.
The great think about it is that DJ Butter offers a free download of his CD on his my space account.
Feel free to check it out any time. You won’t be disappointed.
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