Commemorating September the 11th…

Dedicated to my American friends, whether they agree with this content or not.
While sitting on my computer, I am having a little thought for my American friends, whether in real life or on the net.
I can recall when I first discovered the horrific vision of the 9/11 attacks on German TV in 2001.
It really took me time to realize that this was no fiction, but the sad reality- which also leads me to a second question.
When President Bush targetted the Talibans in October 2001, he promised a safer world to all of us. His political mistakes, his worthless, bloody Iraqi war increased our unsafety.
Not only the USA, but many European countries and overseas countries do live under a constant terror threat.
I think it is time our world leaders analyzed the consequences of their actions for our kids to benefit from a safer environment.
I don’t want to live in fear. Neither do other citizens of our world.
Islam is not our biggest enemy, but the arrogance of some greedy leaders who present themselves as saviors when they are responsible for millions of deaths.
Let’s all pray for a world of peace and tolerance.
I hope a tragedy like 9/11th never happens again.
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Do you like music?

I’m not talking about hip hop only, but about music as a whole. If your answer is yes, then you should definitely check Music Mouth, a professionally designed website that will probably respond to most of your answers regarding the various musical genres it covers. You will also be able to find some of my reviews there.
Check it out, you won’t regret it!

Emanuel G has his own way of telling stories…

No matter of you classify him into a soul, acoustic or jazz musician (or maybe the three of them categories), Emanuel G is an amazing storyteller who immediately raises the listeners’ interest. With his guitar and drum beats background, Emanuel G’s soft and warm voice knows how to talk to his listeners’ soul.
Lean back in your chair, enjoy the chillout atmosphere, open an attentive ear to the music.
A Little More Time is enhanced with numerous guitars and some catchy percussion beats. With a definitely romantic spirit, Emanuel G talks about destiny. Some people are meant to be together. Let Emanuel G convince you about destiny.
Back In My Head is a dynamic track that combines traditional and electric guitars. The softness of the track is counterbalanced with the rhythmic drum beats. Let Emanuel speak about love.
A Man In Love is another poetic track in which Emanuel’s know how will move your heart about that little, but nevertheless important and magic thing called love.
Different expresses life’s numerous challenges and the wonderful opportunity it has to offer, always with a musician’s great sense of rhythm.
Emanuel G might sound too monotonous to some or maybe too romantic. However, I’d advice all of you to give him a listen here before making your mind about him.
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Mr Waar, true ambassador of reggae music

Carrying the true rasta spirit, Mr Waar is a fighter for the right cause: more justice, more equality in this world. Like his predecessor, Bob Marley, Mr Waar denounces the cold Babylon system and brings his folks back in the state of war: black folks want more justice, more attention from the world. Put your hand up and follow Mr Waar, the leader.
Keyboards, violins, very cadenced beats enhance the Jacksonville artist’s strong winner spirit during the whole Mr Waar song.
Loud Electronic sounds introduce the festive, wine celebrating Wine song. Despite the light instrumental background and refrain, Mr Waar is not afraid to talk about dark theme such as slavery, the exploitation of black people, reminding people of a devil called hatred.
Soft violin sounds mixed up with slight piano notes are the prelude to a symphonic violin background in which harsh drum beats punctuate a tense atmosphere while Mr Waar conjugates the word hip hop with a Jamaican dialect.
Mr Waar’s music comes straight from the heart. Discover it here.
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Wing deserves to spread his wings in the jungle of Compton

Taken out of his Eat Or Be Eaten album, Out Of Sight is an offensive track that is flavored with Wing’s raspy voice and some nostalgic accents. He spits with confidence and won’t rap to please you. The skilled artist will tell you the hood the way it is. While explaining the path he chose, the mistakes he made, Wing truly blesses the mic.
Soft vocals introduce It Ain’t Right in which Wing expresses about the difficulty of growing up in a black man’s world. Black pain is present during the whole song. Wing denounces America’s leaders racist behaviors with a revolutionary attitude. He brings the listener to the original meaning of the ghetto gospel, which is at first a tremendous fight against slavery and any kind of discrimination.
Might Be is an instrumental poweful song with some rhythmic beats, some dark tuba and trumpet sounds. It introduces your ears to a more festive songs in which Wing flows with ease.
Walk By: like soldier steps, the song begins, suddenly pushing you into a mad flow and swinging atmosphere. Wing emulates his listeners, manages to create enthusiasm. Clap your hands, folks and follow the man’s passion for his art.
Wing truly deserves your attention. Allow him to spread his wings in the tough city of Compton and to become one of hip hop’s next raising star!
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Dirty Black: a gutter taste of Carolinian hip hop

He’s truly a hood boy who spits it raw. With his Southern flavored instrumental background made of trumpets, synthetizers, rhythmic drum beats, Dirty Black brings another dimension to Dirty South hip hop. He’s shifty, he’s a bad boy with a mad flow, he’s grimy and proud of it.
Never mind the filthy details: you will definitely like What It Do.
With the same, powerful instrumental background softened by the vocals and some handclaps, the rhythm poundering keyboards will take you into a heavy, dirty, nevertheless cool universe of the Eaze Up song.
I’m Living starts with a softer voice. The orchestral sounds will let the listener guess the drama that surrounds the song. Dirty Black expresses how hard it is to grow up in the hood with its numerous dangers. The hood might be a harsh playground, but Dirty Black will also teach you how an increased willpower combined with talent can change your destiny.
Gotta Hustle will take your ears for a journey of adventures in which a man gotta make money-no matter what. Are you feeling his fight? Dirty Black has the guts to do what a man gotta do.
Discover his music made in Carolina here.
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Da Mad Face: some hardcore hip hop tones straight outta NYC

Da Mad Face is a trio of artists composed of Yung Onyx, Onyx and Ox. A great dose of grittiness, a true ghetto spirit, some hardcore sounds with contrasting, soft guitar sounds in the background will give you a foretaste of Wildin’ Wildin’. The hardest, grimiest boys are here, carrying that allday, sometimes hard to swallow hood reality. The trio introduces you into an overheated, messed up atmosphere in which guntalk is the rule.
Bangout won’t reassure the listener. With its catchy beats, its piano-keyboard instrumentals, the tracks will let him guess the danger and drama all around while Da Mad Face’s gritty voices shoot like the fastest pistols, targetting everyone on their way.
The blunt rap is truly a bangout. Don’t sleep on it!
All My Life has a much more nostalgic meaning. It is dedicated to a fallen friend, X1.
The various instrumental background made of trumpets, candanced drum beats, violins has some jazzy-soul accents. The song will recall the good and the bad and certainly talk to the listener’s imagination.
Wanna have a taste of Mad Face’s hip hop? Check it out here.
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Originally from Ghana, Kayo Marbilus is repping Canberra, Australia

Kayo Marbilus started rapping at the very tender age of 15.
Among the tracks exposed on his my space account, I highly recommand you the Push It To The Limits Remix. The Push it song is very much linked to the Scarface movie in my mind. Many ordinary people might see nothing else in the Scarface character as an evil man fullfilled with a greedy ambition. But those who have known poverty, difficult living conditions, and the way people treat you when you’re on the lowest level, perfectly know that the Scarface character symbolizes a harsh and constant struggle to reach the top.
Money is the tool that will allow you to do so. Even if it seems silly, people treat you differently when your bank account is full of BIG money.
When you came from nothing and eventually made it to the top, you will be able to relate to Scarface’s story as well.
Built on synthetizers, harsh drum sounds, raw vocals, rapid piano sounds, the lyrics intensively teach you Kayo’s constant hustle. Whatever one might go through, one gotta consider that life is a progression. You gotta fight, push it further on. Kayo will make you become part of his universe, made of fights and discouragement. He sometimes fell, but never gave up.
The Game Of Life is based on a soft instrumental background. Let Kayo Marbilus share his story with his listeners. Heart beats alike drum sounds are softened by the soul sounding melody. Kayo tells you life like it is: a tough struggle.
Canberra Stand Up: xylophone sounds introduce Kayo’s well mastered flow combined with some good lyrics. He is repping his city from DownUnder with pride.
I Can Feel It In The Air: life might be a harsh struggle, but it is actually what you make it…which means that your thoughts and decisions will influence it for a large part. Saxophone sounds introduce a dramatic life story. Not every kid in this world has it easy, some have to grow up faster. The song is an encouragent to all of you who suffer.
Listen to the gifted artist here.
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Mass Lyrics/ White Trash Volume 1 mixtape review

Global rating of the mixtape: 4.5 stars
What makes hip hop appealing? Is it a bunch of commercialized emcees showing how to make fast money and to drive fast cars? Little did you know about hip hop if you thought so.
What makes hip hop particularly interesting is first and foremost its lyrical dimension. When the emcee becomes the surgeon who operates words with the sharpest scalpel, the chemist who mixes and matches them together, the magician who manages to create special effects with rhymes and flow, instrumentals and beats, then he truly deserves to be called a rapper.
Today my aim is to introduce you to Mass Lyrics ( $trey dog and Conman’s talents combined together).
If you already listened to $trey dog, you are probably are of the fact that both artists know their mathematics. Mass Lyrics share a genuine passion for hip hop.
After a cool introduction, the mixtape starts with the powerful, technically mastered track entitled Go in which words take a sharpened meaning.
Lyrical swords, a mastered technique, an incredible flow delivery, a rich and various instrumental background make this song a must hear.
Followed by Real Hip Hop, another brilliant demonstration of verbal dexterity and Love2mc, both emcees will transport you into their universe in which real hip hop truly matters.
Because of its symphonic background, its brilliant vocalists with an unbeatable flow delivery, Can’t Hold Me is certainly worth your attention. Let both emcees kill the mic with their astute punch lines.
The Machine is written in a very melancholic way. It is reinforced with the numerous violins sounds and heartbeats alike drums. The song offers some insightful reflections about our modern society. We are all victims of our systems in some way…so should we apologize for being raised in the machine? No matter to what extend we have been influenced, we are still human beings in a inhuman society.
Beat Off is written in a very humoristic way. Drum beats and synthesizers will emphasize the funny atmosphere. Enjoy our emcee’s touch of humor and cool wordplays at the same time.
Let Mass Lyrics mesmerize you with their Superheroes track and over flood your ears with their lyrical bullets. You gonna like it, for sure, don’t miss out this CD!
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