A 15 year old’s thank you to Eminem

Eminem has been depicted by a certain type of press as an horrible monster. If it is true that some fans gave Eminem a bad name while some others totally misinterpreted his songs, it is a matter of fact that Marshall Mathers has changed many people s lives through his music.
This is the testimony of a fan who would like to stay anonymous. I will call that person L for the article s purposes.
L.discovered Eminem very early:
I was just 8 years old when I started listening to his music (I m 15 now), and at such a young age, I of course didn t understand it all, but the very first time I heard him, I knew that this is what I needed to hear.
The young kid came from a poor family who really struggled financially for basic daily stuff such as food and electricity. Alcoholism complicated the family s already difficult life:
All of my early childhood we’ve so poor that we couldn t afford heating in the winter, we often had no electricity, no TV, and barely any food. My mother did what she could, but she was suffering from depression, on many occasion s me or my two elder brothers would find her sobbing, not knowing when we’d next get to eat. My father was a drunk who stole what little money my mum had and spent it down the pub, getting wasted and then coming home and beating my mum and eldest brother.
L was experiencing some obvious psychological difficulties and became introverted, refusing to speak. To add to the dark picture, the family s eldesr brother was diagnosed with mental illness. L s brother experienced bullying at school and L was easy an outlet for his rage at home:
I was always so scared as a child that I refused to even speak. To add to every thing going on, my eldest brother had an un-diagnosed metal illness, Asperger Syndrome. He didn t no how to behave and this got him mad, so he d take his anger out on me and my other brother, he also didn t know how to behave and was a nightmare to live with, and so he was the victim of terrible bully, horrific things were done to him.
The area the family lived in wasn t pleasant at all, since most kids experienced bad beatings from their parents at home:
We went to school were every kid was a bully, it didn’t matter if you were a boy or girl or your age, everyone would have the shit beaten out of them daily, but I never blamed those kids as they were just the same as us, they were just venting >their anger, walking home from school everyday you could look into the houses of the other kids and see they gettin beaten by their parents.
For the kids safety, L s mom eventually kicked her alcoholic husband out of the house. However, the four kids past left deep scars:
After a while my mother finerly kicked out my father and so it was just the four of us, but all of us have been both mentally and physically scared by our past. My mother now, after 7 years, has a hard time trusting men. My eldest brother become so depressed that he latterly didn’t come out of his room for two years exept to use the bathroom, he shut himself completely off, though >out the two years he never once opened his window blinds, as he literly did not see or feel sun light for two years he s developed a very serious sun allergy, and now he can’t go out in it or itll burn and kill him, and all of this is on top of his mental illness has affected his life so much, he can no longer do what other teen’s his age do.
My other brother is now on drugs, and I’m sure he’s doing it to try and keep the past away, he has also >recently been diagnosed with heart desease.

L s mom eventually found another partner, but the relationship just seems to be dysfunctional:
My mum now has a partner (I m not saying names, so I d just call him B), but it is so dysfunctional, like
Em’s & Kim’s, how he describes it. Eminems song I Love You More is just like my mum’s and B s. B used to be the hardest man around, everyone new and feared him (and still does). He’s been in jail five times for things such as blinding someone and stabbing. He is perfectly fine with me, I get along with him, but he can turn into a psychopath if you get on the wrong side of him. I’m not exaggerating when I say mum and B can’t look at each other without a full on screaming match and sometimes violent. They have a kid together, my lil sis, but she’s horrible. All she does is shout and scream at us all, swearing and hitting. She does anything she can to get us into trouble and is so spoilt. A few months ago I was doing some school work and sis told me to get her a pen, but I was busy and she wasn t doing anything, so I told her to get it, so she started screaming, so I told her to hang on and I d get her one when I finished the paragraph, but that wasn’t good enough for her, and so she stabbed me in the hand with a screwdriver. My mum and oldest bro also hate each other, they can’t stand one another and are always screaming. The dysfunctional relationship between mum and B is the worst for me. They say so many horrible things to each other. So many times I’ve just wanted to cry and shout and just end my life.

L has been through a lot. Eminem s music has helped this young person to overcome a lot of difficulties. In fact, the music has had some important curative effects. Eminem’s impact has demonstrated L, that no matter how deep you fall, there is always some hope to get out of it; his sense of humor had a wonderful healing effect:
But no matter how down I get I can put on an Eminem CD and everything is fine, his music calms me. Eminem help to change my life, he shown me that you can get through the darkest of places and continue to lath and have a sense of humor. I do suffer from light depression, but Eminem is making all of the bad memories fade away. I can relate to what he say’s in his songs so much; were he’s been, I have to. Listening to his music has shown me to stick up for myself and not take bullying. He has changed my life in a why I could never describe, and for that I thank him. Eminem has opened my eyes and taught me to look forwards, not back. I also have to give my thanks to other artists such as Tupac & Proof (God rest their souls), who also helped me see the world as I do today.
I know that L might only be fifteen, but life made this person become mature earlier:
I’m only fifteen and many people say I’m to young to understand life, but I’ve been and seen so much that I’ve never had a childhood, I’ve always had to be the adult, looking after my brothers when my mother couldn’t. Yet, in a way I am thankful for the life I’ve had, it’s given me knowledge that nobody else I know of my age has, but it was Eminem who taught >me to see the positives in live, not the negatives. And so, I will remain one of his biggest fans until my death.
I would like to thank L for trusting me and sharing this story with me. L also wrote it for Marshall Mathers, as an expression of gratitude.
Not every kid in this world has it easy. Be thankful for artists like Eminem who help many kids and adults to go through difficult and dramatic situations.
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I say what the fuck I wanna

Ok, this is my rant against people who keep criticizing me whatever subject I talk about.
First and foremost, I don t care in the least about what you bickering bitches say against me. But I think that I need to clarify a few points for your slow minds.
If I praise Eminem, you hate me for being a fan because you think you re a bigger fan than me. Fuck you. I am not into your stupid ass Stan competition. I don t care about being a bigger or less big fan. All I know is that I am a true Eminem fan and that I will keep supporting this artist, no matter what.
If I have some constructive critiscism to offer about Eminem songs, I like less, you come to me with sentences such as : I thought you were a fan! 
Fuck You. I am a fan, not a groupie. If I think that a specific Eminem song is less good, I will point it out. The same rule applies to any other artist I d review.
When I praise some underground artists, some of you dare to call me a  dickrider . Fuck You. If I praise an artist about a track or CD he made, it means that I found him good as a musician. Doesn t mean I am going to make it out backstage with him.
Some of you are obviously jealous of my good looks. Fuck you, bitches. You d better hate me because I have attitude and because I will never say anything to please anybody, but because I think it is right in my opinion.
Maybe all of you who keep running your dirty mouths and stealing my articles should seriously think about getting a life instead of spreading your stupid gossips.
I am what I am. I am proud to be who I am. If you don t like it, fuck you. I will remain true to myself, no matter what!
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Eazy E/ Eternal E CD review

Global rating of the product: 5 stars
When being asked about rap legends, most people have Tupac or Biggie s names in their mouths. Eazy E, however, remains a little bit hidden in the dark. The great Eazy E nevertheless changed the face of rap music and influenced more than a decade, putting the city of Compton on the map.
Eazy E and his fellows from the NWA group brought that typical gangsta flavor into their reps, pointing out the police s discriminative and violent attitude against black folks. A new generation of black men with an attitude was born. If some people kept the stereotype of oppressed and enslaved black people, Eazy E and his fellows would do away with it drastically, showing that black folks were ready to fight back against any form of discrimination with no mercy.
Eazy E was a man of talent. He came up with a brand new style of his own. I have mad love for Eric Wright aka Eazy E. I like his typical voice and his intrepid attitude in front of the police.
You might object that I am white and ask yourself how I could relate to people such as Eazy E. Yes, I am a white woman- with a black cultural background. I have spent years with the African community, I am the mom of two handsome bi racial boys and, believe me, I have experienced racial discrimination of all kind and seen how the police acts with people who have  the wrong skin color .
Eazy E s music, more than ever, has a strong meaning. So let s get started with Eternal E. Open your ears and listen!
The CD starts with the well known Boys N The Hood remix that is truly a must hear.
Eazy will plunge you into his universe. Be ready for a total immersion into the Compton hood. Enjoy the lyrical skills of the tight emcee. Piano notes, xylophone, intense drum beats and scratches sounds will beautifully enhance the Boys N The Hood remix. It is followed by the very rhythmic and scratchy sounding 8 Ball Remix. I recommend both track to avid old school rap listeners.
Eazy masters his art to the fullest.
Eazy Duz It is built on beautiful funky basslines and dope ass beats provided by legendary Dr Dre. The song is offensive as hell and has some beautiful trumpet accents that will remind many listeners of James Brown s art. Eazy keeps it real and, of course, gangsta. The instrumentals are worked on to the perfection and one could barely stay indifferent in front of the great variety of rhythmic sounds that are intelligently mixed up in a very subtle manner.
Eazy duz it, for sure.
Eazy er Said Than Dunn will enlighten Eazy E s unbeatable rhymes. Eazy keeps it ruthless and swinging. Bitches and hoes will get smashed in no time. Take attention, Eazy is a mad rhymer.
Don t miss song Nr 10, Neighborhood Sniper, that starts with beef and dramatic gunshots. Built on rapid drum beats and trumpet sounds, the song is spiced up with some good reggae sounding lyrics. You recognize DJ Yella s specific touch. This track is one of my favorites on the CD. The rhythm is subtle and very well worked on. The dark, murderous picture contains some lighter shades of humor that fully come to shine in the Neighborhood Sniper video.
Real Motherfuckin G s is a Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg diss. Although I have mad respect for Dr Dre, I find that diss very well made. Compton underground legends BG Knocc Out and his older brother Dresta have participated to the killa track.
The song is an obvious protest against studio gangstas and an invitation to keep it real. Guitar sounds, a good dose of G Funk sounds, a pinch of subtle drum beats will allow you to appreciate Compton artists great talent.
The Eternal E Cd also contains some good old videos featuring Eazy E and his NWA fellows. We Want Eazy will allow you to see the young NWA members on stage. The well known Straight Outta Compton video is there too.
Don t miss 100 Miles And Running nor Neighborhood Sniper. Along with Eazy er Said Than Dunn and Only If You Want It, the CD also has an original less known video named Appetite For Destruction in which you will enjoy an astute thriller. Eazy and Dr Dre show some real acting skills there.
There are a few more videos to discover on the reedited version of the Eternal E CD. This excellent Cd is definitely a must in your hip hop library.
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New Bizarre video review

A spicy Bizarre/ Kuniva/ King Gordy and Young Miles collaboration.
Since I am not really sure about the title of the video, I will only put one when I will have confirmation from DJ PDog who posted this link.
Global rating of the product: 4.5 stars
First focusing on RIP Proof s picture, the video will zoom on Bizarre, Kuniva, King Gordy and Young Miles sitting side by side in the Detroit hood. The song is nicely started with rapid piano notes, numerous violins and rhythmic drum beats.
The four emcees who pay tribute to D12’s fallen soldier are determined to bring the D back in the video. The video has a definite gangsta flavor. It will allow you to discover specific Detroit places, like Runyon Ave. The king of horror, King Gordy and his accomplices in crime are determined to bring hell into the dark picture.
I enjoyed the Where You From? N****, I’m from Seven and you’ll be on the news at eleven line.
Watch our bad boys talk about all those forbidden things that make hood life: drugs, guns, beefs. Be ready to get hit by lyrical bullets that totally fit with the overheated atmosphere and the gun talks.
I loved this video. It is brilliant in my opinion and it should please true hip hop lovers.
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A vibrant homage to Mr Dynamite aka James Brown, the Godfather of soul music

A lot of people who don t really care about artistic talents prompt to praise artists when they passed away. I have seen such behaviors numerous times and I d like to point out that I am not going to acclaim James Brown s talent because he recently died. I am going to praise this great legend of soul music, because Mr Brown s music has been part of my life since the 80s!
I was introduced into James Brown s music through a Cameroonian friend. I will always remember how much I was impressed to discover James Brown s rhythmic Sex Machine and his euphoric I Feel Good.
As a young student, James Brown s music spiced up my daily life. It gave me a great dose of enthusiasm and dynamism. Starting the day with his music really enhanced my way of life. It made me feel alive, ready to conquer the world.
James Brown s voice touched my soul. He had a unique way of telling things, like he did it in This Is A Man s, Man s , Man s World.
This beautiful song made me feel how much he appreciated women:
 This is a man s world, this is a man s world
But it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl
You see, man made the cars to take us over the road
Man made the trains to carry heavy loads
Man made electric light to take us out of the dark
Man made the boat for the water, like Noah made the ark
This is a man s, a man s, a man s world
But it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl
Man thinks about a little baby girls and a baby boys
Man makes then happy ’cause man makes them toys
And after man has made everything, everything he can
You know that man makes money to buy from other man
This is a man s world
But it wouldn t be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl
He’s lost in the wilderness
He’s lost in bitterness …

Not only did James Brown have a unique, suave voice, his use of the instrumentals inspired the greatest artists in this world, including NWA, the early Michael Jackson and many more.
James Brown can be seen as the forefather of rap music. He is and will remain a legend in black music. His incredible talent is still a huge source of inspiration to many contemporary artists.
James Brown also gave black folks a new sense of pride with his famous world known sentence:  Say it loud, I m Black and proud!
I could name a multitude of his songs, like Living In America, Papa s Got A Brand New Bag, I Feel Good, This Is A Man s world and many more, but I am going to stop here.
I d like to stay still for a minute and pay homage to the great musician that James Brown actually was. A great legend left us on Christmas day. May God bless his soul. RIP James Brown and thank you for the music that touched my soul over the years. I will never forget you.
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Eminem’s ex sister in law jailed (Macomb Daily)

Police: Dawn Scott left with kidnapped son to collect cash from a friend
PUBLISHED: December 28, 2006
By Mitch Hotts
Macomb Daily Staff Writer
The former sister-in-law of rap superstar Eminem is being held in the Macomb County Jail in lieu of a $5,000 bond for a probation violation after she was accused of kidnapping, police said.
Dawn Marie Scott, 31, was arrested Tuesday night on Detroit’s east side with the 7-year-old boy in the vehicle she was driving. Police said she was taken into custody after a brief foot chase and then turned over to Macomb County authorities.
Macomb County Sheriff Mark Hackel said Scott was charged Wednesday with probation violation, and additional charges may be coming.
“We’re looking at filing possible charges of child endangerment and taking a vehicle without permission. We should know more (today) on what action we may or may not take,” Hackel said Wednesday evening.
It was not immediately known why Scott was on probation or what terms she may have violated. The arrest warrant stemmed from 41B District Court in Clinton Township.
Dawn Scott is the twin sister of Kim Mathers, 31, the former wife of Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers.
Macomb investigators said Dawn Scott has a substance abuse problem and lost custody of her son in recent years. Kim Mathers and their mother, Kathleen Sluck, have guardianship of the boy.
Scott lives in Deckerville but was visiting the Macomb Township home where Kim Mathers lives Wednesday when the alleged incident occurred.
Police said Kim Mathers and Sluck went to a store, leaving Scott behind with the boy. Sluck’s husband was sleeping at the time.
Scott allegedly put the boy into the husband’s Lincoln Navigator and drove to Detroit, leaving behind a note indicating she had to pick up money from a friend. When Mathers and her mother returned home, they called the sheriff’s office.
In the 911 tape of the call Sluck made to police, Kim Mathers can be heard in the background trying to find her sister. At one point, Sluck said: “She’s a real bad drug addict,” referring to Scott.
Detroit police were notified of Scott’s possible location and spotted the vehicle at a BP gas station on Harper at Cadieux. They tried to stop Scott, who got out of the car and ran before officers apprehended her.
The child, who was not hurt, was turned over to Mathers and her mother.
In a jail booking photo released by the sheriff’s office under a Freedom of Information request, Scott has bruises on her face. Police said Scott claimed she was beaten by a friend earlier this week.
In October, Marshall Mathers was cleared of allegations of domestic violence for poking his 13-year-old niece in the head with his finger. The niece, a daughter of Scott, is under his guardianship.
In that case, Marshall Mathers became angry with the niece over a school outfit. The two were talking on the phone when the niece began speaking over Eminem and then hung up on him. Eminem later confronted the niece when the alleged poking took place.
When they were teenagers, Kim Mathers and Dawn Scott stayed with Marshall Mathers and his mother, Debbie Mathers-Briggs, when they had run away from home. Kim Mathers later started dating Eminem, and they married in June 1999 in St. Joseph, Mo.
About a year later, Eminem filed for divorce. The couple retained joint legal and physical custody of their daughter, Hailie Jade Scott, as part of a divorce order.
The two reunited in 2005 and married a second time Jan. 16. Their marriage ended 82 days later when Eminem filed for divorce.