Obie Trice’s definition of the word “gangsta”

As Obie Trice states it, every man determined his definition of realness. It also depends on our background and our personal story.
Obie also gives his own definition of the word ‘gangsta’. What is a gangsta?
If you ask me, I’d tell you that a gangsta is somebody who is related to the ghetto, who is dealing with guns, drugs and illegal stuff.
The urban dictionnary gives the following definition of ‘gangsta’:
‘a gangsta whom by definition is also a pranksta
dang, yo. that foolio is a gangsta pranksta.’
A ‘pranksta’ being defined as ‘One who pretends to gang bang, a busta, a mark. ‘
“Yo, u aint no G, you’s a pranksta Cuhz.”
Another website exposes 69 funny definitions of the word ‘gangsta’. According to those definitions, many people could correspond to the word ‘gangsta’:
I have even read a more original definition of ‘gangsta’ on a rap message board. It was written ‘ a gangsta is a person who is determined to reach his/her goals by ANY means.’ If this definition is true, I might be a gangsta!
But Obie’s definition is linked much more to the realness of an act:
“Every man determined his definition of realness
What’s real to him
Everybody’s got their own definition of gangsta man
Okay, this is my definition of gangsta
Surprise motherfuckers
You thought I never would arise motherfuckers
It’s Obie Trice motherfuckers
Look in the eyes of a real guy
I ain’t got time for lies
Niggaz frontin like they lyin
Nigga ya not tough
Decease the bluff
These streets is too heated up for you to front
Dre laced the beat
Heated up for you to bump
Real name no gimmicks give my niggaz what they want
Fuck the image of the blunt
That ain’t rap dog
Be who you wanna be but let it be fat dog
We’ll never let a nigga tell you how you should act dog
Specially when you’re fuckin wit automatic gats dog
These niggaz ain’t playin
I’m sayin
I’m sprayin
I do my dirty work wit my hands
I’m a man
Layin a nigga down he advance
You fuckin wit my plans
I’m lookin for the tooth…”
If you follow his description during the whole song, you will understand that Obie’s definition has to do with real life experience. He targets all those fake gangstas who open their mouth, but whose sense of realness is totally fake. He doesn’t give any name, but it is quite obvious.
‘Keeping it real’ is essential to be an authentic rapper. Like Eminem, Obie Trice grew up in the context of the Detroit underground. His album ‘Cheers’ has a different style than Eminem’s albums, it may be more about beers and bitches, but it also describes Detroit in its realness.
Obie’s words picture the harshness of the Detroit neighborhood.
In the lyrics of ‘Look In My Eyes’, Obie attacks all those fake gangsta wannabees who are trying to look tough, but who don’t know anything about life in the streets. You cannot doubt Obie’s sincerity. He’s a man of experience who raps under his real name. Keep it real in the D, dawg.
Obie Trice, real name, no gimmicks.

Commenting Christian Lindberg’s views on Eminem

Times online has posted an article called ‘ How Eminem taught me
that hip hop is art ‘ where contemporary trombonist Christian
Lindberg expressed about Eminem :,,7948-1052167,00.html
It is interesting to notice that Lindberg points out the negative
image the press often displays of Eminem. It reminds me of some
article about Eminem I had found in a magazine called ‘ I love
English ‘ that is aimed at teenagers who want to improve their
English in France.
If I had taken their (wrong opinion) into account without
researching more on Eminem, I’d probably hate the talented artist by
now. The trouble is, such articles do influence a lot of people and
many people believe what is written in the press without analyzing
things deeper. Many people also allow the media to think in their
place and are satisfied with a superficial view on many subjects.
In fact, ‘ I love English ‘ portrayed Eminem as a big racist, an
homophobic man and a big women hater. They even dared saying that
his lyrics were worth nothing !
If Eminem was such a bad person, he wouldn’t reach such a great
audience (9 millions of persons) from different cultural backgrounds.
As he stated it in an interview given to the ‘ Daily Mirror ‘ in
2003, Eminem isn’t the evil person the press often wants us to
believe he is :
“They portrayed me as a vicious, vile, evil person. But I wouldn’t
have got anywhere in this business if I was just a complete asshole.”

In fact, those people from “I love English” don’t know Eminem in
detail. They don’t seem to get his sense of humor nor his satyre of
society. This magazine which-by the way- portrays other pop stars in
a positive way, has lost my respect. Why? Because their article on
Eminem was a misrepresentation of the truth.
I totally agree with Christian Lindberg when he says:
‘ He has a great sense of drama, he’s intelligent and provocative,
but above all he is someone who communicates. It’s an irony that he
is so frequently misunderstood. There are clearly people out there
who want to silence him and I think that’s because his lyrics are so
true and revealing of American society. ‘

Eminem is actually great in acting. He manages to captivate you and
makes you penetrate into his universe. Eminem has something to say.
You may disagree with his point of view (even some of his fans don’t
share the same point of view on things Eminem expresses), but you
need to get his message.
It is so true that many conservative and narrow minded people are
trying to shut Eminem down, because his presence is deranging.
Eminem is the mirror of true life, the mirror of the decay of the
American society. A mirror some people may be too scared to look at.
Lindberg’s views on Eminem are interesting. He has understood that
rap music is a sophisticated art. The rythm in rap music is complex
and you need a good sense of rythm to be a good rapper. Of course,
rap music cannot be explained the way you would analyze a classical
composer’s work on a score. It escapes to those rules and it often
scares traditional musical critics who don’t see ” real music” in
rap, which is so untrue.
Rap music was born in the ghetto. It is linked to street culture. It
has a rich sound and rythm that is in constant evolution.
If you look back at NWA’s style, you will notice that their album is
rich of so many different musical styles like reggae, jazz, soul,
Eminem masters rythm and sound very well. He also masters the words.
He is a real good rapper. In my opinion, he’s a genius of rap.
Lindberg points it out so well: “Eminem puts a personal stamp on
everything he does.”

This ability makes him so unique in the world of hip hop. His
particular voice, his originality, his high level of skills makes
you recognize him in a crowd of 10 000 different rappers. Eminem’s
music is great art.

Pistol Pistol

D12’s song ‘ Pistol Pistol ‘ is all about ghetto life in Detroit. Detroit and its dangerosity is pictured in the song. You gotta be weaponed to live and to survive in the Detroit underground.
Eminem’s provocative side appeard in the first chorus of the song. His words spread like bullets and hit some intolerant parents. He knows how much his words are misinterpreted at first and so much criticized :
‘Slick criminal wit, the shit I spit chews
like a bullet came back that just missed and hit you
I say the type of shit parents slit their wrists to
need an anthem to amp you, then this the shit to…’

How many times have Eminem and his fellows beeen accused of being violent and to encourage violence. How many times have they been accused of making money by exploiting the world’s misery?
Two elements need to be taken into account:
– the lyrical content of the D12 album may be violent, but Eminem never told you to act violently. In fact, he often parodies violence.
It is sometimes difficult for people to understand Eminem’s personnality. When he gets accused of being evil, the talented rapper often gives a sarcastic answer to his accuser (who takes his words litterally). A good example is Eminem’s response to ‘Time’ magazine when he was accused of promoting violence:
“I do promote violence and I don’t give a fuck.”
– you also have to consider that D12’s album is reflection of real life. The mirror of the Detroit underground.
Swifty’s part summarizes the context of Detroit :
‘Nigga, we violently active, so fuck with us
see I’m backwards – I slap niggas and punch bitches
Just for asking, they must’ve been wanting to meet the Lord
when my parents talk to me they’ve got mean mugs and ignore
They were snooping through my closet, seen drugs on the floor
shells from the forty-four scattered over their porch
Bustin pistols in your windows with intentions to destroy you
trying to break your neck to conversate? Bitch, I’ll do it for you
Catch me laughing at your funeral when they lower you, you and your ho
you gots to go, bitches died slow and horrible
There’s no tomorrow for any nigga, we’ll shower you
young, Black, and powerful, (BITCH!) and I ain’t gotta lie to you…’

It portrays violence and violents acts which are put there to scare you to death. Those descriptions are continued by Kuniva who pictures a life that is conditioned by the gun:
I’d rather pack the heat and not need
rather than need one and not have it, I married this Glock-matic…’

Kon Artis makes a clear reference to a subject that scandalized a lot of people: the Columbine shootings.
Bizarre’s part is ill and funny. There aez references to thug life, to drugs to murders. I particularly like the way he humors Jehovah witnesses who will start thinking before knocking at the door, redneck reading the Holy Koran, Slim Shady falling back in love with Christina Aguilera. This is how funny people may act in front of a gun.
Bizarre’s part won’t leave you indifferent.
The song “Pistol Pistol” makes you travel through the mind of thugs who never go out without their pistols nor without a real sense of humor.Bizarre]
Yeah, welcome to Amityville
Detroit, nigga!
The reason why rappers gotta pack pistols! Ha ha ha ha!
[Chorus – Eminem]
Slick criminal wit, the shit I spit chews
like a bullet came back that just missed and hit you
I say the type of shit parents slit their wrists to
need an anthem to amp you, then this the shit to
Too many enemies on my list to sift through
nobody got my back in this bitch but this two
Sorry officer, I don’t care how pissed I get you
but I don’t go nowhere without my pistol pistol
[Swifty McVay]
Nigga, we violently active, so fuck with us
see I’m backwards – I slap niggas and punch bitches
Just for asking, they must’ve been wanting to meet the Lord
when my parents talk to me they’ve got mean mugs and ignore
They were snooping through my closet, seen drugs on the floor
shells from the forty-four scattered over their porch
Bustin pistols in your windows with intentions to destroy you
trying to break your neck to conversate? Bitch, I’ll do it for you
Catch me laughing at your funeral when they lower you, you and your ho
you gots to go, bitches died slow and horrible
There’s no tomorrow for any nigga, we’ll shower you
young, Black, and powerful, (BITCH!) and I ain’t gotta lie to you
Stepped in the door waving the four-four
blazing at po-po, escaping and lay low
They call my (?), but I spit fire
I lit five inside a fucking dickrider
The clip slider, love to blast a Mag, you’re a FAG
you love being ass to ass
Grab a gun by the nose with the butt to gat-spank ya
never say that I’m a gangsta, now THAT’S gangsta
Yall niggas sound like Jigga but act like Pac
yo, my trigger got the flu and this gat might cough
It ain’t nothing to tell, empty shells for the witness
I’m the hot nigga that’s gonna put hell outta business
It won’t be the same since we touching the game
make the hardest nigga in your crew tuck in his chain
You think this shit’s a game and we’re bluffing for fame?
I’ll squeeze off this tech until NOTHING remains
The only time that I’m at piece/peace is when I’m close to one
cause I don’t know what’s waiting for me when my vocals are done
Tote the gun, it’s my way of life and it works
these cowardly niggas’ll put your fucking life in the dirt
Cause it was wrong how they left my dog, he was priceless
alone in the streets, bleeding, staring, laying lifeless
That’s why I’m heated, you never know who starts creepin
waking you up with AKs while you lie sleeping
I’d rather pack the heat and not need
rather than need one and not have it, I married this Glock-matic
[Kon Artis]
You know the sound when I’m spinnin round
spittin these rounds from fo’ pounds
while the whole crowd is screaming as loud
from they’re mouths as they possibly allow
Nothing is parallel to making you carousel
arial sommersault from ferris wheels to a pair of shells
Denaun carry the nine where I go
bullets whistle and hit you while I’m shooting at five-0
Some semi-automatic for static’s the motto
spitting like [Columbine kids] from Colorado
This nine’ll turn a softy to a hard rock
it’ll make Jehova’s Witnesses think before they knock (Sorry, sorry!)
It’ll make your grandmother come out of her hearse
it’ll make Limp Bizkit get rid of Fred Durst (Ha ha!)
It’ll make Holyfield start fighting
it’ll make Ma$e say “Fuck church!” and go back to writing
It’ll make Shyne say he sound like Biggie Smalls
it’ll make R. Kelly give respect to Aaron Hall
It’ll make Christopher Reeve start walking
it’ll make a dog with no voice suddenly start barking
It’ll make a nun turn into a filthy slut
it’ll make the hardest pitbull turn into a fucking mutt
It’ll make a Muslim dye his hair blonde
it’ll make a redneck start to read the Holy Koran
It’ll make Ike stop beating Tina
it’ll make Slim Shady fall back in love with Christina
Christina Aguilera… HA HA HA HA!
Ha, nigga, nigga, nigga! You better have an aim
cause if you don’t – you’re FINISHED – flat out, nigga, nigga, nigga
What? Fuck around and get popped with NO hesitation, straight up
Look at where the fuck we stay at!
Nigga, look where the fuck we stay at!
Fuck around with us, you get popped

Kim Mathers ordered back to jail after dropping out of drug abuse program

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. (AP) ‘ The ex-wife of hip-hop superstar Eminem was back in prison after Macomb County authorities said she dropped out of a court-ordered drug abuse program.
Kimberley Mathers, was released from jail March 1 to attend a drug treatment program after being convicted of using cocaine while on probation.
Macomb County Circuit Judge Edward Servitto on Feb. 12 ordered she serve 30 days in the county jail and then be transferred to an inpatient substance abuse treatment program for an additional 90 days.
On Tuesday, she was back in the Macomb County Jail.
“For whatever reason, she left the program she was attending so the judge ordered her back to jail,” Capt. John Roberts, the jail commander, told The Detroit News for a Thursday story.
“For right now, it’s ordered by the judge that she complete her sentence in jail.”
Mathers, 28, was sentenced on Jan. 21 to two years’ probation after pleading guilty to charges of possessing 25 grams or less of cocaine and failing to give adequate space to an emergency vehicle. The charges stemmed from a June traffic stop in St. Clair Shores
Mathers was also barred from using alcohol or nonprescription drugs and has to undergo random drug testing for the duration of her probation.
Her sentence is up on May 12.
Mathers and Eminem, whose legal name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, have a daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers.

Nail In The Coffin or the lyrical murder of Benzino

Benzino is dead. At least lyrically. Eminem has shut him down with his words and the more Benzino makes different attempts to attack Eminem, the more he looks ridiculous in front of the public opinion.
When Eminem wrote ‘ Nail In the Coffin ‘, he wanted to respond to Benzino’s provocative words against him in ‘ Pull Your skirt up ‘.
‘ Nail In the Coffin ‘ may have killed Benzino lyrically, but it hasn’t stopped Benzino’s megalomania. Being unable to find any good argument against Marshall, Benzino decided to put the race card in his (whack and laughable) lyrics. He seriously thinks he is the new leader of black people who impersonates the black power in America. Benzino is not even black. His reference to Malcolm X is a pretty clear example of racism (against white people). He is a 44 years old half black man who suddenly wants to launch his rap career. The only way he found was to attract people’s attention. His strategy was to attack the best MC on the planet. He even tried to prove that Eminem is a racist. But all his attempts to ruin Eminem were unsuccessful.
Matter of fact : nobody cares about Benzino. People talk about him because of Eminem. In fact, he owes Eminem a lot. Even his first TV appearence, as Eminem pointed it out in a interview given to Angie Martinez. You can listen to it here :
In his track ‘ Die Another Day ‘ that is made of weak lyrics, Benzino attacks Eminem with personal details about his ex wife, his daughter and his friends. His whole text is an example of pure jealousy, but lyrically, he has no weapons to attack Marshall Mathers. Marshall has always been a well weaponed soldier who is not afraid to send his bullets to Benzino.
Marshall’s attacks in ‘ Nail In The Coffin ‘ are subtle. He jokes about Benzino’s age and doubles it to make him look much more ridiculous. He points out his hypocrisy. You will probably know that he met Obie Trice in Puerto Rico before the beef started and that he praised him for ‘ Rap Name ‘, shaking his hands and telling him :
Yeah, I got you! Dawg, you tight, nigga!”
A typical example of hypocrisy.
Eminem and his fellows have done more for the black community than Benzino will ever do in his entire life.
Eminem has done a lot for interracial relations in his personal life and also through his records.
It is so easy for Benzino to talk about the ghetto, sitting behind his desk and fantasizing about being the leader of the black community.
Eminem couldn’t have expressed it better than in these verses :
‘ You sit behind a fuckin desk at The Source butt-kissin
and beggin motherfuckers for guest appearences
and you can even get the clearances cuz real lyricists
dont even respect you or take you serious
Its not that we dont like you, we hate you – period
Talk about a mid-life crisis damn
last week you was shakin Obie Trice’s hand
Now hes a busta? What the fucks with that? ‘
minem concludes ‘ Nail In the Coffin ‘ on a funny note. His last words will make us seriously doubt about Benzino’s intelligence. His reference to Canibus also shows that he respects his rival who is a pretty good lyricist :
‘ Raymond, here, let me break this shit down in lamens
terms for you just to make sure that you can understand this
and Canibus they usin too many complicated fuckin words for you
Here then let me slow it down for you
so you can understand if I say it slower:
Let it go dawg it’s over
‘ ‘
Last shot. Benzino drops dead’killed by Slim Shady’s words. The beef between Eminem and Benzino is an underground beef.
I like the way the following website humors the beef :
No real rap music lover really cares about Benzino, none of them wants to listen to his songs nor to download them. Benzino, give it up. You ain’t no real rapper. You can raise your voice against giants in the music industry like Eminem : nobody cares.
The half white co owner and the white owner of the Source will need to find another strategy to sell their worthless magazine. Because nobody cares about your untrue allegations of racism against Marshall Mathers.
Eminem has given him a name. At least for that reason, Raymond Scott owes him respect.
Nail In The Coffin
This motherfucker here, just wont shut up will you?
Talk about I owe you, bitch you owe me
Promote me right now
Man lets put the nail in his coffin
I dont want to be like this
I dont really want to hurt no feelins
But Im only bein real when I say nobody wants to hear their grandfather rap
Old men have heart attacks
and I dont want to be responsible for that so
Put the mic down and walk away
You can still have a little bit of dignity
[Verse 1]
I would never claim to be no great Benzino
an 83 year old fake Pachino
So how can he hold me over some balcony
without throwin his lower back out as soon as he goes to lift me
Please dont, youl probably fall with me
and our asses will both be history
But then again youl finnally get your wish
cuz youl be all over the street like 50 Cent
Fuckin punk pussy fuck you chump
gimme a one-on-one see if I dont fuck you up
Tryin to jump the Ruff Ryders and they cut you up
And you put Jada on a track thats how much you suck
duck in the industry, swear that you in the streets hustlin
You sit behind a fuckin desk at The Source butt-kissin
and beggin motherfuckers for guest appearences
and you can even get the clearances cuz real lyricists
dont even respect you or take you serious
Its not that we dont like you, we hate you – period
Talk about a mid-life crisis damn
last week you was shakin Obie Trice’s hand
Now hes a busta? What the fucks with that?
Get on a track dissin us kissin 50’s ass
and askin me what I know about inditements-bite me
bitch I got two cases, and probation – fight me!
What do I know about standin in front of a judge like a man
ready to take whatever sentence he hands
What you know about your wife slicin her wrists
right in front of the only thing you have in this world – a little girl?
And I put that on her, when this is all over
I would never try to make her a star and eat off her
I dont know shit about no shoppin rocks
But what you know about hip-hop shops rockin spots?
When your the only white boy in that bitch just rippin
pressin up your own flyers and your stickers stickin
them bitches up after spendin six hours at Kinkos
Just makin copys of your covers of casette singles
and sell them out the trunk of your Tracer
Spendin your whole paycheck at Disc Makers
What you know about bein bullied over half your life?
Oh thats right, you know what thats like, your half white
Vanilla Ice,spill the beans and rice, Im eaten you alive inside
Jesus Christ, if your that much of a gangster, put the mic down
You should be out killin motherfuckers right now
Kill a motherfucker dead, kill’em dead bitch
Shoot’em in the fuckin head, go ahead bitch
Slap my mom, slap the f*ck outa her!
She cant sue you, she wouldnt get a buck out of you
Cuz your broke as fuck you suck your a fuckin joke
If you was really sellin coke, well then what the fuck
you stop for dummy? If you slew some crack
you’d make alot more money than you do from rap
You never had no security, you’ll never be famous
You’l never now what its like to be rich, lifes a bitch aint it?
Raymond, here, let me break this shit down in lamens
terms for you just to make sure that you can understand this
and Canibus they usin too many complicated fuckin words for you
Here then let me slow it down for you
so you can understand if I say it slower:
Let it go dawg it’s over
[Eminem talkin]
Talkin bout I have motherfuckers callin your crib
bitch you aint even got a fuckin crib
You aint even got a fuckin phone, fuckin punk
Threatened to shut me down at your little fuckin Source magazine
if I come back then you would attack me, bitch you attacked me first
take it like a man and shut the fuck up
and fuck your little magazine too
I dont need your fuckin magazine, I got XXL number anywayz
And yall cant stand it cuz there gettin bigger than yall
oh, and by the way, howed I look on the VMAs?
When you was watchin me from whatever fuckin TV you was watchin me from in Boston
The mean streets of Boston, fuckin sissy
Like you got us scared in the motherfucker, suck our motherfuckin dicks
Oh, and for those thats dont know, dont get it twisted yo, the Source has a white

50 Cent is not an homophobic man

In a recent interview given to Playboy magazine, 50 Cent expressed his views about homosexuality:
“I ain’t into faggots. I don’t like gay people around me, because I’m not comfortable with what their thoughts are. I’m not prejudiced. I just don’t go with gay people and kick it – we don’t have that much in common. I’d rather hang out with a straight dude. But women who like women, that’s cool.”
Some people may have been shocked by his statements, but I think he deserves respect for being honest. 50 Cent doesn’t feel comfortable in front gay people, and thus, doesn’t want to hang out with them. There is nothing degrading nor gay bashing in what he said. There is absolutely nothing to be shocked about: 50 Cent has the right not to go with homosexual men. It is his choice.
As he pointed it out, 50 Cent has been honest speaking his mind:
“It’s OK to write that I’m prejudiced.This is as honest as I could possibly be with you. When people become celebrities they change the way they speak. But my conversation with you is exactly the way I would have a conversation on the street. We refer to gay people as faggots, as homos. It could be disrespectful, but that’s the facts.”
The GLAAD approved 50 Cent’s honesty, but people of this organisation still have problems with his use of the word ‘faggot’. GLAAD’s People of Color Media Manager C. Riley Snorton said:
“We applaud his honesty in talking about the murder of his bisexual mother and appreciate his acknowledgment that he is not comfortable with gay people. We know that confronting homophobia can indeed be uncomfortable. A good way to start would be to attend GLAAD’s annual media awards. I’d like to invite 50 Cent as my personal guest.”
The GLAAD said: “it can be dangerous to use words like ‘faggot’ and ‘homo’ when talking about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.”I wish the GLAAD stopped with its susceptibility about the use of the word ‘faggot’. The organisation still has problems with it.
The GLAAD should seriously grow up.
In 2001, the Glaad has protested against Eminem, turning him into a symbol of homophobia as if Eminem was the first rapper to use ‘faggot’ in his lyrics. As Eminem pointed it out, the word ‘faggot’ in his lyrics means ‘sissy’. The song ‘Criminal’, where the word gets used with the meaning ‘gay’, is obviously a reaction against the Glaad’s accusation of homophobia.
People of the GLAAD don’t seem to know the world of hip hop very well. It is so common to use words such as ‘faggot’ or ‘dyke’ in hip hop lyrics. Scholly D did it long before Eminem and 50 Cent in ‘Saturday Night’:
“…and I thought it was
a gag, when I thought it was a girl, it was nothing but a fag”

NWA has also used similar words like ‘dyke’ in ‘Gangsta Gangsta’:
“Dumb ass hooker ain’t nuttin’ but a dyke”
50 Cent, whose own mom used to be bisexual, cannot be targetted as homophobic. It would be a real mistake to do so.
People from the Glaad should stop taing each word of rap lyric literally. That would certainly help to push thin

Eminem Shuns D12, Buddha-Shaped Bizarre Hangs Like 50 In ‘My Band’

Eminem has never shied away from addressing serious topics in his rhymes. But when it comes to hooking up with his old rap group from Detroit, D12, Eminem seems determined to keep it silly.
the group’s new single and video, “My Band,” Eminem and company satirize the very obvious fact that despite their best intentions, Em clearly is the most high-profile member of the group.
In the clip, Eminem is the egocentric lead singer of a rock band who affords himself all the perks of celebrity while shutting out his backing bandmates. The idea is a spin on three real-life experiences that happen to the crew again and again, Eminem says: when D12 get called a “band” and not a “rap group,” when Eminem is singled out from the other members, and when people mix up the names, faces and voices of the group’s other members. Instead of continuing to get angry about the situation, they decided to poke fun at it.
You know, one day I was just in this silly-ass mood … where I was kinda slap-happy. [I decided to act like] I’m the lead singer here and I’m going to get the chicks,” Eminem said of the behavior that inspired the “character” he plays in the video.
“It was all day long, though,” his D12 mate Swift added.
“All day long,” Eminem agreed. “I was probably annoying the f— out of them, but it ended up becoming a song.”
The self-parodying in the clip isn’t limited to Em and D12 ‘ extended family member 50 Cent gets it as well. Mocking the “Six Million Dollar Man” workout regimen 50 Cent goes through in his video for “In Da Club,” the Buddha-shaped D12 rapper Bizarre is shown hanging upside down in a futile attempt to get in shape.
Eminem both produced “My Band” and directed the video. The track appears on D12’s upcoming sophomore album, D12 World, which is due out April 27

Two brothers who love each other

Marshall is not only a dedicated daddy to Hailie, he is also a great big brother to Nathan. Since Nathan was born, Eminem used to take care of his little brother. He pretty much raised him. In an interview given to Lang Whitaker, Eminem talks about the way he used to take care of Nathan:
It’s got a little something to do with me not knowing my father, so I try to fuckin’ make it up a little bit. But I don’t think that’s the only reason. I think parenthood comes naturally to me. I mean, I raised my little brother. My little brother was born when I was eleven years old, so I pretty much raised him from the cradle. ‘
A former neighbor of Debbie Mathers, Rose Slone, can testify that Marshall was always good to his brother :
‘He was good to his brother. He was always there for Nathan.”
Both brothers are in very good terms and they do appreciate each other. When you take a look at pictures of Marshall and Nathan, they look like accomplices. You have probably noticed that they seem to like joking with each other.
Marshall and Nate have been through similar tough conditions of living, both have experienced a harsh childhood and have been bullied at school.
In 2001, Eminem was seeking for Nate’s custody. He has always felt very concerned by his brother’s well being. There was a time, he couldn’t call him without Debbie listening to their conversation.
According to Debbie, Marshall has always been very protective towards Nate:
‘Marshall does preach to him about staying in school: ‘Don’t do drugs; don’t drink. If I ever catch you doing it, or smoking pot, I’m gonna go out and let you finish a joint and then I’m gonna bust ya upside your head.'”
Since his 16 th birthday, Nathan lives with his brother who is a positive role model to him. Nate is very supportive to Marshall’s carrier and he has participated to several of his videos. He enjoys his brother’s music and he wants to be a rapper too.
At the time Nate’s website was disabled (some jealous people had trashed his guestbook), I have read so many stupid comments from his detractors. Some of them said that Nate ‘was a sponge who was living in the shadow of his brother’. To all those people , I would like to say: ‘Just shut up and get a damn life!’
Nate hasn’t choosen to be the brother of a celebrity. You cannot compare him to Eminem, he hasn’t started an official rap career. In December 2002, he was trying to get a record deal, but for the moment, he hasn’t be signed to a label.
Of course, if you consider Eminem’s huge talent, you will realize that Nate will have to work hard as a rapper. But don’t prejudge him before his carrier started.
Nate is only 18 years old. He has his life in front of him to prove his skills.
For his 18th birthday, Marshall has offered a studio to his beloved brother: he may surprise us very soon with a cool record.
Much more than brothers, Marshall and Nate are true friends for life.

How is Hailie gonna react when she grows up?

Being a huge Eminem fan, I have been confronted to those questions many times : ‘ How will Hailie react as a teenager when she will discover the full version of ‘ Bonnie and Clyde ‘ and of songs like ‘ Kim ‘, for instance ?
Many Eminem detractors have objected me that Eminem was so ‘ evil ‘, that his daughter would end up hating her father.
I am totally convinced of the contrary and let me tell you why :

Eminem is a devoted father to Hailie who feels very concerned by her well being. He is very cautious when Hailie listens to his music. She only listens to clean versions of his songs.
– Eminem’s approach of education with Hailie is liberal. Recently Hailie even learnt how to use some cusswords from her cool daddy who thought it was high time for her to learn some, she’d hear some cusswords at school anyway.
– The little girl is also used to her daddy’s sense of humor. She is also part of his artistic creation and lend her voice to her daddy’s records since she was 2 and a half.
– When Hailie will be old enough, Eminem will spend some time with his daughter to explain her the meaning behind the words. He will explain her in which context he wrote ‘ 97 Bonnie and Clyde ‘ and ‘ Kim ‘. Hailie will understand that her caring dad had been hurt by her mom and that he wanted to get her back. She will understand that those songs that shocked the media are nothing else than Eminem’s expression of love towards Kim. Hailie will understand that her parents, despite their arguments, had strong feelings for each other.
In 1999, when Hailie was 3, Kurt Loder from MTV asked Eminem about the song ‘ Guilty conscience ‘. He wanted to know how Eminem would explain the song to his daughter. The part with the 15 years old girl in particular :
‘ Yo! This girl’s only fifteen years old
You shouldn’t take advantage of her, that’s not fair)
Yo, look at her bush.. does it got hair? (Uh huh!)
Fuck this bitch right here on the spot bare
Til she passes out and she forgot how she got there
(Man, ain’t you ever seen that one movie _Kids_?)
No, but I seen the porno with SunDoobiest!
(Shit, you wanna get hauled off to jail?)
Man fuck that, hit that shit raw dawg and bail’ ‘

There are clear references to rape in ‘ Guilty Conscience ‘. But why should Eminem hide those things to Hailie ? Eminem envisions America’s bad side in the song and he is referring to reality.
There is no reason for him to overprotect his daughter and to hide reality to her.
This is how Eminem answered to Kurt :
Eminem:” I would be able to explain that song to her just like I would to any other child on the face of this earth. Anyone with a half a brain can see that “Guilty Conscience” was me just talking about the ways of the world and your conscience. It’s a concept song.It’s like you got the bad half of you and you have the good half — and it seems like in America these days, the evil side always rules. And that’s what I was trying to do with that song. It was a concept, you know, me taking little stabs at Dr. Dre and him throwing them back. As a kid growing up, my daughter is gonna know right from wrong. She’s gonna know what to do and what not to do. She’s also gonna go through the same things that other children do when growing up. When I was 12 years old, if I heard an NWA record or I heard an Ice-T record, I never went out and shot somebody. You have to be smart enough to know.”According to me, Eminem is a good father who is doing the right thing with his little daughter. When she will be old enough to understand, he will explain his lyrics to her. He will help her to distinguish between right and wrong. We should expose reality to our kids in its uglyness and roughness : that’s the best way to prepare them to their adult life. Life won’t always be sugarcoated for them. It is useless to act as of danger and violence didn’t exist. Kids who are far from reality will be weakened in their adult life.”
Parents, should also be tolerant about their kids’ musical tastes. Music helps them to grow up and is not necessarly a bad influence.
As Eminem points it out, he stated listening to NWA and Ice T when he was 12 and he never shot anybody. Take your kid’s CD for what it actually is: words and music.

Eminem touring with Hailie?

Maybe it would be more secure for Hailie if daddy and daughter could be touring together.
Last June, during Eminem’s European tour, Hailie had to face some real difficulties at school:
Two of Eminem’s nannies don’t seem to be trustworthy. JR Watkins has betrayed him by displaying intimate details about his privacy in 2002.
Nadine Bailey has caused some scandal in June 2003. She was accused of punching a little girl, Hailie’s pal named Karrie Laws. She also made the little girl swallow some soap, accusing her of lying about her homework.
Her mom said:
“Karrie has been subjected to ongoing abuse.”
Karrie is the daughter of Kenneth Laws, Eminem’s bodyguard.
Human relationships aren’t always simple to handle, particularly when you’re a superstar.
Eminem does his best to give Hailie the most comfortable life. He is a very loving father.
As he stated it on Radio 1, his daughter is actually the most important person in his life:
“… I’m never gonna hold back on expressing my
love for my daughter. There’s nothing that can
strip that… She’s obviously the most important
thing to me. She’s so beautiful and so smart”

(Radio 1 interview)
The only problem is that he’s barely at home with Hailie. Touring with her might be the solution, who knows?