The launching of Shade 45 at the Shady National Convention: an official step in favor of freedom of speech

He’s been protested against for his wicked lyrics, the government has constantly tried to censor his music and videos…some people still want to shut him down.
Bad news for his opponents: Eminem has the power to voice his political opinion publicly.
Some people reproach him to raise his voice because he is rich. Nonsense! If Marshall Mathers was poor, none of you would take his political opinion into account. No, Eminem is not some rich idiot whose statements are pointless just because he comes from a dysfunctional family, although some readers from Gavinsblog seem to believe it:
« Who cares what Eminem thinks! He’s got a nerve bashing Bush or anyone for that matter. This from a chump who can’t save his marriage, hates and sues his mother and can’t get his own psychological mind in order…and HE wants to save America? Give me a break! Who cares he makes millions…he’s just a chump with a lot of money »
Wrong! A lot of people care about Eminem’s opinion…
-Marshall Mathers represents a political power in America. His voice is heard on the media.
– Unlike many celebrities who express about politics and trying to get engaged in an electoral campaign, Eminem doesn’t belong to the glamorous Hollywood celebrity world. Marshall Mathers is a self made man who has worked hard to become the powerful man he is now. He remains close to underground and white trash people and perfectly knows about the problems the underprivileged in America experience in their every day life.
The opening of the Shady National Convention is an official step for more freedom of speech in America and a new stab at conservative America.
You will barely see Slim Shady dressed in a suit and wearing a tie. But on Thursday October the 28th, Eminem had some more conventional clothes, probably to mark the beginning of something official.
On the D12 World message board, somebody who had the great chance to attend to the Shady National Convention recalls the event:
” I just got back from the convention, I got my tickets from Jason. It was a hot show. Here are the details I remember:
1)Eminem opened with Mosh, then did Business, White America, Kill you and some others. He also did the shade 45 freestyle.
2) D12 came out and did How Come, U R the one, My band, When the music stops, and then American Psycho with a special appearence by B-Real.
4) Stat Quo came out and performed a song.
3) Obie came out and did his thing with The Setup, then he did ‘Oh’ and none other than Busta Rhymes came out and did it with him. Busta stayed on stage for a little bit and tore the roof off the place.
4) Obie then came back and did his verse of Love Me, then Em came out and did his part, then 50 Cent came out and finsihed the song off. 50 then stayed and did Patiently Waiting with Em and In Da Club with Yayo. Duting In da club, 50 threw his leather jacket into the crowd and almost started a fight when like 6 people were fighting over it. Gotta give 50 credit, he really brought it tonight.
5) Em came back out and closed out with Just Lose It. Before the song, he told Michael Jackson to beat it and “fuck him if he cant take a joke”
I should also add that Donald Trump and Method Man were there, along with Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine and even Bono from U2. Overall great show, I know Im forgetting some things, but this is all i can think of right now.”

The New York Post has offered some negative criticism against Eminem’s Shady National Convention:
If Dan Aquilante really thinks that Eminem’s eminence is diminished, he is really wrong. He’s stronger now more than ever, as he powerfully states it in « Mosh ».
Eminem is indeed a political force and he manages to rally a lot of people is his courageous engagement against Bush. I didn’t have the chance to be a participant to the Shady National Convention, but what I heard from it reveals an amazing ceremony that must have been really great.
Judge by yourself:
The Shady National Convention is the symbol of a new generation that will stand up and fight for its rights.
If Bush loses the elections next Tuesday (November the 2nd 2002) , remember that you will also owe it to Eminem’s strong political engagement against dictatorial power. Let’s build a better and peaceful world- without Bush.
If you’re interested in downloading the Mosh video, click here:

Fame is a golden jail for Eminem

Don’t always envy Eminem for his wealth and fame. Marshall recently expressed that he sometimes has the feeling to be « locked in a cage ».
His always busy schedule doesn’t leave much time for leisure. Have you ever realized that Eminem doesn’t even have the freedom to step into a shop alone?
Eminem wishes a quiet life and if he could change anything about his current way of life, he’d wish to go back to the period where he managed to make a comfortable living without the many disadvantages of being a celebrity:
“I would take it back to where I made a comfortable living,
“I would just make music, have people appreciate it, even if it’s a few people who appreciate it, and be able to walk to a mall, walk to a store.â€?

It is sad to say, but many people who approach Eminem often want to take advantage of his fortune or of his image. Marshall Mathers is very conscious of it:
« Do they truly, genuinely love me for me?
“The reason they’re approaching me is because I’m Eminem.
“And I will never be able to get over that insecurity. Does this person care about me for me, or is it too late in the game now? Because I have money, I have fame, and I’m who I am.â€?

Marshall has dated some celebrities after the split from his wife Kim. He hasn’t really found some consolation in those kind of relationships. He admitted that they « didn’t work ».
What Eminem says about the motivations of the persons who want to approach him is mostly true.
But Marshall should also realize that there are some persons outside of this glamorous celebrity world who really appreciate him for who he is : a genuine and talented person with a great personality.
I am one of them.
Marshall, you are fully appreciated for yourself by some people on planet earth. Never doubt it.

Eminem vs Everlast

Don’t mess with Slim Shady unless you wanna get kicked badly and killed lyrically!
Everlast and Eminem have fought against each other in hard lyrical battles that went very personal.
The beef between Eminem and the former “House Of Pain” member started in 1999. Eminem’s words from the song “Just Don’t Give A Fuck” highly offended Everlast, since his name was mentionned:
“I’m Nicer than Pete, but I’m on a Serch to crush a Milkbone / I’m Everlast-ing, I melt Vanilla Ice like silicone…”
Everlast prompted to respond in his “Dilated People” track and made his beef between him and Eminem become very personal, since he mentionned Hailie in a pretty clear allusion:
“Ear Drums Pop (Remix)”, saying “Cock my hammer, spit a Comet like Haley / I’ll buck a three-eighty on ones that act shady / I’m original like Grady, check my Sanford, Son / You know you ain’t the one that rep peckerwood status / I’ll bust that ass, keep your eyes on the floor / What you comin here for, son you know the law / Let’s take it back to the house, slide off your blouse / Lift up your skirt and expose your panties / For the world to see, you can’t rep it like me.”
I Remember” is a former Eminem song that is aimed at Eric Shrody aka Everlast and describes Everlast as a dead rapper who should have died from his recent heart attack:
“I remember back when you had The Knack (had the knack)
And I remember when you had your first heart attack (heart attack)
I was right there laughin when I heard the news (heard the news)
I just wish the cardiac would’a murdered you (would’a murdered you)…”

“I Remember” is fullfilled with sarcasms towards Eric Shrody.
But it is just the beginning of a bitter and personal war of words between both rappers. As the lyrical struggle goes on,
Everlast becomes more and more personal with Eminem.
“Whitey’s Revenge” is a diss track towards Eminem that target Debbie Mathers and that questions Eminem’s fatherhood.
In the introduction, Whitey Ford dedicates the song to Debbie Mathers and questions Eminem’s toughness and his sexuality.
He also accuses him to use the “shock value” of his lyrics for money.
The meanest sentence is probably the following one:
“…and you can’t keep your woman from going astray
better run and check your kid for your DNA…”

Kim’s infidelity is clearly mentionned and Everlast wants to state that Eminem is probably not Hailie’s dad. The next sentence makes fun of Debbie’s lawsuits against Marshall:
I take care of my moms you get sued by yours…”
The Eminem/Everlast battle entered another round as Eminem released the song “Quitter” with the D12 group.
Marshall never jokes with his love for his daughter. He won’t allow anybody to talk about Hailie without retaliating badly.
The chorus of “Quitter” sounds like a real threat towards Everlast:
“Quitter and you bitter cuz I came along
And your days of house of pain are gone
If you talk about my little girl in a song again
I’ma kill you (I’ma kill you)…”

Eminem even goes that far to encourage his fans to beat his rival up:
“Aiight look…
So this is what we ask of our fans
If you ever see Everlast, whoop his ass
Hit him with sticks, bricks, rocks, throw shit at him
Kick him, spit on him, treat him like a hoe, bitchslap him
Do it for me, do it for Fred, do it for Limp
Do it for Rock, do it for Rap, do it for Ken
Do it for Ice T, do it just to do it, FUCK IT
He’s a bitch, he ain’t gonna hit you back, he’s nothin
Shit, in five years, we’re all gonna be eating at Whitey’s
And he’ll be busin tables in that bitch, cleaning the toilets…”

But the whole song also reveals Eric Shrody’s bitterness and his jealousy.
On February the 2nd, 2001, Everlast did a public show at St Andrews Hall in Detroit where he publicly dissed Eminem. The show ended violently. Suddenly some participants threw bottles and chairs on stage and some other men wearing D12 Tshirts entered the concert hall and asked the crowd:
“Are you going to let this motherfucker come to Detroit and disrespect Eminem?”
Three people were injured and sent to the hospital. During the show, Everlast called Eminem “a fucking midget”, criticized D12 and challenged the participants from Eminem’s camp:
The mic is open if there’s someone from Eminem’s camp who’s here. “Didn’t think so.”
People from Eminem’s camp were trying to take over security and were approaching the scene. Everlast took his guitar as a self defense weapon and one of the assaillants took the microphone, addressing to the crowd, until the power was cut. As a consequence, Everlast had to leave the show.
The lyrical battles that opposed Eminem and Everlast could have ended tragically. As far as I am concerned, “personals” are not the most interesting side of a lyrical battle. But that’s usually the way his rivals are trying to get at Eminem.
If you ask me, attacking a rapper by dissing his family members is rather a sign of weakness and it shows his incapacity to harm his enemy lyrically by other means. It also shows a cowardly manner to battle one’s opponent. Look at your rival’s own weaknesses, but why diss his family members?

Moby praises “Mosh”

Although the fact he has been dissed in his “Without Me” video and that Eminem has clearly expressed his disgust of his music and of his person, Moby has expressed his admiration for Eminem’s new video Mosh. Moreover, the artist has recommended his fans to listen to the song and to watch the video:
“You know that Eminem and I have had our differences in the past, but this video is the best thing that I’ve seen all year. It’s an amazing song and an even more amazing video.” (Moby)
I agree with Moby. This video is probably the best for the whole year 2004. You can count it among my favorite Eminem videos.
Mosh is a fight song with an insightful message towards his listeners from America and all over the world.

Eminem’s new Mosh video: a new step in the fight for more justice

The video for Eminem’s brandnew song Mosh has been leaked this morning to my greatest pleasure. Picture Eminem in the role of a teacher: kids and adults, ready for your first anti war lesson. Follow Marshall, now headed with a American flag bandana, to the streets of America, expressing his rage against the headlines showing Bush’s war plans.
Some images of the half animated video recall steps of Marshall’s way to the top.
Mosh is a stab at President Bush’s policy.
Eminem stands up against any kind of injustice and discrimination.
Look at Lloyd Banks facing racial discrimination from the cops.
In America and everywhere in the world, the police is indeed responsible of many burs. This recent story posted on yahoo news is one of so many examples of their silly behavior:
Lloyd Banks then enters the living room while his dad watches manifestations of the KKK…Lloyd Banks realizes that it is high time to act and to stand up for his rights. He dresses up in his dark clothes and joins Eminem who is calling people to follow him in his fight.
A young man who comes back home and who obviously wants to spend some time with his family will be drafted for Bush’s ambitious war projects. His decision: « Say no to Bush ». He joins the crowd of rebellious people who are fed up with a dictatorial government’s lies that obviously exploit some patriots great ignorance about terrorism and Islamic countries.
No matter how old, man, woman, black, white or yellow, a sea of people join Eminem in his courageous struggle. A young woman who just got her eviction notice decides to be part of the game. The crowd of America’s underprivileged is taking over with a strong leader who is determined to win his battle against hypocrisy.
Eminem brings his people to the urns.
Considering that Bush needs to get kicked out, voting is more than an emergency for American citizens. Marshall will give the good example and vote for the first time on November the 2nd 2004.
His message is clear: « Vote against Bush » and there should be no confusion about it. Some people say that Eminem wants people to vote for Kerry, but its is totally untrue. He doesn’t really care about your favorite candidate, as long as you vote against Bush.
American citizens, please remember: each vote counts. Fight to be able to speak and be heard!
You will be able to watch the video for Mosh on yahoo launch.

Another kind of music that has influenced me tremendously: James Brown’s

I guess I have always been a black music lover. I have discovered James Brown in the mid 80’s. They call him « The Godfather of Soul ». His music is entertaining and emotional at the same time, it is a rich mixture of several musical genres like soul, blues, jazz, gospel, funky and soul. James Brown is one of those men who communicates a lot of energy and enthusiasm through his music.
I can remember the first time I listened to « Sex Machine », « I Got You ». I was impressed with the hot and entertaining atmosphere James Brown managed to create through his music. I still appreciate his music and listen to it.
James Brown, the amazing musician, was born in 1933, in Barnwell, South Carolina as the only child of his parents. He has black and asian roots through his mom.
When James Brown’s parents separated, the four year old boy grew up at his aunt’s home in Georgia. James Brown left school early, at the 7th grade.
As a young boy, he did all kind of jobs (washing dishes, picking cotton, washing cars…).
Being sentenced at the age of 16 for taking part in an armed robbery and being caught breaking into a car, James Brown spent a little time in jail and the served about three years in juvenile farms work.
He also tried to be a boxer and a base ball pitcher but he gave it up after having his leg injured. As the pitcher for jail team, he met pianist Bobby Byrd and he started to work with him at local clubs and bars during the night. His day job was located at Lawson Motor Company.
Later, Mr Brown became a member of Bobby Byrd’s gospel group.
James Brown has brought a revolution into popular music. He toured in Georgia with his gospel quartett Famous Flames. His release « Please, Please, Please » captured the attention of King Records in 1956.
In 1962, his performance at the Apollo made him a star.
James Brown’s energetic music also explains his nickname « Mr Dynamite ».
James Brown’s music is rich of so many musical genres (RnB, soul, funky, blues, etc..) and he is more than brilliant. The Godfather of soul music has brought black music out of the ghetto and made it popular.
You will learn more about this amazing artist here:
Check him out if you haven’t yet. He is really great.

Slim Shady stands up against Bush and calls people to vote

Eminem is a man who has the courage to stand up for his opinions, particularly when it has to do with President Bush’s war policy.
« Square Dance » offensively attacks Bush and puts a huge mirror in front of his hypocrisy:
« Never been the type to bend or budge The wrong button to push, No friend of Bush I’m the centerpiece, your the Maltese. I am a pittbull off his leash, All this peace talk can cease. »
Once described by Bush as « the biggest threat to kids since polio », Marshall has proven that his words are more than a salvation to the American youth which gets sacrificed for Bush’s useless Iraqi fights.
Somebody objected me once on a message board that the young Americans sent to war are voluntaries who are proud to « defend » their country.
First, Saddam Hussein wasn’t a real threat to the world. No chemical weapons have been found on his territory.
Bush’s policy is also fulfilled with strategically mistakes. He seems to consider the Iraqi war as a war opposing Christians and Muslims, Christians being the « good people » and Muslim « the evil ones ».
Bush seems to forget that not every Muslim is a terrorist and also that a lot of American citizens belong to the Muslim community and deserve respect as a religious community that has nothing to do with extremism and that even condemn it.
Also, I never really understood why Bush wanted most of the European countries to get involved with the conflict that opposed America to Iraq.
Through his stupid and stubborn policy, Bush endangers all of us. So many countries in this world, such as Indonesia have been victims of terrorist attacks since September the 11th.
Oh my God, how many 18 years old will have to die in Iraq till somebody stops Bush?
Voluntaries or brainwashed to become Bush’s puppets?
Those lines of Mosh summarize how much psychological pressures are put on young American citizens:
« No more blood for oil, we got our own battles to fight on our own soil
No more psychological warfare, to trick us to thinking that we ain’t loyal
If we don’t serve our own country, we’re patronizing a hero
Look in his eyes its all lies
The stars and stripes, they’ve been swiped, washed out and wiped… »

Marshall recently expressed how much he was worried about his young brother Nate being forced to fight in Iraq:
« I don’t want to see my little brother get drafted – he just turned 18 »
American citizens, Eminem urges you to vote. Not for Kerry, as some people seem to imply it. But clearly against Bush:
« People think their votes don’t count, but people need to get out and vote.
“Whatever my decision is, I would like to see Bush out of office. »

Eminem’s most recent on air statements

With the release of his recent « Just Lose It » video and the release of Bush bashing song Mosh, Eminem has received some negative feedback in the media. But Marshall perfectly know what to respond to his opponents.
Eminem has made some statements on air recently that won’t certainly leave you indifferent. He clarified his intentions with the creation of his most recent releases and also revealed some info about upcoming album « Encore ».
About Michael Jackson’s overreaction about « Just Lose It », Marshall just doesn’t get why so much fuss about a song, that is, after all, a parody:
« I dont know what the fuss is about. There are hundreds of other shit that makes MJ the butt of a joke. when i did it, people want to shit on me. »
Of course, the video incited Benzino to become associated with Michael Jackson and to give a racial interpretation of the song, which is-of course- more than laughable.
Michael Jackson is not the first and probably not the last person Marshall will make fun of.
To the losers of the Source magazine, who recently owed little money to Eminem because of the loss of their affair in justice against him, Marshall has a message full of humor:
« I think anybody who even thinks of pulling the race card on this is a fucking bitch. I’m not even gonna respond to anything. As for Benzino, its pretty obvious this is another way for him to try and destroy my career. he failed numerous times before. The $150,000 his fuckin magazine gave me? I spent that shit on toilet paper. really! The first thing i bought with that money was some toliet paper. His money means nothing to me. »
What else do we need to know about Eminem’s great song « Mosh »?
« I just wanted to make a song screaming in your face about this administration. I know its a bit different, but i didn’t want to rap fast in the song. I wanted to be slow and loud and in you face. (when asked if its gonna be the next single): oh yeh. to tell u the truth, this is the 1st single off the CD. Just Lose It is a song i banged out in an hour. It was something for the kids. Mosh is the real shit. »
Yea, Marshall. I agree with you. Mosh is the « real shit ». Mosh is lyrically well written and has a powerful meaning. It will certainly touch young and older people’s heart.
« Encore » is « The Eminem Show » ‘s follow up. It will definitely be more political and show a matured artist. Eminem worked very hard on his new album that you will be able to listen to on November the 16th:
« The album is really a follow up to the Eminem Show. Its a more politically charged LP. Like every CD I make, the album is gonna be a different side of me. The Eminem Show was a more calmed down me. My style matured, and i just worked 15 times harder. I was on probation, so i didn’t really have much freedom to get crazy like i used. I kind of found myself. I spent more time with my daughter. This album kind of deals with what I went through the past few years, and my view on politics and the world. Its less expressing my thoughts on myself, and more expressing my opinions on different issues. I think this is by far my best work. No doubt. »

Eminem album detail leak

The tracklisting for EMINEM’s long-awaited new album has leaked, NME.COM can exclusively reveal:
‘Encore’ is released on November 15 in the UK, and despite attempts to keep the tracklisting secret due to fears over file-sharing, it has been published.
The 20-track list features single ‘Just Lose It’ and ‘Mosh’ – a song that leaked this week and hits out at George W. Bush.
The tracklisting runs:
‘Curtains Up – Encore version’
‘Evil Deeds’
‘Never Enough’
‘Yellow Brick Road’
‘Like Toy Soldiers’
‘My 1st Single’
‘Paul’ (skit)
‘Rain Man’
‘Big Weenie’
‘Em Calls Paul’ (skit)
‘Just Lose It’
‘Ass Like That’
‘Spend Some Time’
‘Crazy In Love’
‘One Shot 2 Shot’
‘Final Thought’ (skit)
‘Encore/Curtains Down’
The rapper’s UK label are unable to confirm the tracklisting, or as to whether the song ‘Crazy In Love’ is a re-working of the Beyonce hit of the same name.

Another suicide case in the Mathers family leaves deep wounds into Marshall’s heart

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I discovered the news in the UK mirror yesterday. The Mirror certainly wanted to make a big sensation by showing a title like « Eminem’s « father » shoot himself in the head.
In fact, the article from the British tabloid wasn’t about Marshall Mathers II, but about Todd Nelson, Debbie Mathers’ brother and thus, Eminem’s uncle.
In fact, the Mirror’s article intented to point out Todd Nelson’s role as a replacement father for Marshall, which is totally wrong. Although Marshall has spent several years with uncle Todd at his house in Timken during his teenage years, Marshall wasn’t that close to his maternal uncle.
It is a matter of fact Todd Nelson has obviously tried to get some money out of his nephew’s fame and that he sticked up for his sister Debbie against Marshall, most of the time.
Some people may not understand why Marshall might be devasted by uncle Todd’s death, then. The reasons are quite obvious, though:
– the loss of a family member is always difficult to cope with, no matter if you were close to him or not, and I am talking by experience.
-Eminem had the great pain to lose his uncle Ronnie in 1991. Todd’s suicide will bring up a lot of memories to the surface.
During the two last days, I still had some hope this news could be a hoax. But the recent Detroit Free Press article about Todd Nelson’s tragical death ended my suspicions. This drama actually happened on October the 19th,2004:
Eminem will not attend to his uncle’s burial, but he has paid the costs of the funeral.
Marshall will have to cope with the loss of his mom’s brother and my thoughts are with him and his family members.
No matter what could have opposed Marshall and his uncle Todd, another witness of Marshall’s childhood and teenage years has gone.
R.I.P Todd Nelson.