DJ Butter: When it hit the fan

Read this exclusive DJ Butter aka Barry Yett taken out of his personal my space blog.
DJ Butter: “When It Hit the Fan….” – New Interview

DJ Butter: “When It Hit the Fan….”
Don’t sleep, DJ Butter is one of the most renowned deejays in Detroit. Born Barry Yett Jr., “DJ Butter” is known as the first DJ to put Eminem and D12 on mixtapes. Following his stellar introduction to the music game on Kill the DJ, which was distributed through South West Wholesale, the home of Cash Money, Eightball/MJG and Lil Flip, Butter has put in mad work, recording mixtapes with the likes of Short Dawg, Royce da 5’9, Street Lordz, Big Herk, NBA Legend Derrick Coleman, Raw Collection, Young Jeezy, and Jadakiss, just to list a few. His label, Crazy Noise Productions, is home to the original albums Shithappens, the Welcome to Shitville Soundtrack, Wesley Valentine’s Action Speaks Louder than Words, and YBP – Big Trouble In Little Detroit. DJ Butter has been featured in the Source Magazine, George Magazine (JFK),, Streetz Magazine, Murder Dog, Blaze Magazine, and the Detroit News. These accomplishments represent only a small portion of what Butter has been able to accomplish throughout his career. His list of credentials remains impressive and continues to constantly grow. He just wants to make sure you don’t forget.
Maximus: What’s new?
DJ Butter: I’m working on the new “Whatupdoe?” DVD featuring K-Deezy, Junior Reed, Young Jeezy, and Big Herk. Me and King David doing the “Rock City to Jam Rock” with Junior Reed. I got a Dipset mixtape in the works. Working on my fourth studio album with all original material. Working on Wesley Valentine’s second album. Providing footage for Cocaine City. I’m also working with Marc Kempf to release my magazine Funky Fresh “N” Flesh. I’ve worked with MC Serch on his “White Rapper Show” too. Oh, and there’s the Beef 4 DVD with QD3 I’m working on. I’ve been real busy, just not out there in the public eye like that.
Maximus: Since you’ve been so low key, or out of the public eye as you say, a lot of new deejays like Salam Wreck or Young Mase seem to have taken your spot. Some people feel like you’re washed up. Now, really keep it funky?
DJ Butter: Where these niggas come from really? What hood are they from? They ain’t street like us. Mase ain’t even from here. I think he’s from Toledo, Ohio. I helped Obie Trice & King Gordy get their deals. I’ve promoted mixtapes from Bermuda, NY, LA, ATL, and Memphis, to North Carolina, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Chicago, Miami, Texas, and Ohio. Fuck them niggas. I was out here with 12 Tech Mob, DJ Dez, and Drunken Master, doing this shit when it was tapes. If you ain’t touch tape decks, you can’t shit on anybody. I’ve bled for this rap shit. I’ve lost a lot. I really knew Proof. He was almost family. He dated my cousin. I got 6 years of legal issues with Shady Records, but I still got love for them boys because I watched them turn shit to sugar. I was the first to really to do the DJ Clue thing here in Detroit. I really got my tapes to Jay-Z, to Dr. Dre.
Maximus: Since the DJ Drama situation, what’s really good with the mixtape game?
DJ Butter: They want niggas to pay taxes. Shit is serious. I’ve been to New York many times since it happened. Niggas places is getting raided. King David just went to jail over some mixtape shit. Nowadays, deejays have to step their game up and put out their own original material. Basically, like what I’m doing.
Maximus: Where do you wanna see Detroit in this hip hop game, and what do niggas have to do to get it there?
DJ Butter: I wanna see it where it’s globally accepted. It’s bigger than just Eminem, and bigger than the Street Lords Money. I like to see niggas doing it how Guilty is doing it. I wanna see the deejays really get respected for their work. I think niggas need to speak up. Stop being on this Uncle Tom shit and being content with their position. Play more local shit you’ll see how the South got it. Play more local artists you know? The radio got the power to push these kats out into the mainstream. Give them more recognition from the majors.
You can find DJ Butter’s mixtapes sold and promoted through websites such as,, and among many others. Google “DJ Butter” for more sites and information.
“Don’t let these other deejays work you. I’m a DJ for the people.” – DJ Butter

Open your ears to Soloman Beatz

Soloman Beatz is a Californian artist with a very intuitive and impressive sense of rhythm a true music lover could barely stay indifferent in front of.
Starting with some guitar sounds that progressively leave place to some powerful violin and harpsichord with a loud orchestral background and some good, rhythmic drum beats, The One is a beautiful track that will conquer more that one heart.
Soloman’s artistic expression will raise some real enthusiasm among the listeners, because you will feel the love, the dedication and the magic through the various sounds and vibrations.
AHHHHHH brings back the same, powerful spirit that will lead you into Soloman Beatz ‘ universe made of swinging piano sounds intelligently mixed up with violons and electric guitar. The artist s various musical influences are visible in this track that has a little bit of hip hop, soul, jazzy and even classical influences. Move along with the music and let it penetrate into your soul like light drops of Summer rain.
Wild 961 On The Air has a much more raw resonance in which you will be able to totally appreciate the artist s professionalism.
Pianist introduces the listener into a soft starting piano background whose sonority suddenly increases as violins appear in the background. A masculine voice echoes in the background, letting place for a surrealistic, dreamy atmosphere.
In case you artists need some good, professional beats lead from the hand of a master, Soloman Beatz perfectly knows how to do it. Discover the brilliant artist here.
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Phat Kat/ Carte Blanche/ album review

Rating of the product: 4.5 stars
He might not be that familiar to your hip hop loving ears, Phat Kat is nevertheless one of those Detroit hip hop key personalities who are rich of a precious well worked on knowledge of their art.
Phat Kat, who also goes by the nickname Ronnie Cash, has already earned a lot of respect on his local scene. Not only will the Carte Blanche allow you to discover Phat Kat’s incredible skills, it will also introduce you into the Detroit hood s merciless, cold steel universe.
The Carte Blanche album makes Phat Kat s talent shine. Moreover, the album is mostly Jay Dilla and Black Milk produced- two names that really mean something to Detroit hip hop lovers.
Scratches and an over flooding instrumental background made of keyboard sounds, strident sirens introduce Phat Kat s marvelous torrential flow and his astute lyrics. Nasty, Ain ‘t It is flavored with a spicy touch of nastiness and you are definitely gonna like the way he does it.
Get It Started is built on violin sounds in the background mixed up with some female vocals and scratches. Phat Kat s lyrical aggressiveness is a major weapon in destroying fakeness. Again, the skilled emcee kills it all.
With its chilly violoncello background, Cold Steel is an introduction to the real, horrendous world of the Detroit hood. Werewolves yelling in the dark, cold sweat will push the listener into the harsh Detroit cold steel universe where gun talk is the rule. Phat Kat s syllables are running from his mouth like rapid gun shots, describing the tense situation in the hood.
Breathing faster, terrorized minds are watching children getting killed on a daily basis. Horror in its nudity has no name. Cold Steel is truly a must hear.
Danger feat. T3 of Slum Village and Black Milk is written in the same instrumentally disrupted scary style. It draws black men s angry mind.
Cash Em Out feat. Loe Louis is another demonstration of Ronnie Cash’s brilliance. Contrasting and hammering instrumentals enhance Phat Kat’s determination to smash his enemies with his cash flow . You could barely stay indifferent in front of his well thought lyrics.
Nightmare features another great talent: Guilty Simpson.
Guilty Simpson and his fellow Ronnie Cash combine their fast flow delivery with a lyrical soldier spirit. Dark voices, raw instrumentals, the typical cutthroat City spirit, a combination of murderous lyrics will appear as a serious menace to other labels. Well done.
Hard Enuff s piano notes and incredible rhythm construction really makes it an album favorite. Again, Phat Kat s brilliant lyrical demonstration needs to be underlined. The way the artist blesses the mic, the catchy beats, the scratches, Fat Ray s intervention in duo with Phat Kat are elements that make this song a good underground hit. Don t skip that song.
The album s weaknesses are the Vessels and Lovely featuring Truth Hurts and Melanie Rutherford. Well, I admit that girly songs have never been my cup of tea. However, and globally speaking, Phat Kat s work really deserves your attention. Carte Blanche is the magical French word that allows you to be treated as a VIP and to enter the arena of the Great.
Phat Kat fully deserves it if you ask me.
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Hip Roll: Trick Trick is musically stomping em out

Rating of the song:4.5 stars
Trick Trick, the Detroit hip hop master, is back with a brand new, very swinging track.It is entitled Hip Roll.
With the typical gangsta style of his own, Trick Trick manages to ally soft and dark elements on a very rhythmic instrumental basis, creating a subtle night and day effect. The keyboard-claps-drums astute combination totally fits with the club song and the female vocals in the background.
Trick Trick has always shown a great mastery of his hip hop skills. This bad, pimping melody will definitely convince Detroit hip hop fans.
Never mind the filthy and spicy details…anyway,Christian Mathis perfectly know how to keep it gangsta. I’d strongly advice you to check out his most recent performance here.
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Local music spotlight: Paradime (Detroit Free Press)

July 19, 2007
Read the original article here.
The lowdown: Before he heard the first four bars of an Eminem song, Paradime once thought that he was the dopest white guy in hip-hop. After popping the tape in the deck of his car and experiencing the delivery of Detroit’s most famous rapper, he knew he had some work to do. That was years ago. And now the work is done. Paradime — when he’s not working the mic, he tours as Kid Rock’s DJ — has become one of Detroit hip-hop’s most beloved rappers, and finally he has a new album out, “Spill at Will.” It pushes the boundaries of his signature fun-loving frat-boy style of rap further than anything he’s done.
Who he is: Paradime, real name Freddie Beauregard, is a thirtysomething rapper who has befriended some of the hottest guys in Detroit hip-hop. It’s been three years since his last album, 2004’s “11 Steps Down,” an album that had Paradime rapping about living the rock star life — eating at fancy steakhouses and sipping on the finest liquors — but also being broke as a joke. He made “Spill at Will” mostly in the basement of his Redford home, where he set up a studio in his basement. He teamed up with Detroit rappers including Trick Trick and Marv Won, and worked on one his more introspective songs, “The Water,” with Kenny Tudrick, a former guitar player for Kid Rock.
The new sound: “All my albums reflect exactly where I am at that point in my life. Usually they’ve been funny, tongue-in-cheek or smart-ass. But this album is like a maturation, I guess. This surprised some people, but at the same time, I’m just being honest. I’ve been looking inward more. I burned the candle at both ends. And it made me think differently than I usually do,” says Paradime. “The joke that I’ve made with a couple of my buddies is that I’m like the clown who cries on the inside. I’m always a jokester and the fun person and I don’t let things show a lot. It’s just not in my nature. Whatever. But having the studio here, it brought a lot of that out. I didn’t have to go anywhere to say what I wanted to say.” A lot of the album was written in the middle of the night or early in the morning, he says. “There’s no need to schedule studio time. We finished everything there, but it allowed me to be more honest with my music. There was no one else around to give me input.”
Therapeutic sessions: On several songs, it sounds like Paradime was lying on the couch. “I usually don’t listen to my own stuff after it’s done. Once an album is done, I’m so sick of it, I usually leave it alone. But I’ve been listening to this album a lot and it’s like ‘Oh, God.’ There’s only a couple of songs where it gets that deep. But those couple of songs are really … deep. And people are like ‘Are you OK?’ But if I don’t do that I’m cheating myself and I’m cheating the people that do like my music. We’ll see how people accept it or take it.”
By Kelley L. Carter, Free Press music writer

Discover Low Key aka Philly Pri$e, a new Kansas talent

Low Key sounds raw with his dark voice and his diverse, harsh instrumentals. Low Key aka Philly Prise barely shows any compassion, operating like a merciless surgeon with his incisive words. Low Key knows how to put his enemies in places.
Dats Your Problem is built on repetitive, keyboard sounds that are mixed up with violins and catchy beats. Low Key s somber style totally fits with the dark tone of his voice. Hardcore hip hop fans will definitely like his harsh style. True to himself, the artist will tell you things the way they are. You better deal with them!
Wasn’t For You surprisingly introduces the listener into a soft guitar and soft vocals flavored background. The song is dedicated to the love of his life.
Think It Over is quite similar to the preceding song, but much more rhythmic. It is enhanced with swinfing drum beats and claps.
In What It Be Like the listener is invited to discover Low Key representing his city. Again; the very rhythmic song offers some interesting perspective for an attentive ear. Keyboards, bell sounds, dark chords in the background will gently reinforce the artist’s determination to make a difference. Low Key will overflood the scene with his conqueror spirit and his nice flow delivery.
Curious to know more about the intriguing Kansas artist? Discover him here.
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Otis Redding is one of those unforgettable musical geniuses…

I had the chance to follow a documentary about the great Otis Redding yesterday and I would like to share some impressions about the great musician with my readers.
Like James Brown, Otis Redding possessed those great qualities that make of him a musician of exception. He was truly a soul legend who managed to move his audience. The richness of his instrumentals, a warm voice coming from his profound heart, his incredible dynamism would move any black music lover. With his simplicity and his unique way of telling his emotions to the crowd, Otis Redding has influenced the 60 s. Unfortunately, the gifted artist died in an accident in 1967.
His passionate delivery on stage was also an invitation for the public to participate to the show and to move along with his beautiful, moving and rhythmic songs.
You could barely listen to a song such as Shake without dancing with the artist, your heart being overwhelmed with an unexplained, but real joy.
Otis Redding managed to make something exceptional of Mike Jagger s Satisfaction song. Not only did he add his personal touch, the brilliant artist had this power to move the crowds with enthusiasm.
Discover more about the genuine sould legend here.
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Website claims new Eminem album is coming soon (from Detroit Hip Hop Net)

A new website’s link is making its rounds on the ‘net claiming that Eminem is making a return and that King Mathers will be the name of Eminem’s first studio album in two years.
Here is the source.
N.B: this info has to be taken carefully…it is only at the stage of a rumor…wait and see…

Tété: a poetic ray of musical sunshine

Tété: a poetic ray of musical sunshine
If you are familiar with black music and fond of poetry, you are probably gonna like Tété s original soul-funky inspired style. The less known French speaking artist has a bunch of refreshing songs to offer, lyrically astutely handled songs to offer to a receptive ear. Tété s album is entitled Le Sacre Des Lemmings (the crowning of little hamster alike creatures).
As the curtains open on some soft oboe overture, increasing the feeling of suspense…The witty musician allies various instruments such as guitar, harp, flute with hand claps and manages to create a festive atmosphere with his warm and profound voice. Fils De Cham pours down like a refreshing rain during a hot Summer time. What a lively invitation to dance along and to rejoice with the author of the song.
Anna Lee Soleil is a poetic piece of work as well. The guitar background also fits very well with Tété s narrative skills.
Tété s song also have a sensitive romantic touch which is enhanced by his guitar background.
Little bit of a philosopher, Tété teaches about life in his 6th track, Comme Feuillets Au Vents: with his powerful orchestral background, Tété addresses a young lady in her twenties. What are you gonna do when your twenties will be gone with the wind?
Discover more about Tété here.
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1 Slugg: a bloody, murderous track brought to you by Killa Kaunn

Rating of the product: 4.5 stars
Many people are scared of an oppressing, hardcore reality expressed within a raw rap song. However scary tales lovers might really enjoy Killa Kaunn s 1 Slugg song that starts with an horrific vision: I see dead people.
A reggae sounding complaint will intensify the hellish vision: the word blood will resonate into the listeners mind who will catch each drop of a victim s agony.
While the oppressing instrumentals allow the listener to walk near the valley of death, the word blood in the background is blown out of proportion on purpose, making him feel the trickiness of a no escape situation.
1 slugg will get you killed in no time. Killa Kaunn leaves his opponents no chance. Pulling his hands on the trigger in a very merciless manner.
Killa Kaunn is lyrically slugging your chest, leaving you in a pool of blood.
Enjoy the take over spirit, the rage, the flame of an emcee who never gives up.
Sensitive people might not like it, but Killa Kaunn definitely represents what Detroit hip hop is all about: the raw raps.
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