BG Knocc Out and Dresta: taste some good Compton flavor

If you like Eazy E, Dr Dre and the whole NWA crew, no contest you will also enjoy BG Knocc Out and his brother Dresta’s skills.
In fact both emcees come straight outta Compton and used to collaborate with legend R.I.P Eazy E. Both emcees manage to put this typical Compton atmosphere into their Real Brothers album that was released in 1995.
Are you nostalgic about NWA and some good ghetto old school raps? Then this album is for you. Beautifully handled with some dope ass beats and some good lyrics, BG Knocc Out and his brother fully introduce you into the Compton hood typical gangsta flavor.
Laid back people who are fond of good gangsta rap will value both emcee’s work. Influenced by Dr Dre’s G Funk sound, the tracks are instrumentally rich and very rhythmic.
50-50 love welcomes you into a soft atmosphere. Let the drums start the nice and relaxing track. Let the instrumentals invade your space, enjoy both brother’s warm R’n’B and soul sounding voices, picture yourself in California during a hot Summer day. Nod your head to the track and you will feel fine.
Real Brothers has that beautiful G Funk sound and that typical dope gangsta flavor made in Compton. Both brothers get lyrical and flow faster than the wind. Enjoy their complicity on the very well handled track.
Every Day Allday is a very rhythmic track that introduces into Compton’s every day life. Welcome to the streets of Compton…it is all about being real. Remember not to mess with the D.R. E. Enjoy the dope ass beats, the artists’ mad flow, their astute lyrics. Move your body on the Dr Dre dedicated track.
Down Goes Another Nigga is written in a dark style. Drugs, sex and hoes are included into the track. Remember to stay sucker-free and to stay far away from bad bitches. The bass sound in the background adds to the dark atmosphere.
Don’t miss BG Knocc Out and gangsta Dresta who handle their Compton old school style very well. Check them out here.

Raw raps from Mr Grizzly’s mouth

Like a bear coming out of his dark cave and ready to attack his victims, Mister Grizzly shows his claws and teeth and comes up with a raw voice.
You’re fond of Eminem’s early work and of his angry Slim Shady character? Then you might enjoy Mr Grizzly’s work as well. With his enigmatic face, Mr Grizzly introduces you into his art. His raw voice combined with some inventive and somber lyrics make his music very much enjoyable.
Listen to Chapter 1: Mister Grizzly will certainly impress you with his mad flow and good skills. His gritty voice added to his inventive lyrics make you feel that Mr Grizzly was born to be a rap bully.
Soft instrumentals introduce Chapter 1’s atmosphere. Follow Mr Grizzly into the club and enjoy the gangsta atmosphere of the track. Mr Grizz is taking over with his crazy flow while the instrumentals make you feel the drunk and dangerous context. Soft clarinets, keyboard sounds some rhythmic beats make the track very much enjoyable.
Anything else you should know about Mr Grizzly?
Mr Grizzly comes from Chatham Village, Illinois. His record’s label’s name is Teflon Recording Inc.
You will be able to explore the label and the other band members of the label here.
Check out Mr Grizzly , an original artist who will introduce you into a gritty and lyrical atmosphere in no time.

Welcome into my inside world: I’m a struggler

Those of you who know me personally know me as a determined woman. Yes, this is what I actually am: determined and focused.
Today I’d like to welcome you into my inside world.
Like B Rabbit in the Rabbit Run song, I sometimes feel like I have to beat the clock to achieve my goals. I don’t know if time is my ally or my enemy, but all I try to do is never to look back at the past unless I want to measure the progress I have made since I started fighting for my dreams to come true. I am usually satisfied about the progress I have reached.
I am currently about to reach one of the goals I have been fighting for for years and I have all reasons to be satisfied about it. However, I am perfectly conscious that the real battle will only begin after achieving this very first goal. Life is an eternal struggle and those who want to make something out of their lives have to keep on grinding like soldiers during a harsh battle.
Being a woman hasn’t always simplified my task. However, I’m not the kind of girl who expects a man’s support just to lean on his shoulder and not doing any efforts by herself. I have been raising both of my kids alone for years and I still do. I have been left on my own in so many dramatic situations, but I am happy it happened that way. I have developed a strong personality and an independent spirit through the years.
The only person I actually count on is myself, because I know my strengths and weaknesses. I have even learnt how to use my weaknesses to my greatest advantage.
As long as I will be alive, I will keep fighting. As long as the inside flame will be burning, I will live out my passions.
Dear readers, life is a constant fight. You have to fight for the right to be who you really wanna be. You have to fight to be where you really wanna be. Never give up on yourself. Never give up the struggle. When you will have reached all you wanted to achieve, find some new challenges, because this is what actually makes life an interesting journey.
The worst regret one could have at the end of the journey is to have lived for nothing. Remember to keep the flame burning as long as you live and you won’t have lived for nothing.

Download Fullklipp’s music for free

If you’re still wondering about who Fullklipp actually are, they are a Detroit underground group composed of Merlyn Wade aka P.A.C.E (the CEO of the group), Bigg Baldy aka Eric Hurst and TrueBeyond aka Rodrick Hurst (both lyricists of the group). I had the chance to review Fullklipp’s album last July and I think this review will give you a little bit more insight about what Fullklipp is all about.
Fullklipp represent the Detroit ghetto with a poignant sense of realness combined with original sounds, some good lyrics and beats.
Check out this group. You won’t be disappointed.
P.A.C.E and his crew have some real talent to offer their audience. Moreover they are real emcees who have mad love for their fans.
Listen to their music and download some of their tracks here.
Feel free to give me some feedback about Fullklipp.

Dizzee Rascal: representing London City with pride

Born Dilan Mills on October the 1st, 1985 in East London, Dizzee Rascal grew up in an East London council estate, as the son of a single mom, an immigrant from Ghana.
Dilan’s dad died when he was only 2..
Dilan owes a lot to one of his teachers who took his talent into consideration and who allowed him to skip classes and to spend time studying the music on school computers.
Dizzee Rascal originally comes from the UK Garage scene. What is Garage music? It is merely electronic dance music connected to house and disco.
Dizzee Rascal started emceeing at the age of 15.
How does Dizzee Rascal sound?
If you are used to listening to US rap (like me), you might be very surprised, because Dizzee’s musical background doesn’t resemble usual hip hop tracks. His instrumentals are mostly made of an electronic background. Dizzee Rascal’s speedy delivery will probably impress most of you. Dizzee spits with an offensive spirit and a lot of confidence.
Musical career of an uprising star
In 2002, Dizzee Rascal won an award for the best « newcomer MC ».
In 2003, he released his debut album Boy In Da Corner that was successful and reach the UK top 40.
On July 2003, Dizzee Rascal was stabbed while spending his holidays in Cyprus.
The stabbing is probably linked with a rival UK hip hop crew.
Dizzee Rascal is known for his incisive words and his criticism of English society. Dizzee Rascal doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind about Queen Elizabeth:
“Queen Elizabeth don’t know me so how can she control me, When I live street and she lives neat”.
His single « I Luv U » was very successful.
Dizzee also collaborated with Basement Jaxx on the track Lucky Star.
Another track, taken out of his Boy In Da Corner album, Just A Rascal, reached the top 30.
In September 2003, at the age of 19, Dizzee Rascal won the prestigious Mercury Prize.
Overwhelming success
In 2004, Dylan Mills won another award: the NME award for Innovation.
In September 2004, his second album entitled Showtime, came out. Dizzee’s first single, Stand Up Tall, reached the top 10 in no time. The second single, Dream was released in November 2004.
In 2004, Dizzee Rascal collaborated with Band Aid 20, a group of British musicians.
In March 2005, Dizzee released a double ‘a’ side single, Off 2 Work” / “Graftin’.
The same year Dizzee Rascal also worked on setting up his own label, Dirtee Stank.
Upcoming album
Dizzee Rascal has been kept busy working on a third album, Maths and English. The title Dizzee has chosen for his upcoming album symbolizes the technical part like beats (Maths) and English the rhymes known as the lyrical part of his album.
Hungry for more Dizzee Rascal? Check out the UK phenomenon here.

Eminem goes on diet

EMINEM was so appalled by his overweight appearance at last week’s (begs06FEB06) Grammy Awards he has enlisted the help of a personal trainer to help him get back in shape.
The JUST LOSE IT hitmaker will pay over $17,000 (GBP10,000) a month for the fitness expert, who is also currently helping JANET JACKSON to slim down.
After seeing a playback of the Grammy ceremony, Eminem told a friend, “I can’t f**king believe how I looked.
“I mean, I look nothing like me man!”

Canadian rapper EkS biography

EkS was born and raised in Toronto. He currently resides in Niagara Falls, Ontario.
EkS would soon show skills in his teenage years and start writing rhymes at the age of 13. The hot Canadian rapper has about 3 years of recording experience behind him.
So why do people call him EKS?
One of the talented rappers’ friends, who used to play baseball with him at high school gave EkS a nickname that would follow him through the years.
The Playbook mixtape Volume 1
I had the chance to listen to EKS’ Playbook mixtape that was released in December 2005. The mixtape, that is available for a free download, is a compilation of older and new songs and will give people some insight about EKS’ progression as an artist.
You might be curious to know why EKS named his mixtape Playbook.
EKS defines it like « a guide, a playbook of something you can follow and learn from or even just enjoy for some good music really.
You can also picture his mixtape as “a book of knowledge & wisdom, like religion but scriptures written in plays for living”
What are EKS’ future plans regarding his musical career?
EKS has beeb collaborating with numerous artists and producers. Expect some big projects to come.
About him
EKS’ biggest musical influences are Elzhi, Ras Kass and Joe Budden.
He writes his music the way he feels, so it would certainly be hard to categorize his music. However, the combination of EKS’ incredible flow delivery with his lyrical skills and good instrumentals make his music a unique creation. EKS is certainly a perfectionist who has worked hard through the years in order to sharpen his tools and to improve the quality of his very enjoyable music.
Hungry for more EKS?
Check his my space account and discover his unique rapping style that truly represents Niagara Falls, Ontario.