Bizarre/ This Guy's A Weirdo/ mixtape review

Global rating of the product:4.5 stars
Rufus Johnson aka Bizarre, known as the weirdo of the D12 group, is ready to launch a musical assault in which he will reinforce his weirdness, his lyrical and musical competence. His brand new album is enriched with local Detroit producers participation such as Essman.
The album starts with a hot Bizarre-Young Mase collaboration, in a very hilarious-scurrilous mode in which Bizarre excels. Excellent start as far as I am concerned. Very rhythmic, sick as hell. In addition Young Mase and Bizarre’s voices offer a nice vocal contrast.
The next track, Shade 45 offers a wide range of funny verbal plays on a harsch musical background.
Phee Clouds offers a softer, smoke-clouded perspective. I like its light accents of a weed-smoking Universe in which Bizarre manages to touch the clouds. He’s high, he is wandering in his purple haze world. Nicely done.
I liked Stage Dive less. Bizarre’s voice is too rough on that one. Also the repetitive lyrics make the track a little bit annoying in my opinion.
Welcome to the world of Cocaine in which Bizarre uses numerous instrumental drum-female vocals-keyboard-piano combinations. The song sounds surreal…I like the sensation derivated from the song that it is written with loads of humor…Bizarre is trying his best, but drugs got a hold on him.
I’m So High Tylenal 3, get transported again into a dreamy, colorful Universe made of weed and purple pills.
I Don’t Know What I Did Last Night is a beautiful, evil Bizarre-King Gordy collaboration. Evil deeds under the influence are revealed. Get caught into the suspensul thriller.
The Chino XL Mind Sex produced track offers some good lyrical wordplays. I liked it.
My Mom’s A Stoner is written in a very light tone: very hilarious! The instrumentals are very well chosen, the melody is very entertaining.
The Best I Ever Had is produced by Silent Riot and features MJ Robinson. It mixes, electric guitar, drums, keyboard, violins on a rhythmic rhyming background. Well done, Bizzy!
I enjoyed Bizarre’s Justin Bieber diss in which Bizarre clearly states that he wants to “rape him.” Two heavyweights in rap, Bizarre and King Gordy are teaching the recently ” self proclaimed” rapper how to rap. I enjoyed the wicked collaboration of the Detroit emcees.
Globally speaking, Bizarre made a good solo effort. There is a lot of innovation, in lyrics and sounds. The sick-hilarious style, that is so characteristic to Bizarre is still present, though. I recommend this mixtape to all of you Detroit hip hop lovers.
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