Exclusive Eminem new single info (Rap Radar Com)

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“Who’s the Rain Man? Where’s the Rain Man?”
So as you’ve seen in some previous reports, Em shot a video in Vegas with his buddies 50 Cent and Dr. Dre over the weekend and no it’s not for “Crack A Bottle.”
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Eminem “We Made You”. First single off Relapse. Video due early April. Album 5/19.
Produced by Dr. Dre.
50 only appears in video.
Buh bye.

Living Proof: a tribute to Detroit legend Big Proof, by NBG Records ( an exclusive for the Eminem Blog)

As Proof’s third death anniversary approaches, the CEO of NBG Records contacted me and sent me an unreleased track that I will have the pleasure to review for all of you before its public and official release date, on April the 11th, 2009.

NBG Records wanted to present an emotional tribute to D12’s Proof, not a sad one, though, but rather a celebration of Proof’s short presence on planet earth.
As the song opens on flute sounds that recall some ancient Asian melodies, the strong spirit of the NBG emcees will break the wall of hidden memories, unveil Proof’s lifeand character.
“I am the living definition of the visual proof”, that’s actually how one could define Deshaun Holton, one of Detroit’s finest syllables architect.
Deshaun Holton was a man who lived for hip hop and who managed to communicate his passion and pride for Detroit, his hometown.
God loves the D, He gave us Proof, He gave us Dilla, He gave us Blade: how many gifted fallen soldiers has Detroit lost during the last years?
NBG Records will pay tribute to their memories.
In their song, Proof’s personality and dedication come to shine. Gossipers and haters’ words are ruined by the evidence of the visual proof.
Whoever witnessed Big Proof in concert, heard him address to the crowd would barely doubt the emcee’s sincerity and dedication. Proof lived for hip hop-literally. He put music above all.
Therefore, we will not focus on the tragic circumstances of his death, but embrace NBG Records’ vision of a charismatic man who incarnated Detroit hip hop like no other.
Moreover, and more than any other Detroit rapper, Big Proof aimed at reassembling all Detroit emcees despite their differences and make them work together. He symbolized unity, love and dedication to the genuine art of hip hop.
NBG’s Living Proof song is like an open book, a celebration of a genuine artist’s life. Things did not end on April the 11th, 2006: it was just the beginning. Proof’s music is meant to stay forever, let’s celebrate its perennity.
Admire the instrumental composition, the emotional voices and the truth that is revealead through this very emotional song.
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Trick Trick has been shot in Detroit…

UPDATE ON THIS TOPIC: I got some RELIABLE info from Trick Trick’s collaborator Diezel on my space. Appearently, this topix is a TOTAL HOAX. Trick Trick is doing well and hasn’t been hurt at all.

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by The Associated Press
Monday March 16, 2009, 5:29 PM
DETROIT — Police say Eminem collaborator and gangsta rapper Trick Trick was shot in the leg early Monday at a downtown Detroit club.
But a man claiming to be Trick Trick has told radio station WKQI-FM that he was at home “restin’ and chillin'” at the time of the shooting. Police say 36-year-old Christian Mathis and another man were shot about 1:15 a.m. during a fight at the Esko Lounge.
Mayoral spokesman Daniel Cherrin says Mathis told police that “he was Trick Trick.”
Cherrin says Mathis and 31-year-old Barry Washington were treated at local hospitals. Washington was shot in the right arm and groin area.
Detroit area native and rap superstar Eminem is featured on Trick Trick’s “Welcome 2 Detroit” song.

Trick Trick/ The Villain/ album review

Global rating of the product:5 stars ( outstanding piece of work)

After his autobiographical The People Vs, Trick Trick is back with The Villain. Back to the Detroit slums, Trick Trick will give you the realest definition of a villain you could ever get. Hood as hell, accompanied by his Goon Sqwad crew, Christian Mathis always serves his dishes raw. The talented emcee belongs to the kind of emcees who don’t rap to please the masses. Authentic in his speech, rich of more than a decade of rapping experience, Trick Trick introduces you into his Edgar Poe alike universe where guns are laws.
Loud, orchestral sounds mixed up with keyboard sounds, rhythmic beats will smash internet thugs with no mercy. Trick Trick and his crew have made a name and are notorious in the D.
U Can Get F***** Up: electric guitars introduce the song, hanging over the sky like a bad omen of dark clouds before the tornado. Trick Trick and Goon Sqwad are warning you: if you go to Detroit, you should be very careful. Don’t play the fool with true Gs.
The song is rhythmic as well. I enjoyed its dark atmosphere, its menacing words, the roughness of its voices.
Who Want It features Eminem. Instrumentally, the song is a various composition and a contrasting balance between dark and light. Contrabass notes that suggest drama are intelligently married with organs, light bell sounds and electronics. The offensive spirit that is carried here is quite obvious.
Trick Trick’s part is wonderfully rough, scurillous. It is mastered with dexterity from the beginning to the end. I am a little bit disappointed by Eminem’s ways too light register that does not really fit into the darkness of the subject. I would have wished more aggressivity from Eminem’s side too.
It is interesting to note that the highly talented Luis Resto has been working on this song too.
Definitely Detroit based, Can’t F**** With My City includes Marwvon and Guilty Simpson’s collaborations. The light piano sounds will add to the tension of darker chord sounds. I like the spirit of the song. Made in Detroit, by Detroit lyrical emcees. Wonderful!
Sumthin 4 Da Hataz opens the curtain on Goon Sqwad’s Diezel, Fatt Father and Paradime’s talents. What I really appreciate is the swinging jazzy- soul instrumental background, the humorous and conquerror spirit of the Detroit emcees. Definitely a must hear.
Let’s Work is already a Trick Trick classic that should belong to any Detroit hip hop lover’s library. Don’t miss the video for the song. It is a perfectionist’s work.
Hold On again has that beautiful soul spirit mixed up with some very raw elements in which Trick Trick gets real as can be.
I like the biographical elements the talented emcee presents to his public.
Wow…Let It Fly includes heavyweight Westcoast master Ice Cube…you gotta love the song, that enlightens both emcees’ talent. Lil Jon also participates to the song.
All Around The World will impress real hip hop lovers. Royce da 5.9 and Trick Trick manage to mix up a gospel, soul, blues spirit in which vocals do matter. Tuba sounds add a quite comical elements. It is beautifully managed from the begiining to the end.
Loved it!
2Getha 4 Eva features Esham, Kid Rock and Proof. It is hardcore as hell.
Get It Cracking enlighten Trick Trick’s raspy voice, his rough spirit. He is truly killing it. Pleasure your ears with pure, raw Detroit sounds.
Globally speaking, The Villain is an amazing piece of work. Straight ghetto talk, mastered instrumentals, excellent local Detroit collaborations. Don’t sleep on the album, it is the living proof that hip hop ain’t dead yet.
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Trick Trick/ The Villain album review coming soon!!!

Trick Trick has always been one of my faves on the boiling Detroit hip hop scene…if you like it raw, Christian Mathis aka Trick Trick is your emcee…his album is definitely a must hear…it includes some very interesting Detroit collaborations…stay tuned, folks…despite a busy schedule, I will do my best to review the album:)

Eminem to release album on May 19 ( Free Press Com)

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Eminem’s record label this morning announced May 19 will be the release date for his long-awaited new disc, “Relapse,” his first album of new material in more than four years. The first single and accompanying video will arrive on April 7. Additionally, the label said Slim Shady is already at work on a follow-up, “Relapse 2,” which is planned for release in the second half of the year.
Buzz about the new material from the Michigan rapper has been circulating for nearly a year, including the possibility that a disc would be released in late 2008.
“A lot of people were expecting Relapse to drop last year,” Eminem said in a news release. “I was one of them. Then Dre and I went back in the studio in September for a few days, and that turned into six months. We were on such a roll; we wound up with a ton of new music produced by Dre. Putting out Relapse 2 will let everyone get all of the best stuff.”
Accompanied by the press release was a new label photo of the rapper — the first such official shot in several years of the reclusive artist. He’d recently told at least one publication that his signature peroxide blonde dye job was history, and judging by the brown hair in the photo, that seems to be the case.

Exclusive interview with Detroit rapper Mu!

Detroit underground emcee Mu kindly accepted to get interviewed by me. Mu has been doing some tremendous work all over the years. He has collaborated with Proof, Dina Rae, Journalist 103 and many other Detroit underground artists. Mu teaches you the meaning of the raw. His unique style and instrumental composition totally reflect the Detroit hood. Listen to what the outstanding emcee has to say!

For more info, check Mu’s my space account.
1. What motivated you to become a rapper?
– I was always pretty good with words & I love challenges, so it just kinda found me when I was about 8 years old
2. Define your style within a few words?
– Oh my God!! Did you hear what he just said!!!
3. Your mixtape, The Flood, is full of roughness, dark elements combined with humor and instrumental creativity. It surely reflects the realness of the Detroit hood. Can you enlighten the readers a little bit about the artistic collaborations you did in your mixtape?
– Well, on “The FLOOD” I had a lot of very talented friends in the studio at the same time, such as: PROOF, Marvwon, Kuniva,Young Zee, Dina Rae, Ek, Slum Village, D12, etc….. So it was pretty easy to find dope mc’s to collab’ with!!
4. You did a lot of collaborations with Detroit heavyweight RIP Proof. A few words about them?
– Yeah, we did a lot of songs that weren’t released yet but we also won a few AWARDS. Song of The Year for a song titled “BROKEN” featuring Journalist 103. There is a second part to BROKEN called Broken & Fixed That was supposed to go on the Jerry Garcia album (Proof’s Album), but we didn’t get the paper work finished in time. And a number of other tracks like: Thats Whats Up (I Miss the Hip Hop Shop Album) Trife Niggas, GOD MADE SOLDIERS (Unreleased), an Exclusive Track With Proof & Dj Muggs (of Cypress Hill), another Exclusive With Proof & RAS Kass (unreleased) etc……….I could go on & on!!!
5. Proof’s death, in April 2006, affected the world of hip hop, his family, fans and friends. It fulfilled me with sadness too. What are your thoughts about the tragic event? To what extend did it affect your life and artistry?
-Proof’s death affected me in a number of ways, he Was more like family than just a friend ya know. He and I went to the same mosque for prayers and stuff.
Besides we were friends long before there was a D12. ACTUALLY he had told me that he wanted me in this crew that he was tryin to get started that would feature all the freshest/dopest/hottest rappers in the city but he didnt have a name for it yet. But we had lost contact for sometime and when I saw him again, he said : “ You know you’re supposed to be in the Dozens (D12), right??“
But that’s OLD news, he was my brother, he Called my father ABU (Which is what I call my Dad). He called my mother MA or MOMMA. He called my girl “Mrs. MU” and he was there when SHE DIED! We spent a lot of time around each other and he kept music fun for me, but when he passed………….The fun was gone ya know!! I saw people that he called Fam (blood & otherwise) that NEVER even met his kids or knew their names as if they were around him all the time but………..I kinda lost it when they had his Funeral in a CHURCH and they KNEW he was not a Christian!!
Anyways enough of that, ‘cause I could go on & on. Bottom Line…………..It hurt me to the point that a part of me died with him. The FUN PART of doing MUSIC!!! Like losing my MOJO ya Know!!
6. What is your opinion about the current state of hip hop?
-.”CORNY” & “EASY” as hell!!! There is NO Skill involved whatsoever!!!
7. From what I understand, you have some brand new musical projects going on…can you tell us a little bit about them?
– Yeah………..we just finished The K.R.A.M mixtape For Journalist103 and we are finishing an album on Bilal Rossi AKA B GUTTA, and YES I have a few NEW projects of my own That I’m working on as well. A SOLO project set to rival “The FLOOD” and a mix of exclusive UNRELEASED material by me & PROOF!!! Both CD’s should be BANANAS!!!
8. Old school or new school- where goes your preference?
– Definitely OLD SCHOOL!!!
9. What is your outlook on the Detroit scene? What are its assets and what could or should be improved?
-. Number One: show Promoters NEED to START PAYING local talent for shows THEY PAY everyone else from out of town but REFUSE to PAY their OWN!!!
2nd: you might wanna rephrase the question cause I don’t know if you are talking about the City in general or just musically!!
10. Which (underground or mainstream) artist(s) has earned your respect and why?
– It’s a lot, but I’ll just name a few:(Underground) GUILTY SIMPSON, PARADIME, JOURNALIST 103,PAPOOSE, KIKO,MYSELF LOL, to name a few.
(Maistream) Jay-Z, Scarface, Geto Boyz, Kool G Rap, Serious Jones, MOP, Lauren Hill etc……..
11. A few words about one of your collaborators, Journalist 103?
-Journ is not only a really good friend, but he’s also A VERY TALENTED poet and MC with something to say about the world as we know it and deserves a really good listening To!!
12. According to you, what makes you appear as unique in the world of hip hop?
– To sum it up in a few Words………..I don’t just rap about things ‘cause I think it sounds cool, and then pretend to live like that. I actually live it!!! And then RAP ABOUT IT!!
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