Edga Da Messiah/ Amerikkka's Most Illest CD review

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With his dark colored vocal chords, the original concepts the man carries in his music, the choice and astute combination of his instrumentals, his witty rhymes, Edga Da Messiah is truly the new raising hip hop star fallen from the sky.
His innovative sound technique, made of a dark bass lines and a raspy, almighty voice echoed from the universe will allow you to discover an outstanding talent.
His gritty voice might remind some of you of rap genius Ice T. However, Edga’s original style resembles nothing else you ever heard yet.
Birth Of God is the genesis of the CD: based on dark piano sounds, synthesizers and interrupted scratches sounds, a short vocal introduction of the artist will generate his creative big bang.
Catchy drum beats symbolize the universe at work. We Gotz It is started by Edga who leads the scene with a confident empire builder spirit.
Electric guitars will create a specific atmosphere in which Edga is taking over with ease and word cleverness.
Pillage is constructed on dark instrumental tones, leaving the listener in a icy-chilly atmosphere during which edga has some insightful comments to offer about the commercial crap some artists are trying to sell. Hip hop purist with a good sense of humor, an evident knowledge of a right use of his words, Edga is telling the truth with no remorse.
Even his filthy songs do carry a scary element. Edga gets as dark as he can get during a nasty strip tease show, making the listener feel the tension on a rhythmic drum beats base.
Angel is a complex song built on various instrumentals, combining light and serious elements. The soft vocals chant love, while Edga s lyrics praise the woman of his life. However, the song also contains some creepy elements that are suggested by intermittent flute notes: you can feel the anguish and the confusion despite the true feelings coming from Edga’s heart.
In Godfather’s, Edga elevates his public on the highest level.
The mic explodes in front of the powerful bombs Edga drops one after the other, in total harmony with a rhythmic drum beat play.
Elevate your mind and catch the words from a wordsmith’s mouth.
Dark Night In Hell is a journey into a nightmarish world. Welcome into a twisted mind’s creepy thoughts. Edga’s voice seems duplicated, coming from nowhere. It resonates in the darkness of humanity’s night.
Shotz is truly a masterpiece. With the same mysterious spirit, a well mastered sound technique, a beautiful instrumental background, a great sense of rhythm, Edga dominates the scene.
Edga Da Messiah Kayci is hip hop’s new revelation. Amerikka’s Most Illest is a CD that is definitely worth your interest.
More info about Edga Da Messiah can be found here.
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  1. Mr Pregnantpanda…first of all i’m not a “dude” lol second, having reviewed both albums, my preference goes to Edga’s music…it actually is better and ways more creative if you ask me.

  2. Hey Isabelle, this is Jay Eff Kay (really, it’s me; you can verify through the email address). Thanks for your review of my CD! Someone pointed me to this thread. I went to this guy Edga’s site. Honestly, it is some of the most unoriginal, unlistenable, wack-ass garbage I have ever heard. It made me want to thrust rusty nails into my ear canals and brain. I don’t know if this guy is eating your pussy or if it’s a French thing or what, but if you really think homeboy’s music is “ways more creative” than mine…then you need to just leave the music industry…like, immediately…like, so fast the rubber on your shoes starts smoking like in cartoons

  3. Hey Jay Eff Kay…you are an asshole…instead of being grateful for the time i spent on the review of your album, you are getting insulting, you stupid piece of trash from the suburbs!
    a French thing? haha…i have been talking more about American rappers here than about any French rapper…just shut the fuck up…you don’t know me.
    To Cheeb…you are a racist and I will remove your comment, but i will leave Jay Eff Kay’s for everybody to see how grateful this dude is for the review i did on my spare time.

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