Dogmatic/ 8 Mile Chronicles 2/ mixtape review

Global rating of the product: 5 stars
Every time I am tempted to give up on hip hop, I think of genuine artists like Dogmatic, because they manage to keep the art of rap alive. Guess what, Kevin Bailey aka Dogmatic is back with his long awaited 8 Mile Chronicles 2. Dogmatic’s brand new release is the follow up of 8 Mile Chronicles. While I found 8 Mile Chronicles very good, the second part is even better than best in every sense of the term: very well worked on instrumentals, very valuable Detroit collaborators (such as Obie Trice, Supa Emcee, Almighty Dreadnaughts, King Gordy, Raw Collection, Royce da 5.9, just to name a few), an incredible well mastered flow, some good punchlines. From the beginning to the end, Dogmatic ignites some pure fire and manages to create a passionate atmosphere. The excellent artist proudly represents the streets of Detroit.
You Know Me truly represents this unique Detroit spirit. Dogmatic’s confidence is enhanced by a very impressive flow. His credibility and his dedication to hip hop get him the full respect he deserves.
I love the offensiveness of the song entitled Detroit. The mixture of violins, loud drum beats and orchestra background introduce a dark atmosphere. Ready for war? This is a Detroit thing! Great work there too.
Beef , lead by Promatic and K.B is enhanced with some soft violin accords and some strong crafted punchlines. You are going to love this track, that’s how Proof and Dogmatic do!
Very beautiful collaborations with contrasting voices are present in Dogmatic and the Almighty Dreadnaughtz. Dogmatic spreads the spirit that is already present in Proof’s Hand To Hand mixtape: working on the flow, the mic, setting the lyrics at the highest level, offering the best beats and collaborations. In short, a total dedication to hip hop!
We Here enlightens some beautiful female vocals with Raw Collection’s participation and some deep sounding instrumentals. Promatic is there, enhancing the song in so many ways. You gotta love the way they do it. This is hip hop in its purest form. I enjoyed the song very much.
When Proof Died is a very rhythmic song, a beautiful homage to the skilled artist.
Among the songs I really enjoyed I recommend you Back To Back featuring Obie Trice and Promatic.
Globally speaking, Dogmatic gave the best of himself and of Detroit in his mixtape. This womderful music jewel is definitely worth your buy.
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