Reddbone: one of Detroit’s finest rapping ladies

Some of you might not have heard about her yet, but Reddbone is quite a legend on the local Detroit scene.
Who is Reddbone? In fact, she is D12 member Swifty‘s sister.
Reddbone is not your average female rapper. She doesn’t sound like some sugarcoated R’n’B chick fitting into some famous rapper’s video. Reddbone likes it raw and doesn’t fear being offensive. Sounding like she pimped an army of hoes, Reddbone dares to show some personality while spitting on a track. I first heard Reddbone on Swifty’s Grenade Pins mixtape in 2003 and she impressed me with her skills.
People who are curious to know how Reddbone actually sounds will be pleased to know that she actually has a my space account.
Reddbone is part of a Detroit group called Raw Collection that includes emcee Bareda aka Mr Wrong.
A pretty good example of Reddbone’s vocal performance is given by Get Em With Vanzetti. Reddbone’s voice has some dark accents. The musical background is composed of violins and rhythmic beats. Reddbone is taking over with some incisive lyrics. Getting surgical in no time, she takes over, spitting with confidence and repping her city with pride. You can’t fuck with her. Call her pimpette, Reddbone dominates her worlds and spreads fear around her. Enjoy the gangsta flavor of her collaborations with Raw Collection.
Very few people focus on female rappers. However, Detroit City has given birth to some real good female rapping talents. Check out Reddbone, you won’t be disappointed. She is an artist with some personality and some undeniable talent.

To the groupies and the Eminem stalkers…

I’d like to put this clear once again and for good. I am a music journalist and I am in NO WAY related to Marshall Mathers nor to his fellows.
I don’t have his address nor phone number and even if I had it, I would never provide any kind of personal info regarding Eminem, his family and his homies.
It is useless and kinda ridiculous for you to come here and ask for Eminem’s msn ID or phone number. It is just a waste of time.
I AM NOT INTO THIS BULLSHIT. So unless you come here to read my articles and post some constructive comments, you are not welcome. I don’t give a fuck if you “love” Eminem, nor do I give a fuck if you feel like his “soulmate” and want his email address. I suggest you to spam another site. This is no tabloid, nor is it a groupie website.
PS: not to sound mean, but Eminem, Nathan and Hailie Jade impersonators and other kind of posers will be banned from this site systematically…this is definitely not the place to spread your lies…get a life, losers and stop wasting my time moderating your worthless comments.

Kyro Kanaan: his songs sound like prayers

Kyro Kanaan is a hip hop artist who has some positive messages to send through his music. Raised in the streets of Indiana, now settled in California, Kyro Kanaan brings you hungry people some spiritual food for your soul.
Kyro Kanaan has some obvious artistic qualities: his voice is deep and hearty, his words speak from the soul, he can flow. Beats and instrumentals perfectly match with the artist’s warm voice.
The listener will be caught into Kyro’s universe and nourish his ears from his enjoyable sounds.
Kyro’s first song Bush Raid featuring Israel made me think about some moving gospel song. Rhythmic, spiced up with profound accents coming from his beautiful voice. Kyro courageously raises his voice against selfish politicians and points out kids’ harsh life in the ghettos. People like Bush are indifferent to misery: every day people are getting eviction notices, every day kids are living dangerously in the streets. Like a prophet, Kyro’s voice intends to touch your soul. Feel the pain, feel the tears. Oh Lord, why does it have to be that way? The song has a deep meaning and I recommend it to any of you who really love good hip hop.
Flutes are combined with claps and rhythmic beats. Well done, Kyro.
I Promise starts in a more rapid way. Harsh instrumentals, rapid beats will make you feel a man’s struggle on the perilous journey of life. Kyro is determined to live out his passion for the music and never to lose his integrity. At the end of the day, he promises always to be himself. Feel the determination and the passion while listening to the song.
Kiss My Friend is written in an oriental style and Kyro plays variations on the theme of friendship there. The tracks opens on a never ending circle of friendship.
Candy will allow you to discover Kyro’s softer side. Keyboards, guitars, drums introduce the track. Feel the softness of the birth of a new love. Picture yourself with the person you love and makes you feel good. Imagine a beautiful spring day and you’re enjoying the day with a brand new lover. Relax and listen to the track in a total chill out atmosphere.
I highly recommend you to check out Kyro.
He brings a new and refreshing taste to hip hop. Find out more about the amazing artist here.

I Got This/ Mr Grizzly song review

Rating: 4 stars
Last February, I introduced you to Mr Grizzly, an underground rapper with attitude from Illinois.
Mr Grizzly is back with some new tracks for his audience. Among his two new tracks, I Got This attracted my attention.
With his gritty voice, Mr Grizzly is ready to assault his enemies. Hidden in the dark, he tracks his victims. Open your ears to his incursive lyrics. Mr Grizzly is rapping on a similar instrumental background than the Chapter 1 songs.
Mr Grizzly is ready to rip his enemies off with his sharp voice. Coming up with an inventive style of his own, the talented artists shows some undeniable skills and a real good flow delivery. Haters don’t open your mouth: you’ll get mashed by the emcee’s wild and incisive style. Raw, offensive, abrasive, thuggish, Mr Grizzly curbs his enemies with authority.
He Got This. What are Mr Grizzly’s assets? He has this flame inside of him, something that could be defined as a lyrical flame. Mr Grizzly’s enthusiasm spreads as rapidly as forest fires. Check the incredible artist here.

Don’t let words hurt you

What are words? A combination of sounds and syllables coming out of somebody’s mouth? Or are words something more powerful, like a creation or a weapon?
Jewish people call word “davar” in their language that has also the meaning of object in Hebrew, which tends to prove that a word should be considered as something concrete.
The actions words might have on you mainly depend on your reaction, on the way you receive them.
It is a matter of fact, some people use words for healing and some others use them as a weapon. However, whether words will harm us all depends on our reaction. Believe it: no matter what the person’s intentions are, words cannot harm you if you don’t leave them any power.
For instance, some jealous or angry people might tell you that you are ugly, it will nevertheless not mean you actually are. You will only feel ugly if you believe that what those people said about you is the truth.
It is sometimes hard not to react and not to let words affect you. However, before reacting in front of harmful words, always try to analyze the motivation of the person trying to harm you through words. Is he/ she envious of you? Does he/ she want you to he affected badly by those words?
Breathe and don’t allow those words to affect you. Believe that they are just some hateful sounds coming out of that person’s mouth and that they cannot touch you in any way. Like a boomerang, those words will come back to your opponent’s face if you are strong enough not to react.
Sending some hateful words in return might be a temporary relief for you, but they might lead you to an infernal spiral. In the end, you might not be able to break the circle.
Be careful in your own way of using words. It is better to use them with parsimony and to heal or do good to people.
It is always risky to use words as weapons unless you want to perfect your skills in a lyrical battle.
Words won’t bring you down unless you allow them to do so. Always keep that in mind and you will feel fine, no matter what people might say about you.

Choppy Chope: when reggae sounds meet hip hop

Choppy Chope is an interesting solo artist from Maryland. He will marry reggae, soul and hip hop in a very original way.
Let Dem Know starts in a typical rastafari style, the beats are catchy and the melody is nostalgic. Like rap music, reggae music was born from a fight, a fight from black folks for survival. Feel the faith, the struggle in darkness, feel people’s involvement. The song sounds like a powerful prayer written in a good reggae style.
If you like music that talks to your heart, Let Dem Know is exactly for you.
Choppy Chope Sounds is a catchy track that starts with drums and trumpets. The Jamaican style might make you think of Bob Marley a little bit. Nice vocals in the background totally match with the rhythmic track. Choppy Chope Sounds is as delightful as Jamaican rhum. Taste it and get drunk while notes, vocals and sounds invade your ears with a delightful reggae flavor mixed up with hip hop.
Cold Summer Hot Winter starts in a more offensive way. Choppy Chope’s sounds more gritty and will lead you into the struggling atmosphere of the streets. A man is determined to make it with his powerful rhymes.
Lah Lah Lah starts with scratches sounds and introduces you into Choppy’s rhythmic universe. Choppy Chope has some good lyrical skills, his instrumentals are well handled.
Check out the original artist here.

I’d need some more info about Elmer Lee Fields…

the blues musician who appears in Martin Solveig’s Jealousy video. Despite a lot of investigative research on google, I couldn’t find a website that is entirely dedicated to the artist. I’d like to listen to more of his music and I’d be grateful to anybody who could provide me some links about him (not about Martin Solveig, about him)…
Many thanks in advance:)
Please post your links if you know some…