Representing Garoua, North Cameroun: Sahel Hip Hop

Global rating of the video: 4.5 stars
Sahel Hip Hop are a group of outstanding emcees who will bring you to the very roots of rap music. No sample use, but rather a very original mixture of traditional african instruments, keyboards, griot traditions and the typical spirit of Garoua that is made of Fulani tribes’ traditions. In their music, you will feel the drought, the sun, the force of the words spreading from their creative style.
Who are they? Babilaz, Kamikaz, Djabbar, Princesse kadidja, Saolange, Mac Disze, Cheik abdoul , dj Kader, Zab la plume and Ihmo compose the Collectif Sahel Hip Hop group.
Not only are the brilliant emcees’ melodic songs a powerful outlet for their rage, their voices are also reaching spiritual heights. If you like musical diversity and originality, you are going to enjoy Sahel Hip Hop.
Let’s discover Sahel Hip Hop’s video Sahel Hip Hop Acte 2. Offensive warriors inside and out of their car, the emcee’s voal performances are amazing. Rough voices, raw attitudes, a wonderful ability to flow with the fluency of the wind, their inventive instrumental compositions will put any listener in awe.
You will enjoy raps in which females show the same powerful punching attitude than men.
The group aims at representing both sides of Cameroon: the North side (Garoua and other Northern towns such as Maroua) and the Southern side, where most inhabitants are from the Bantu tribes. Unity, word celerity, energetic reps will definitely conquer your heart.
Learn more about Sahel Hip Hop here.
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Artists I will feature soon on the Eminem blog…

The outstanding Cameroonian hip hop artists Sahel Hip Hop have attracted my attention. Also, I’d like to share with you an exceptional singer from Garoua, North Cameroon, I have been introduced to since the late 80’s…his name is Ali Baba…I was very surprised to hear again about him on this blog.
Be patient, I am busy, but I will always be dedicated to the musical cause, as long as there will be good music to listen to!

Taste that awesome old school Detroit hip hop

His voice has some dark Ice T accents, his instrumentals are an astute combination of jazzy-soul feel. He’s got that wonderful old school sounding hip hop to please you ears. You got that right to call him awsome, because Awesome Dre he actually is called.
Awsome Dre is one of Detroit’s most precious secrets. You Can’t Hold Me Back is a clever mixture of guitar and saxophone and lyrical punchlines. Rhythmic, interrupted with scratches, the song will make you move in a cadenced way. Bounce, bounce to the gangsta sounding rhymes made in the D.
Follow me into my descriptive ride, dive into the rhythmic sounds and the sinking rhymes: I know that this artist won’t disappoint you.
In Sackchaser, Awesome Dre will punch a “golddigga” lyrically. Take you time to appreciate Awesome Dre’s incredible flow. The talented emcee’s extraordinary lyrical creativity definitely needs to be underlined.
Frankly Speaking: listen to Awesome Dre’s dark and real description of the D-town. Scratches amplify the pressure of the song. Let the brilliant artist offer some criticism against the society’s correctness. Awsome Dre doesn’t rap to please the media, he’s telling the truth.
Master Of Philosophy is powerfully smashing words against the wall. Awesome Dre is taking over with high confidence, blessing the mic.
If somebody impacted Detroit hip hop history, it is certainly Awesome Dre with his original old school style.
Check him out here.
Pay him some attention: he is really worth it!
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Les Choristes: a must see film with Gerard Jugnot

Global rating of the product: 5 stars, no contest!
If you like music and here I’m not talking about a specific genre, but the music taken as a whole, you should definitely watch that world acclaimed masterpiece. Les Choristes ( The Choristers) will introduce you into a deep world made of musical dedication and intense feelings. If you ever doubted that one single person can change people’s destinies, then it is really time to believe.
In a cold boarding school aimed at unruly board, Principal Rachin ( interpreted by François Berléand) has put into place a very repressive system, promising to react to any action. For each action, there will be a consequent punishment.
In this context, Clement Mathieu ( brilliantly interpreted by Gerard Jugnot), a former music professor and a musician himself, accepts the position of supervisor. Nicknamed ” Crane D’Oeuf” by the pupils, Clement Mathieu manages to reach them, by inserting more justice into the school system and by communicating them his passion for the music.
He even reaches Morhange ( a boy everybody had given up on)’s heart. Morhange’s beautiful voice will be revealed during the movie.
Clement Mathieu nourishes a secret passion for Morhange’s mom, but to is greatest disappointment, she is engaged to somebody else.
The pureness of the kids’ voices while interpreting Rameau’s work is remarkable. It is touching and will bring most of you back to childhood times (even if yours was different from what shown in the movie).
The movie ends up on a note of hope and melancholy at the same time, as Clement Mathieu gets sacked from the school on a slight mistake.
Years have gone by and at his mother’s death, Morhange opens up Clement Mathieu’s memoirs.
The whole movie is fulfilled with the positive spirit of musical revelation. A must see, Don’t miss that one!
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Powerful in the rough: Megaloh's " Pump Das"/ video review

Global rating of the product: 5 stars
I recently discovered a tight German rapper. Megaloh is no newcomer to the scene. His rapping experience goes back to 1994. The talented emcee first started rapping in English, then he decided to release albums in his mothertongue.
The richness and musicality of the German language allows the artist to play with words easily and to hit the on the head when needed.
The mixture of piano and violin allows the listeners to slowly slide into one of Berlin’s most famous ghettos, Moabit, that is also well known for its strict correctional facility where French rapper MC Jean Gab1 happened to be emprisoned, and to get familiar with the passion and drama.
Meet Megaloh’s fellows, share the difficulties of German ghetto youths that often can’t compose with nor without the educational system. Listen to him, when he talks about the difficulty of growing up, the boredom that often motivates young people for criminality and other problems. In his critical analysis of German society, that often excludes minorities from the view of the media, Megaloh also expresses the pleasure of having fun together, partying together.
What I like with Megaloh is his straight street talk, his amazing flow, his dark voice and his personal way of exposing life in C-21, the Moabit area in Berlin.
While capitals often focus on mass tourism, they often forget about their ghetto inhabitants who are- whether people would admit it or not- of their country’s history.
You go, Megaloh…keep up your narrative skills and stormy flow delivery!
Find out more about Megaloh here.
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The Message: strong hip hop signature

Thanks to artists like Antoine Moore aka The Message, hip hop can proudly claim that it experiences the dawn of its rebirth. If hip hop was dead, the brilliant underground artist ( who happens to be MC Lyte’s cousin) has found a refreshing way for hip hop to be reborn from its ashes.
A raw sounding voice, some inventive and rhythmic beats, a powerful spirit are the elements of a well made musical recipe…listen to his music and you will taste it with delight. Built Like That is cadenced, explosive like dynamite, fulfilled with astute punchlines. If you’re about good hip hop, you shouldn’t sleep on that track.
In Go To Guys features Eliott Ness The Message sharpens his tongue and flows like crazy. You gotta love the offensive , marching on spirit of the song.
On Your Mark mixes roughness with some soft vocals. The Message composes, operates with precision and his words will hit where it hurts. Again, a nice flow delivery enhances the song.
Get familiar with the business’ numerous intrigues by listening to The Plot. Guitar and light piano notes corroborate with the artist’s intonations to make the listener feel the plot. The song is rhythmic, slightly interrupted with short female voice interventions. The melody has some beautiful blues accents. Loved it!
Note that this excellent artist has two albums in preparation:
“ Against All Oddz” in collaboration with R-texz that is due in Mid 2009, plus “ Cause & The Effect”: The Autobiography Album that will be ready in 2010.
Check The Message here.
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A year has gone, another has come. For most of us, a new year opens up on the possibility to face new challenges, allows new dreams and hopes. It is also a good occasion to make a retrospective walk into the past. Don’t live on regrets, don’t deplore what you haven’t been able to do. Rather see which steps allowed you to go forward. Try to envision what your mistakes were. Never condemn yourselves, rather try to correct yourselves.
This year, I have been busy. However, I also found some time to think into a more introspective way. I tried to confront some of my old demons and succeeded in some way. A new year is a wonderful occasion to get rid of things that used to torture us inside. Whether some of our problems come from our childhood or from our life experience, it is worthless to bury them into the sand, because they will reemerge from the tomb and wound our souls in a very rotten way- often unexpectedly.
So confront your unsolved problems. Face each of them. Try to analyze your mistakes in order not to repeat them over and over again.
Whatever situation you might be facing in the future, try to see the bright side in each day. Live out your passions, whatever passions they are. This will keep you positive and alive.
Don’t forget to be grateful for the little things life has to offer. Don’t expect big miracles if you are blind to the daily little ones.
Be happy. A new year has been offered to you. Make the best of it!
Dear readers, may those words be fruitful to you. I wish you a happy, prosperous, musical year 2009:)
Your favorite writer,
P.S: hopefully more reviews to come…I will be working on them asap:)
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