Inspiration Guerriere ( Warrior Inspiration)/ French rapper Alibi Montana ‘s almighty ghetto rage (CD review)

Global rating of the product: 4.75 stars (excellent work)
Representing the streets of the 93 department with pride, Alibi pours out his rage in a very merciless manner. Like the talented and precise social commentator the skilled artist actually is, Alibi goes into depth with a sharp minded spirit, revealing a country s political weaknesses with an amazing sense of reality. Rough life rider, amazing politically engaged poet, Alibi over floods the scene with his powerful, inventive lyrics.
His heart is fulfilled with justified rage, his street poetry blossoms like a garden during spring time, spreading a powerful, revolutionary message. Rebel with a cause, Alibi carries the weapons of justified gangsta rap rage.
Powerfully enhanced with rhythmic and rich symphonic instrumentals, characterized by the artist s sharp sounding voice, Inspiration Guerriere appeals all street soldiers for unity.
Voice of the people, he echoes a thousand thoughts, advocates the underprivileged s cry for more justice, smashes discriminatory governmental policies against ethnic minorities.
Attentive street disciple, Alibi Montana opens the curtain on a tough reality theater. Hunger, lack of money, poverty, drug deals, constant discrimination, growing social inequalities, loads of angry people who are tired of drowning into ghetto slums with no practical chance of evolution, the talented rapper exposes a rough world in its whole nudity. Whether you like it or not, Alibi s words manage to reach their targets with an incredible precision.
Catchy drum beats, gunshots, keyboards, a voice that dissects like a scalpel unveils the Ghetto Rap song. Alibi s lyrical ease and fast flow delivery are truly impressing. The song is marked by a gritty ghetto rage spirit. Cusswords spread like deadly bullets from an angry gun s mouth, leaving bloody scars on their way. The merciless cook serves his dishes raw, pointing the finger at the numerous injustices that occur in the infamous 93 department.
The spirit of hardcore hip hop is back, stronger than ever and it is meant to stay.
Deranging on purpose, Alibi s assertions will act like an electroshock into many conventional thinking brains.
Ma Drogue combines bass and keyboards. A swinging gig characterizes the song that strongly advertises the CD in the whole Parisian area. Yes, Alibi s music is addictive, please believe it!
Le Retour Du Al is a good example of astute verbal creativity in which Alibi excels.
The use of the instrumentals totally match with the purposely aggressive atmosphere of the song. The light xylophone notes symbolize the prelude to a drama that is continued by the rhythmic hardcore keyboard sounds.
Street Fight is one of the top hits of the album. Alibi truly blesses the mic during the whole song.
Like a boxer, the talented emcee punches his enemies on his way, in a very powerful manner.
Enjoy his mastery of the cipher, his communicative enthusiasm, his hip hop dedicated spirit. You are going to love it!.
Another valuable track is Hymne Du Travail, an ode during which Alibi expresses his love for the hard working classes. Manual work is valued with some beautiful words of respect. Alibi has his own way of expressing it.
Globally speaking, Alibi Montana can be viewed as a tight gangsta rapper who possesses some undeniable lyrical qualities. His gift is allied to a sense of truth and rightness. Never afraid to raise his voice against French politics and social policies, Alibi manages to touch many people’s heart.
He can be considered as today’s French ghetto youths spokesman, although his message is meant to reach a larger audience. Inspiration Guerriere is the excellent result of hard work. The intelligent use of the instrumentals will generate an obscure, dirty and rough ghetto atmosphere.
The almighty and well thought lyrics will break through and reach their targets like a powerful blast.
If you are not familiar with French rap, Alibi Montana is definitely not the artist to be slept on.
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Our society needs its antiheroes

Depending from which angle they are viewed, society’s antiheroes appear either as creepy persons who induce society’s decay or they are hailed as superheroes who dare to be different.
Obviously rebellious against stereotyped thinking modes, society’s dictatorships, sometimes politically engaged, antiheroes seem to be the reflection of a reality conventional people would like to bury into the deepest graves of society’s collective memory.
Robin Hood appeared as the worst outlaw to the privileged . He was nevertheless poor people’s Santa Claus in many people s mind.
While some all in pink dressed Barbie girls dream would like to attract an unrealistic bad boy prince, one can consider that the antihero with an outlaw spirit is the person who dares to break society s dictatorship and, thus, can powerfully catalyze some determinant changes.
When those changes occur, people are suddenly cured from their usual blindness. One word, one different view of our world will have a domino effect on groups of individuals.
It is James Brown’s powerful « Say it loud, I’m Black and proud » that allowed black people to regain confidence and self pride after years of racial discrimination from the white community in particular.
It is NWA’s controversial introduction of the N word, its offensive attitude against police s discrimination that allowed black folks to view their condition in American ghettos differently. Powerful weapon, better than submission, many Blacks knew they could oppose a real attitude in front of the police.
It is indeed Malcolm X with his Afro centrist views, who created more unity among his folks.
The apparent harshness, the sharpness of antiheroes’ rough discourses is a solid consciences awakener. Without it, society would die a slow death. Too many people are the submissive instruments of their government or society.
Within years of sleepiness, somebody needs to wake up and raise his voice with a powerful no.
The antihero character fascinates me more than the so predictable hero a la Schwarzenegger. The antihero is merely the representative of the weak and the voiceless. He doesn’t want to raise your sympathy, nor does he claim to be your role model. The antihero acts the way he does, because he thinks it is right to do so.
No matter what you think about them, many antiheroes actions have made history.
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Monica Blaire: Motown's golden voice

She is beautiful, heartfelt, talented. Highly influenced by the Motown musical world and rich of many other musical influences, Detroit artist Monica Blaire possesses that incredible gift to transform into gold everything she touches. Her deep, warm voice would make any insensitive person burst into tears.
Very much representative of many black music genres such as soul, hip hop ,R’n’B, Funkand blues Monica Blaire perfectly knows how to talk to your heart.
Some of you have probably seen her in Bizarre’s recent videos. I suggest we’d all explore more of her work.
With Christmas knocking at the door, Someday At Xmas perfectly fits into the season. Full of nostalgic accents, built on soft instrumentals and bell sounds, Monica Blaire transports you into a wonderful world of emotions.
Funkin For Jamaica leads the listener into a very dynamic, rhythmic piano-keyboard musical background in which Monica’s soft and deep voice totally comes to shine. Clap your hand and move to the dynamic track!
Set Me Free might surprise the listener at first, because of its only electronic background. Soon, Monica Blaire’s voice will escape from the musical landscape like a bird that had been trapped into a cage. Its strength will liberate an energetic mantra: Set Me Free. I loved the song’s architecture.
Work features Maestro. It intelligently combines strong vocals with rhythmic claps and xylophone notes. Darkness and light work together while Monica offers some vocal power to her listeners. A modern world of electronics seems to cross and contradict the real world. Beautifully done!
Piano notes open up on a jazzy background while Monica gently whispers. You will be enchanted by the artist’s brillance. Step into a world of softness…appreciate the moment, let your soul drink the lyrics.
Detroit artist Monica Blaire belongs to the category of creative artists who mark black music history forever. Check the incredible artist here.
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A slight insight into Nathan Mathers' musical world

Back in 2004, I told you all that Nathan Mathers was a young man on his way to fame. While some of you highly doubted his talent, some others were holding their breaths during three years, waiting for Nate Kane to demonstrate what he was capable of.
In fact, it isn’t easy to be Eminem’s brother. You really have to surpass yourself if you want to stand a chance to shine in the world of rap music. Between the haters and the freaky Nathan Mathers hunters (always eager to get a piece of him, even when it was a my space poser), Nathan’s life hasn’t always been simple.
At the age of 21, Nathan has now gained maturity and is ready to expose some of his work. To all of you listeners- whether you like Nate or not- I’d advice you to forget that he is Eminem’s brother: don’t let biased judgments occult your ears. Try to envision him as any other Detroit underground emcee.

Welcome into Nathan ‘s universe. A powerful orchestral introduction that is enhanced by electric guitars introduces the Nate Kane song. The track is rhythmic as well. Part of Nate’s assets are probably his vocals: Nate’s voice is set on a darker register than his brothers’ which will allow him to make a real difference. Despite his beginner status, Nate already shows a mastered use of the technical part of his instrumentals. His flow delivery isn’t bad either.
Nate Kane is a good self introduction into the rap game. Well done.
With some Southern accents, I’m Not Asking transports the listener into a club atmosphere. Again, Nate’s vocal performance needs to be underlined.
I Like The Shadow Of A Celebrity, because it allows the young emcee to pour his heart out about his celebrity status and the whole harassement that goes with. Nate also mentions people’s attacks about Debbie. Don’t jump to conclusions: you don’t know the real Nate, nor can you imagine what it is like to be always viewed as “Em’s little brother”.
I liked Messing Around a little bit less. The subject matter is much more superficial. Doesn’t really sound interesting how Nate shows his tattoos to a bunch of obsessed groupies…
A more hidden and interesting fact is that Nate Kane united his talent with a tight young Detroit underground emcee named Solystic. I reviewed Solystic back in 2005 and I can tell he is one of Detroit’s promising hip hop talents. Both artists are making beats together. Check them out here.
From what I heard, Nathan Mathers seems to possess some good artistic qualities. Judge by yourself: check him out here.
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Why any of us journalists can learn from the tabloids' astute methods

I am probably not known as tabloids’ best friend. However I must admit that those newspapers have a power of fascination on me. Why?
Simply because they seem to always reach the goals they set. Targeting a large scale of customers, the tabloids manage to catch their eye in any case. Moreover, and despite their lack of intellectual topics, they are certainly the best selling papers all over the world.
How come The Sun is more popular than the intellectual The Guardian? How come most people prefer losing themselves into The National Enquirer than reading The New York Times, for instance?
Well…maybe because the tabloids the common citizen s curiosity better.
Can t beat the tabloids? Learn from them! You can use their tactics- with better working ethics, though.
Just buy one of them tabloids. Have a deeper look at the newspaper s very conception. Ask yourself what would make you wanna buy it.
First of all, any clever journalist ought to know that a well built headline makes any article, report or story, no matter what the subject line is.
So before you start gathering ideas and finding a proper architecture for your article, take enough time to think and rethink your title.
If you look at it very carefully, behind each successful article lies a cleverly handled headline!
Second, remember that a picture is worth a thousand words! Yes, this is probably one of tabloids least hidden secret. Try to insert a picture that will illustrate your words.
Third, go straight to the subject. Don’t drown your article into a myriad of superficial details that might be of interest for you, yet a boredom for your readership. In short, offer a precise, structured article.
Fourth, quote them people into their own quotes!
To add credibility to your article or report, it is always useful to possess people s original quotations. Those are the ingredients that will help spice up your article.
However if you wanna be considered a journalist who is worth his weight, don t follow tabloids shameful example: never ever spread any gossips.
You are unsure of your source? You’d like to inform your readership, though? In that case, sentences like  it is rumored or an unofficial source says (yet it is unconfirmed) can help you out of any form of embarrassment.
Beginners might consider looking at tabloids as a waste of time. However, any experienced writer will confirm you that only an acute sense of observation combined with a strong will to perfect one s craft will make a professional writer/ journalist of you.
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Meet Californian trio Innercity Mob

The Californian trio of emcees that breathes hip hop is composed of A.B.Z aka “Tha Street King” , A.N.T Special A.K.A Killa Tone and Swin Loc.
They come to you like trife thieves on the move, ready to rob everything around them. Carrying a dark mob music spirit, Innercity Mob will take you by surprise, introducing you into a crazy, rhythmic symphony of words. Clap Ya HanZ N Stomp Ya Feet is filled with dark synthethizers, symbolizing terror and runaways. The gifted players don’t joke with their passion. Their fluid flow, their authentic gangsta spirit, their unbreakable ill cypher, all those elements combined together will allow the listener to fully appreciate Innercity Mob’s artistry.
Light Piano notes, swinging drum beats, a fluid flow, raw voices: welcome to the Tripod track that carries a hustler spirit. The trio is keeping it raw and hardcore, as the sudden introduction of electric guitars seems to point it out.
No Friend Of Myne: candenced drum beats, violin notes in the background draw the picture to a drama. Treason can make a friend turn into the worst enemy. Feel rage and regrets expressed through a nostalgic, yet tough melody.
Gimme A Shot is a hot invitation to party. A combination of dark and light keyboards match with the crazy rhythm. Feel the dizziness around you and just chill.
Innercity Mob can be found here.
Hardcore hip hop lovers will probably enjoy the talented trio.
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Special Thank You's

Before 2008 knocks at the door, I’d like to thank Gavin Sheridan again.
I will never forget you were the first to believe in me as a freelance writer back in 2003. Without you, the Eminem Blog wouldn’t even exist.
Thanks for all your support. I wish you a blessed Xmas and a Happy New Year 2008!