I Need A Doctor/ an Eminem-Dr Dre collaboration

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Maybe Good Friday is the ideal time for reviewing Eminem’s recent work with hip hop legend Dr Dre. with the numerous death and resurrection symbols it contains. Eastern time is the ideal time to meditate about the very meaning of life.
In many regards, Eminem resembles the spirit of his hometown that symbolically rises from its ashes: just when you think he just run out of musical ressources, the man totally redeems himself with some amazing, creative stuff.
Meet a depressed Dr Dre at the beach. While being caressed by the relaxing sound of the sea, Andre Young, now a mature man, has some flashbacks about the glorious time of NWA, his marriage, his kids, his Up In Smoke Tour, his complicity with Slim Shady…
When you’ve been through hard times ( Dr Dre was unlucky enough to lose a 23 year old son who was found dead, unresponsive in his bed), you sometimes question yourself about what really makes sense in your life. If you are too harsh in your judgment towards yourself, you might be tempted to commit suicide. In the video, Dr Dre is deperate to that extent. As he drives faster and faster through the mountains’ heights, his car suddenly crashes…total blackout…opration table…meet Dre between life and death, in his coma, an aetheric creature sings the refrain : ” I need a doctor…” Musically speaking Skylar Grey’s soft voice contrast with the electric guitar accords and Eminem’s rough voice. Eminem recalls the good times and how Dre literally saved his life by believing in his talent and signing him to his label…his voice is strong enough to reach Dre who needs slowly gets back to life.
He needs to learn how to walk again, little by little and moreover to believe in himself.
Have faith. Don’t look for miracles outside of yourself: miracles happen from within.
Great Eminem-Dre collaboration. Watch it here.
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