Tété: a poetic ray of musical sunshine

Tété: a poetic ray of musical sunshine
If you are familiar with black music and fond of poetry, you are probably gonna like Tété s original soul-funky inspired style. The less known French speaking artist has a bunch of refreshing songs to offer, lyrically astutely handled songs to offer to a receptive ear. Tété s album is entitled Le Sacre Des Lemmings (the crowning of little hamster alike creatures).
As the curtains open on some soft oboe overture, increasing the feeling of suspense…The witty musician allies various instruments such as guitar, harp, flute with hand claps and manages to create a festive atmosphere with his warm and profound voice. Fils De Cham pours down like a refreshing rain during a hot Summer time. What a lively invitation to dance along and to rejoice with the author of the song.
Anna Lee Soleil is a poetic piece of work as well. The guitar background also fits very well with Tété s narrative skills.
Tété s song also have a sensitive romantic touch which is enhanced by his guitar background.
Little bit of a philosopher, Tété teaches about life in his 6th track, Comme Feuillets Au Vents: with his powerful orchestral background, Tété addresses a young lady in her twenties. What are you gonna do when your twenties will be gone with the wind?
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