Hip Roll: Trick Trick is musically stomping em out

Rating of the song:4.5 stars
Trick Trick, the Detroit hip hop master, is back with a brand new, very swinging track.It is entitled Hip Roll.
With the typical gangsta style of his own, Trick Trick manages to ally soft and dark elements on a very rhythmic instrumental basis, creating a subtle night and day effect. The keyboard-claps-drums astute combination totally fits with the club song and the female vocals in the background.
Trick Trick has always shown a great mastery of his hip hop skills. This bad, pimping melody will definitely convince Detroit hip hop fans.
Never mind the filthy and spicy details…anyway,Christian Mathis perfectly know how to keep it gangsta. I’d strongly advice you to check out his most recent performance here.
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  1. o eminem e muito gostosu……..ele e fofinhuuuuuuuuuuuuu……..muitos beijinhusssssssssssss…..

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