Open your ears to Soloman Beatz

Soloman Beatz is a Californian artist with a very intuitive and impressive sense of rhythm a true music lover could barely stay indifferent in front of.
Starting with some guitar sounds that progressively leave place to some powerful violin and harpsichord with a loud orchestral background and some good, rhythmic drum beats, The One is a beautiful track that will conquer more that one heart.
Soloman’s artistic expression will raise some real enthusiasm among the listeners, because you will feel the love, the dedication and the magic through the various sounds and vibrations.
AHHHHHH brings back the same, powerful spirit that will lead you into Soloman Beatz ‘ universe made of swinging piano sounds intelligently mixed up with violons and electric guitar. The artist s various musical influences are visible in this track that has a little bit of hip hop, soul, jazzy and even classical influences. Move along with the music and let it penetrate into your soul like light drops of Summer rain.
Wild 961 On The Air has a much more raw resonance in which you will be able to totally appreciate the artist s professionalism.
Pianist introduces the listener into a soft starting piano background whose sonority suddenly increases as violins appear in the background. A masculine voice echoes in the background, letting place for a surrealistic, dreamy atmosphere.
In case you artists need some good, professional beats lead from the hand of a master, Soloman Beatz perfectly knows how to do it. Discover the brilliant artist here.
Copyright2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved