Otis Redding is one of those unforgettable musical geniuses…

I had the chance to follow a documentary about the great Otis Redding yesterday and I would like to share some impressions about the great musician with my readers.
Like James Brown, Otis Redding possessed those great qualities that make of him a musician of exception. He was truly a soul legend who managed to move his audience. The richness of his instrumentals, a warm voice coming from his profound heart, his incredible dynamism would move any black music lover. With his simplicity and his unique way of telling his emotions to the crowd, Otis Redding has influenced the 60 s. Unfortunately, the gifted artist died in an accident in 1967.
His passionate delivery on stage was also an invitation for the public to participate to the show and to move along with his beautiful, moving and rhythmic songs.
You could barely listen to a song such as Shake without dancing with the artist, your heart being overwhelmed with an unexplained, but real joy.
Otis Redding managed to make something exceptional of Mike Jagger s Satisfaction song. Not only did he add his personal touch, the brilliant artist had this power to move the crowds with enthusiasm.
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