Phat Kat/ Carte Blanche/ album review

Rating of the product: 4.5 stars
He might not be that familiar to your hip hop loving ears, Phat Kat is nevertheless one of those Detroit hip hop key personalities who are rich of a precious well worked on knowledge of their art.
Phat Kat, who also goes by the nickname Ronnie Cash, has already earned a lot of respect on his local scene. Not only will the Carte Blanche allow you to discover Phat Kat’s incredible skills, it will also introduce you into the Detroit hood s merciless, cold steel universe.
The Carte Blanche album makes Phat Kat s talent shine. Moreover, the album is mostly Jay Dilla and Black Milk produced- two names that really mean something to Detroit hip hop lovers.
Scratches and an over flooding instrumental background made of keyboard sounds, strident sirens introduce Phat Kat s marvelous torrential flow and his astute lyrics. Nasty, Ain ‘t It is flavored with a spicy touch of nastiness and you are definitely gonna like the way he does it.
Get It Started is built on violin sounds in the background mixed up with some female vocals and scratches. Phat Kat s lyrical aggressiveness is a major weapon in destroying fakeness. Again, the skilled emcee kills it all.
With its chilly violoncello background, Cold Steel is an introduction to the real, horrendous world of the Detroit hood. Werewolves yelling in the dark, cold sweat will push the listener into the harsh Detroit cold steel universe where gun talk is the rule. Phat Kat s syllables are running from his mouth like rapid gun shots, describing the tense situation in the hood.
Breathing faster, terrorized minds are watching children getting killed on a daily basis. Horror in its nudity has no name. Cold Steel is truly a must hear.
Danger feat. T3 of Slum Village and Black Milk is written in the same instrumentally disrupted scary style. It draws black men s angry mind.
Cash Em Out feat. Loe Louis is another demonstration of Ronnie Cash’s brilliance. Contrasting and hammering instrumentals enhance Phat Kat’s determination to smash his enemies with his cash flow . You could barely stay indifferent in front of his well thought lyrics.
Nightmare features another great talent: Guilty Simpson.
Guilty Simpson and his fellow Ronnie Cash combine their fast flow delivery with a lyrical soldier spirit. Dark voices, raw instrumentals, the typical cutthroat City spirit, a combination of murderous lyrics will appear as a serious menace to other labels. Well done.
Hard Enuff s piano notes and incredible rhythm construction really makes it an album favorite. Again, Phat Kat s brilliant lyrical demonstration needs to be underlined. The way the artist blesses the mic, the catchy beats, the scratches, Fat Ray s intervention in duo with Phat Kat are elements that make this song a good underground hit. Don t skip that song.
The album s weaknesses are the Vessels and Lovely featuring Truth Hurts and Melanie Rutherford. Well, I admit that girly songs have never been my cup of tea. However, and globally speaking, Phat Kat s work really deserves your attention. Carte Blanche is the magical French word that allows you to be treated as a VIP and to enter the arena of the Great.
Phat Kat fully deserves it if you ask me.
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