DJ Butter: When it hit the fan

Read this exclusive DJ Butter aka Barry Yett taken out of his personal my space blog.
DJ Butter: “When It Hit the Fan….” – New Interview

DJ Butter: “When It Hit the Fan….”
Don’t sleep, DJ Butter is one of the most renowned deejays in Detroit. Born Barry Yett Jr., “DJ Butter” is known as the first DJ to put Eminem and D12 on mixtapes. Following his stellar introduction to the music game on Kill the DJ, which was distributed through South West Wholesale, the home of Cash Money, Eightball/MJG and Lil Flip, Butter has put in mad work, recording mixtapes with the likes of Short Dawg, Royce da 5’9, Street Lordz, Big Herk, NBA Legend Derrick Coleman, Raw Collection, Young Jeezy, and Jadakiss, just to list a few. His label, Crazy Noise Productions, is home to the original albums Shithappens, the Welcome to Shitville Soundtrack, Wesley Valentine’s Action Speaks Louder than Words, and YBP – Big Trouble In Little Detroit. DJ Butter has been featured in the Source Magazine, George Magazine (JFK),, Streetz Magazine, Murder Dog, Blaze Magazine, and the Detroit News. These accomplishments represent only a small portion of what Butter has been able to accomplish throughout his career. His list of credentials remains impressive and continues to constantly grow. He just wants to make sure you don’t forget.
Maximus: What’s new?
DJ Butter: I’m working on the new “Whatupdoe?” DVD featuring K-Deezy, Junior Reed, Young Jeezy, and Big Herk. Me and King David doing the “Rock City to Jam Rock” with Junior Reed. I got a Dipset mixtape in the works. Working on my fourth studio album with all original material. Working on Wesley Valentine’s second album. Providing footage for Cocaine City. I’m also working with Marc Kempf to release my magazine Funky Fresh “N” Flesh. I’ve worked with MC Serch on his “White Rapper Show” too. Oh, and there’s the Beef 4 DVD with QD3 I’m working on. I’ve been real busy, just not out there in the public eye like that.
Maximus: Since you’ve been so low key, or out of the public eye as you say, a lot of new deejays like Salam Wreck or Young Mase seem to have taken your spot. Some people feel like you’re washed up. Now, really keep it funky?
DJ Butter: Where these niggas come from really? What hood are they from? They ain’t street like us. Mase ain’t even from here. I think he’s from Toledo, Ohio. I helped Obie Trice & King Gordy get their deals. I’ve promoted mixtapes from Bermuda, NY, LA, ATL, and Memphis, to North Carolina, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Chicago, Miami, Texas, and Ohio. Fuck them niggas. I was out here with 12 Tech Mob, DJ Dez, and Drunken Master, doing this shit when it was tapes. If you ain’t touch tape decks, you can’t shit on anybody. I’ve bled for this rap shit. I’ve lost a lot. I really knew Proof. He was almost family. He dated my cousin. I got 6 years of legal issues with Shady Records, but I still got love for them boys because I watched them turn shit to sugar. I was the first to really to do the DJ Clue thing here in Detroit. I really got my tapes to Jay-Z, to Dr. Dre.
Maximus: Since the DJ Drama situation, what’s really good with the mixtape game?
DJ Butter: They want niggas to pay taxes. Shit is serious. I’ve been to New York many times since it happened. Niggas places is getting raided. King David just went to jail over some mixtape shit. Nowadays, deejays have to step their game up and put out their own original material. Basically, like what I’m doing.
Maximus: Where do you wanna see Detroit in this hip hop game, and what do niggas have to do to get it there?
DJ Butter: I wanna see it where it’s globally accepted. It’s bigger than just Eminem, and bigger than the Street Lords Money. I like to see niggas doing it how Guilty is doing it. I wanna see the deejays really get respected for their work. I think niggas need to speak up. Stop being on this Uncle Tom shit and being content with their position. Play more local shit you’ll see how the South got it. Play more local artists you know? The radio got the power to push these kats out into the mainstream. Give them more recognition from the majors.
You can find DJ Butter’s mixtapes sold and promoted through websites such as,, and among many others. Google “DJ Butter” for more sites and information.
“Don’t let these other deejays work you. I’m a DJ for the people.” – DJ Butter