Discover Low Key aka Philly Pri$e, a new Kansas talent

Low Key sounds raw with his dark voice and his diverse, harsh instrumentals. Low Key aka Philly Prise barely shows any compassion, operating like a merciless surgeon with his incisive words. Low Key knows how to put his enemies in places.
Dats Your Problem is built on repetitive, keyboard sounds that are mixed up with violins and catchy beats. Low Key s somber style totally fits with the dark tone of his voice. Hardcore hip hop fans will definitely like his harsh style. True to himself, the artist will tell you things the way they are. You better deal with them!
Wasn’t For You surprisingly introduces the listener into a soft guitar and soft vocals flavored background. The song is dedicated to the love of his life.
Think It Over is quite similar to the preceding song, but much more rhythmic. It is enhanced with swinfing drum beats and claps.
In What It Be Like the listener is invited to discover Low Key representing his city. Again; the very rhythmic song offers some interesting perspective for an attentive ear. Keyboards, bell sounds, dark chords in the background will gently reinforce the artist’s determination to make a difference. Low Key will overflood the scene with his conqueror spirit and his nice flow delivery.
Curious to know more about the intriguing Kansas artist? Discover him here.
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  1. Low Key is doin’ Kansas proud! A talented artist that demands your attention and his music refuses to let it go.

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