1 Slugg: a bloody, murderous track brought to you by Killa Kaunn

Rating of the product: 4.5 stars
Many people are scared of an oppressing, hardcore reality expressed within a raw rap song. However scary tales lovers might really enjoy Killa Kaunn s 1 Slugg song that starts with an horrific vision: I see dead people.
A reggae sounding complaint will intensify the hellish vision: the word blood will resonate into the listeners mind who will catch each drop of a victim s agony.
While the oppressing instrumentals allow the listener to walk near the valley of death, the word blood in the background is blown out of proportion on purpose, making him feel the trickiness of a no escape situation.
1 slugg will get you killed in no time. Killa Kaunn leaves his opponents no chance. Pulling his hands on the trigger in a very merciless manner.
Killa Kaunn is lyrically slugging your chest, leaving you in a pool of blood.
Enjoy the take over spirit, the rage, the flame of an emcee who never gives up.
Sensitive people might not like it, but Killa Kaunn definitely represents what Detroit hip hop is all about: the raw raps.
Copyright2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved