Facts about Eminem’s early years in Missouri

As most of you probably already know, Marshall Mathers III was born on October the 17th, 1972, in St Joseph, Missouri.
People who are curious to discover more about the town where Eminem was born will find some reliable info here
What do we know about Marshall’s early years?
In fact, very few things that have been written down by Eminem’s grandmother from the paternal side, Rae W. Drowns, and we also know some other facts thanks to great aunt Edna Swartz.
Debbie Mathers is not the person who witnessed Marshall’s early years. After she split with her husband in 1973 and left North Dakota for Marshall’s great aunt Edna’s home, Missouri, Debbie disappeared from her son’s life for several years and suddenly reappeared around 1977.
The person who pretty much raised little Marshall is his great aunt Edna . Edna Swartz happens to be grandma Rae’s sister.
If Marshall Mathers Jr’s statements are true, Edna’s task wasn’t simple at all: Debbie forbid her to tell anybody where her son was actually staying or she would cut all ties with with her and her sister for ever.
Marshall’s « hidden » childhood
Great aunt Edna describes Marshall as a « happy and curious baby » . The first words pronounced by the full mouthed rapper on April the 17th, 1973 were « dada » and « hungry ».
Marshall started walking when he was only 11 months. Eminem’s footprints are kept in an album that was found by Eminem’s dad in 2002 when grandma Rae died from Alzheimer disease.
The same album gives us an idea of Marshall’s favorite taste as a baby: he used to like cherry and vanilla pudding very much. It also gives us some information about Marshall’s favorite song at this time: he used to like « the Ugly Duckling » as a little kid.
Grandma Rae’s album also reveals: « Marshall likes to sleep any time, day or night, and goes to bed between nine and ten. »
Another document reminds us of Eminem’s early years: it is the card that he had written to grandma Rae for Christmas when he was around 5 years old.
Although Marshall seem to be very attached to Detroit, St Joseph may remind him of happy and peaceful early memories. It is also the place where his friendship with Ronnie started.
Aunt Edna is still alive. She never took any money from Marshall when he became famous. She is the real whitness of Marshall’s « hidden » childhood in Missouri.