“Lost In Translation” mixtape album review

Russian Rap: « Lost In Translation » mixtape album review
The « Lost In Translation » mixtape is available here:
A new talent will impress you with his rapping skills. His name? Eddie aka Russian Rap. His brand-new « Lost In Translation » mixtape is incredibly good.
The introduction is made of nostalgic Russian sounds. It represents Eddie’s arrival in California. Russian music appeals to people’s feelings and Eddie hasn’t forgotten about his roots.
The listener might be surprised by some titles that might strangely remind him of some former Eminem titles. Track Nr2, for instance, is « The Way I Am »: no it is not just another carbon copy of Eminem’s song! It is Eddie expressing his feelings. He defines his offensive style and hip hop lovers will enjoy it?
The following rhymes, that are taken out of Eddie’s « The Way I Am » will give you an idea of his lyrical skills:
« Crazy mofucka and i’m hurr to stay
watch these bitches grab gats i gotta an AK//
i got stacks of cash and my crew got my back
those who come to attack me dotn ever make it back//
to they beds, i pump your ass wit more led
then a mofuckin pencil, alls i do is spit sick shit//
your shit aint felt by me you aint no G
rappers wont come close if they move next to me//
i’m my own army man, if you jump i aim higher
fuck amends, duck and dance when look to fire//
bullet holes in ur pad and ur ride comin right up
eyes wide make your homies hands come up//
so stick wit me, i’m sick wit skills knock you out
hit you on ur way up, so u can calm da fuck down//
bow down, hand me da crown, i’m throw it
my gats like me at a club, we stay loaded// »

You will also enjoy Russian Rap’s hot rhymes in his track « When Da Music Stops »:
« I dont give a flying fuck…. like sex on the plane
the game took me in ……now guess i can’t complain//
like i cant remain da same always gotta change ways
and stay versatile da flow switched so is da style//
spit hottness i’m winnin….. rappers in denial
cuz i got ways to diss wit more flows then the-Nile//
i pray for the day when someone spits like me
decides to fight me, and they end up suckin deez//
you must be, crazy ye… you gotz to be
i bust heat at any one who wants it wit me//
get-me if you can if you a man enough
your the opposite of smart donkey dumb ass//
watch me blast the fuck out of this mofuckin bitches
wich is always good when i’m almost reaching//
the boiling point, so talk shit i get annoyed
and your mothafuckin block getting da fuck destroyed// »

Words are flooding from his chest, you could hardly stop his flow.
Funny fact and strange coincidence: Eddie seems to have a lot in common with his biggest source of inspiration, Marshall Mathers. His former girlfriend was named Kim too.
The song « Kimberley » is an expression of unhappy love. It is a moving song a lot of people can relate to. No matter if you’re a boy or girl, many of you have probably experienced an unfaithful partner. This experience has been part of my life too.
Russian Rap’s diss tracks are pretty good too. Songs like « Rest In Pieces » are really worth listening to.
In conclusion, « Lost In Translation » is a pretty hot mixtape that is worth checking out. Eddie’s flow is really great.
If you consider that this mixtape is his first release, you can forecast that this young and talented rapper is gonna make it big in the future.