King Tank: a Detroit underground artist that is really worth discovering

Lawrence Parker aka King Tank (formerly known as Young Tank) was born on September the 24th 2004 in Detroit. He is one of those Detroit underground rappers who will impress you with his creativity and his rhyming skills.
King Tank is a man of many hats: he is not only a rapper, he is also a producer and an engineer in training. King Tank produces most of his tracks.
Besides that, Lawrence Parker has a great passion for poetry. He has written short stories and novels. He also writes gospel and RnB songs.
« I write Hip Hop, R&B, Gospel, Poetry, & movie formats. I also produce all of my own tracks, 95% of which are without samples. I opened up for a lot of major artists & performed on Showtime at the Apollo, where I tore the roof off. I’m hot, at least that’s what the people tell me… » (King Tank)
Lawrence Parker has opened shows for the greatest artists. Among them: Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, D12, Redman…
The talented artist has been featured on local TV channels and also BET’s Teen Summit.
Besides being an amazing artist, producer and writer, King Tank is also a business man. He has his own clothing line.
You will be able to discover two of King Tank’s tracks on the following website:
My preference goes to « Hot 2 Death » that will certainly amaze you and please your ears. Besides the fact that this song is well written, King Tank has a warm voice and real good beats that won’t leave his audience indifferent.