Ready for a little taste of Russian Rap?

    Who is Eddie?

Eddie, who happens to be a friend and a fellow Eminem fan, is also a gifted aspiring rapper. Eddie aka Russian Rap aka Double R was born on April the 2nd in Ufa, Russia. He used to live in Yekeratinburg, Russia, until he moved to California when he was 14.
Eddie started focusing a real interest on rap music when he was around 12. He started writing some lyrics in Russian and recording them. Rap became a real passion for him in 1999/2000. He recorded his first mixtape « Lost In Translation » (which is a real bomb) in 2004. His first album is due to realease in late 2004 or early 2005.
Eddie belongs to several groups: Royal Fam, E.n.A, 213, Detachmentz.
What are this young rapper’s major musical influences?
Eminem, Royce 5.9, Master Ace, Tupac, Jay-Z, Nas, DMX, 50 Cent, Canibus and many more.

    What is Eddie all about?

« I’m all about hip hop, i aint sayin i’m da best ever i aint saying my shit is hottes naw mean? I know my limitations but at the same time i know i’m better then half of the garbage thats out right now, and i’m just doing this cuz its something i wanna do something i like doing… if you respect me i’ma respect you, if someone diss me, they better get ready cuz i’m comin for them! hip hop is about supporting eachother, and helpin others elevate so if u need help wit anything holla.. if u wanna work wit me contact me, we can do a song or u can hook me up wit a beat and i’ll spit to it…. listen to my songs they tell where i’m coming from and where i’m going. All the people who help me along the way i wont forget them, and people who looked down on me i wont forget that neither. »
(Eddie aka Russian Rap)

    His music

I have studied Eddie’s mixtape and I was really amazed by his valuable work. « Lost In Translation » is a hot mixtape. You will be able to read its review in one of my next articles. In the meantime, you will be able to check out Eddie’s mixtape on the following website:
New talents like Eddie aka Russian Rap need to be discovered and promoted, because his style is authentic and much more original than many commercial artists on the market. Although most of his musical backgrounds are obviously « Eminem-influenced », Eddie writes some incisive lyrics and manages to give an original dimension to his music.
How could I define his music? If you ask me, I’d say that it is a mixture of Russian culture, Slim Shady and Westcoast sound.
Be so curious and give Eddie his chance, because this young man is really talented.

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  1. Privet, my name is Boris. I live in Colorado and I’ve become a big fan of Russian Hip-Hop. I’m not the biggest listener of American Hip-hop except for a few exceptions. I love slim, dre, snoop, warren g, etc. I love their style. To you, Eddie, I I wish good luck, you can do it man. I want to hear some of your stuff though, tell me where i can find your music. I’ve been writing some russian lyrics too but i have no way of making beats unless it’s beat box. Anyways, email me and let me know where i can listen to your music.
    Thanks alot, keep it up.
    my email:

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