Will Marshall and Hailie be guests to Britney Spears’ wedding?

Guess what? It has been rumored that Eminem and his daughter would be guests to Britney Spears’ wedding. Some of you might argue that pop star Britney’s wedding is over since September the 18th.
We even got evidence that her second « marriage » (that is much more a big publicity stunt than anything else) is fake:
So I was very surprised when I discovered the following article at Brachman.com:
It seems like the « real marriage » (I’m not even convinced that this marriage ceremony will ever take place) will happen around November.
According to Brachman.com, Hailie and her daddy will attend to the marriage.
Slim Shady lovers perfectly know Eminem’s disgust of Britney’s music that he expressed several times in his songs (Remember: « Britney’s garbage? »). He also voiced his opinion about her music publicly:
“I’ve met Britney a couple of times but I’m not going to demolish her in public.
“I’m not a fan of her music though, that’s for sure. I think it’s corny as hell, but whatever. I can’t knock her for doing her thing. She sucks and she can’t sing.â€?

Eminem’s daughter seems to like Britney Spears very much and Marshall even buys Hailie her Cds.
Did Britney Spears actually invite daddy and daughter? Rumors? True facts?
I guess we will have to wait until November to know the answer.