Eminem’s political engagement

Some of you might not like it, some might even doubt it, but Eminem is politically engaged and has offered a lot of criticism against the Bush administration in The Eminem Show. Eminem has also expressed his disgust of Bush in other albums like Obie Trice’s « Cheers ». In the D12 outro of « Cheers », Marshall says:
« I’m a general, I ain’t Bush, I don’t send my soldiers to war
I’m right there in the middle of the shit with ’em… »

He directly expresses his solidarity with young people sent to war.
In DJ Green Lantern « Invasion » tape Part II, Eminem also says:
” Bush has declared the world a fucking war zone
meanwhile we got a war going on of our own at home”

Encore will definitely be Bush bashing:
The United States and the rest of the world are in need of engaged people like Marshall Mathers, because President Bush is the worst president America has ever had in my eyes.
For those who doubt about Bush’s responsibility in the drama of September the 11th, check out this timeline:
The Bush administration is guilty in this sad drama, it is more than obvious. The Bush administration knew about the attacks, but didn’t do anything:
Eminem is very conscious of his power. His music reaches a numerous audience of very different people across America and all around the world.
Nick Mercadante, the station manager of radio WVOF, is so right about it:
« Music is a way to reach millions with your thoughts and words. To deny someone that ability is wrong, but with that said, artists must recognize that they have a powerful instrument for self-expression and expression of views. »
Eminem’s powerful words punched the Bush administration right in the face. By offering such kind of criticism, Marshall manages to open people’s consciences and they start realizing how much the Bush administration is wrong, particularly in its worthless Iraqi war.
Although I am not an American, I really felt offended to see Bush’s campaign with publicity stunts like « I kissed my son goodbye ». I have seen young American soldiers die on TV in order to satisfy Bush’s hegemony wish on Iraq. Don’t tell me that my views are only one sighted: I also feel sorry for the numerous innocent Iraqi victims.
« Square Dance » and « White America » are meaningful songs where Eminem officially takes position against the Bush policy.
Eminem is not the only rapper to protest against the war. Many others have expressed their disgust of the war. The whole hip hop movance wants to fight Bush anyway. « Hip Hop against infinite war » is a movement of young people involved in hip hop activism who are determined to fight dictator Bush.
Eminem deserves credit for his political engagement. He also got a lot of hip hop soldiers behind him to back him if needed.
Encore will be political- and I am definitely happy about it.