Eminem interprets “Just Lose It” on TRL

I had the great chance to see the TRL preview of Eminem’s new song. It is hilarious. No doubt you gonna enjoy it. You can check it out there:
On the video clip from TRL, you can see Eminem performing a great entertaining song that goes like this:
« This is the part where the rap breaks down
Each real intense no one makes a sound
Everything looks like its 8 mile now
(The beat goes really fast)
The beat comes back and everybody loose themselves
Then its back to reality look its B-rabbit and who’s underneath the ? (don’t know what he says sound like paddle)
I’m a grown man now (…)
Fellas WHAT?
Fellas Yeah?
Grab your left one make your right one jealous … »

As usual, Eminem communicates his enthusiasm on stage. His presence creates the specific athmosphere of complicity with the whole audience. Slim Shady takes you into his world where you will be able to enjoy his rapid flow and his great charisma. He will enlighten the moment he shares with the listener.
At the beginning of the TRL video clip, you will see Eminem impersonating a scared Madonna whose breast is on fire. Madonna and Michael Jackson seem to be Marshall’s next targets.
« Just Lose It » ‘s release has been reported to September the 28th. No contest Eminem’s new song promises to be a bomb. It looks like there is a little bit of « Without Me » in « Just Lose It ». Be prepared for a great show for the upcoming video. Marshall Mathers won’t disappoint you.