More Eminem: Encore, Encore, Encore!

Credit to Radio 88.1 FM for most of the useful info on « Encore » )
For all the impatient people (like me), who can’t wait until the release of Eminem’s new « Encore » album, I thought that it would be more than useful to gather the more detailed info about Marshall Mathers’ upcoming album.
Marshall has decided to declare the war to the net’s piracy and he wants to avoid it by finishing the album just a few days before its release.
According to a responsible from Universal Music, the security on this album will be more severe:
« The security on this album has been taken to another level, so much so that it won’t be completed until the week before it comes out. »
Despite the great security measures that have been taken would you believe me, if I told you that I have seen Eminem’s new album under the title « The Return Of Slim Shady » available in torrent files on the Internet?
The tracks titles have already been leaked on the Internet and here is a list of songs whose titles might be modified in the last minute:
1. Curtains Re-Opened(skit)
2. One Call (Produced By Eminem)
3. He’s Here (Produced By Dr. Dre, Mel-Man)
4. Everywhere feat. Mr. Porter (Produced By Mr. Porter)
5. Live For This feat. Dmx, Nate Dogg (Produced By Red Spyda)
6. Crowd (skit)
7. Aint That Funny feat. Obie Trice, Stat Quo (Produced By Eminem)
8. Hear Me (Produced By Kanye West)
9. Hate At First Site feat. Dina Rae (Produced By Eminem)
10. Source (skit)
11. f*ck’em (Produced By Lil John)
12. Under Attack feat. Dr. Dre, 50 Cent (Produced By Dr. Dre)
13. sh*t Hits The Fan Pt.2 feat. Obie Trice, Young Zee (Produced By Dr. Dre)
14. Coming Soon (skit)
15. Third Finger (Produced By Mel-Man, Eminem)
16. Gonna Be What its Gonna Be feat. Ice Cube (Produced By Dr. Dre)
17. This Time Around feat. Tony Yayo (Produced By Eminem)
18. Mad At Me (Produced By Just Blaze)
19. What’s It All For feat. D12 (Produced By Eminem)
20. Motor City(skit)
21. Hardest Mothaf*cka’s In The World feat. Swifty (Produced By Eminem)
22. State of the Game (Produced By Mel-Man)
23. Show’s Over(skit)
It is rumored that the album will include collaborations with Mr. Porter, Kanye West, Lil John, Red Spyda, Mel-Man and Just Blaze.
Most of the tracks will be produced by great producer Dr Dre himself.
Although a lot of secrets about the album are kepts, fan could discover photo shots from Eminem’s new single « Just Lose It » where the rapper appears totally naked. A provocation for narrow minded people, but a great pleasure for an amused and pleased public!
Eminem doesn’t seem to be bothered to strip naked anyway, according to a cameraman who’s been filming the scenes:
« He wasn’t shy in stripping off, despite all the people on set. He even remained naked during the breaks in filming and messed about with us all. And remember, it was freezing.”
Eminem’s apparition on TRL interpreting an exerpt of « Just Lose It » has also been available on the net- for our greatest pleasure. It promises to be a real bomb. The future song has a little bit of the so much funny « Without Me » song and the listeners have been ready already to enjoy Eminem’s rapid flow.
We may ask what will be Eminem’s image in his new album?
It is hard to answer this question before the album release, but a few details reveal us what kind of image Eminem might expose to us.
It is known by now that the track « Mosh » will be aimed at President Bush. We can be sure that Eminem won’t give up his political engagement against the Bush administration. The album promises to be in the continuity of « The Eminem Show » in that way.
A record-store buyer has listened to some tracks. He reveals us:
« The cuts we heard were very political. Eminem’s distaste for the Bush administration is pretty clear. »
We might also find a little bit of the « Marshall Mathers LP » spirit in « Encore ». Eminem’s new victims in the world of pop music will be Madonna and Michael Jackson. On TRL, Eminem impersonated Madonna and it was quite funny to see.
What else? Be prepared for something crazy, because Eminem is determined to a