Mass Lyrics/ White Trash Volume 1 mixtape review

Global rating of the mixtape: 4.5 stars
What makes hip hop appealing? Is it a bunch of commercialized emcees showing how to make fast money and to drive fast cars? Little did you know about hip hop if you thought so.
What makes hip hop particularly interesting is first and foremost its lyrical dimension. When the emcee becomes the surgeon who operates words with the sharpest scalpel, the chemist who mixes and matches them together, the magician who manages to create special effects with rhymes and flow, instrumentals and beats, then he truly deserves to be called a rapper.
Today my aim is to introduce you to Mass Lyrics ( $trey dog and Conman’s talents combined together).
If you already listened to $trey dog, you are probably are of the fact that both artists know their mathematics. Mass Lyrics share a genuine passion for hip hop.
After a cool introduction, the mixtape starts with the powerful, technically mastered track entitled Go in which words take a sharpened meaning.
Lyrical swords, a mastered technique, an incredible flow delivery, a rich and various instrumental background make this song a must hear.
Followed by Real Hip Hop, another brilliant demonstration of verbal dexterity and Love2mc, both emcees will transport you into their universe in which real hip hop truly matters.
Because of its symphonic background, its brilliant vocalists with an unbeatable flow delivery, Can’t Hold Me is certainly worth your attention. Let both emcees kill the mic with their astute punch lines.
The Machine is written in a very melancholic way. It is reinforced with the numerous violins sounds and heartbeats alike drums. The song offers some insightful reflections about our modern society. We are all victims of our systems in some way…so should we apologize for being raised in the machine? No matter to what extend we have been influenced, we are still human beings in a inhuman society.
Beat Off is written in a very humoristic way. Drum beats and synthesizers will emphasize the funny atmosphere. Enjoy our emcee’s touch of humor and cool wordplays at the same time.
Let Mass Lyrics mesmerize you with their Superheroes track and over flood your ears with their lyrical bullets. You gonna like it, for sure, don’t miss out this CD!
Copyright2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved