Originally from Ghana, Kayo Marbilus is repping Canberra, Australia

Kayo Marbilus started rapping at the very tender age of 15.
Among the tracks exposed on his my space account, I highly recommand you the Push It To The Limits Remix. The Push it song is very much linked to the Scarface movie in my mind. Many ordinary people might see nothing else in the Scarface character as an evil man fullfilled with a greedy ambition. But those who have known poverty, difficult living conditions, and the way people treat you when you’re on the lowest level, perfectly know that the Scarface character symbolizes a harsh and constant struggle to reach the top.
Money is the tool that will allow you to do so. Even if it seems silly, people treat you differently when your bank account is full of BIG money.
When you came from nothing and eventually made it to the top, you will be able to relate to Scarface’s story as well.
Built on synthetizers, harsh drum sounds, raw vocals, rapid piano sounds, the lyrics intensively teach you Kayo’s constant hustle. Whatever one might go through, one gotta consider that life is a progression. You gotta fight, push it further on. Kayo will make you become part of his universe, made of fights and discouragement. He sometimes fell, but never gave up.
The Game Of Life is based on a soft instrumental background. Let Kayo Marbilus share his story with his listeners. Heart beats alike drum sounds are softened by the soul sounding melody. Kayo tells you life like it is: a tough struggle.
Canberra Stand Up: xylophone sounds introduce Kayo’s well mastered flow combined with some good lyrics. He is repping his city from DownUnder with pride.
I Can Feel It In The Air: life might be a harsh struggle, but it is actually what you make it…which means that your thoughts and decisions will influence it for a large part. Saxophone sounds introduce a dramatic life story. Not every kid in this world has it easy, some have to grow up faster. The song is an encouragent to all of you who suffer.
Listen to the gifted artist here.
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One thought on “Originally from Ghana, Kayo Marbilus is repping Canberra, Australia”

  1. Nobody in the Canberra scene felt this release at all ha ha.
    The reason you felt Scarface in that track was because that is a Rick Ross beat that was sampled from Scarface.
    Check out Rick Ross on myspace to hear the beat used as intended before Kayo low jacked it off lime wire.
    Relating to his story cause he rose to the top, very odd since the guy cant get a record deal..ha ha
    I mean no offence to the writer of this piece I just assume that you dont know our city.
    For a list of “real” artists representing our city check out aria winning duo Koolism, Hospice crew or Koky Prik Rekordz.

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